You Must Have an Amazon Prime Account to Take Advantage of These Perks

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Plenty of families boast the benefits of their Amazon account: quick shipping, membership to the largest online retailer in the world, and access to various Amazon-specific deals. But for $119 a year, you can unlock an entirely new world that includes one to two-day shipping right to your door, a plethora of television shows and movies to stream, and unlimited cloud storage for your photos.
Most consumers don’t know about the hidden perks of an Amazon Prime account. We discovered dozens of lesser-known benefits you’ll experience — but only with an Amazon Prime subscription.

You’ll gain access to a huge library of free entertainment

With Amazon Prime, you acquire Prime Video, an unlimited streaming service akin to Netflix featuring the movies and TV shows stocked in Amazon’s library. You can subscribe to Prime Video as a standalone service for $95.88 a year, but it comes free with a $114 annual Amazon Prime subscription.
Prime Video offers movies, TV shows, and its own original content (such as the Emmy-nominated The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel).
Your entertainment options aren’t limited to movies and shows. With Prime, you gain access to  Amazon Prime Music, an unlimited and ad-free song library featuring 2 million-plus tracks. You can download or stream them in a system similar to Spotify that allows you to listen offline as well. A Prime subscription also offers users a discount on Amazon Music Unlimited which features a much larger music library and is the true Spotify equivalent.
If you’re a Kindle owner, Amazon Prime is basically a must. Subscribers get preordered books on the exact day they’re released. Regardless of what type of tablet you read on, Amazon’s new Prime Reading feature lets you access their catalog of free e-books and a variety of magazines, travel guides, and comic strips.
Your Prime membership gives you various Audible Channels with an unlimited access to a few of their original audio series and select audiobooks to stream. Amazon dubbed it a $60 annual value, but Prime users gain access with their membership.

Whole food discounts and Prime Pantry

Amazon Buys Whole Foods For Over 13 Billion
Amazon Whole Foods storefront | David Ryder/Getty Images

Amazon’s $13 billion acquisition of the high-end grocery chain opened up a window of perks for Amazon Prime members. Prime members get exclusive savings, 5% back if they have an Amazon credit card, and 10% off sale items at Whole Foods.
Residents of a growing list of cities (which currently includes Austin, Texas;  Virginia Beach, Virginia; Cincinnati and Dallas) can now get free two-hour delivery from Whole Foods stores with a Prime Now membership.
For Prime membership owners without a Whole Foods in sight, Prime Pantry will deliver groceries and household items for a small additional fee straight to your door. You just need to choose a minimum of five “qualifying items” to have the $5.99 delivery fee waived and you’re set.

Prime Early Access and ‘Prime Day’

Prime subscribers get access to Amazon’s Lightning deals 30 minutes ahead of nonsubscribers. The early chance to buy your favorite products cheap is a huge benefit: Lightning deals only run for limited time (or while supplies last).

Prime Day begins July 16 (today!) at 3 p.m. EST (12 p.m. Pacific time) and ends at 2:59 p.m. EST on July 17. The day features a variety of deals exclusively for Amazon Prime members including those with a free trial, student membership, or just the household membership. Visit the Prime Day page to view all of the deals, including a 50% off Amazon Echo Dot.

Phone discounts

The Prime Exclusive Phones benefit is one of the lesser-known perks of your Prime membership. It carries a rotating selection of popular LG and Motorola devices priced lower than what you’d pay at Best Buy or another retailer. Plus, they often go on sale for even less than the listed price. You can currently purchase an LG 6 or 6+ for $377.98 to $479.99.
You may have heard of one downside to the Prime Exclusive phones: they were once set with Amazon ads on the lock-screen. Amazon recently removed this feature, however, you’ll still see an easily-removable Amazon widget in the OS.

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