WPCS International: Another Step in the Right Direction?

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WPCS International (NASDAQ:WPCS) was never a currency company. It was never associated with Bitcoin until the end of 2013, when it acquired BTX Trader. Before that, it was an energy and communications company. Established in 2002, WPCS International operates globally, providing a comprehensive range of capabilities in wireless communication, specialty construction, and electrical power.

It provides expertise in the design, project management, installation, and maintenance of infrastructure, enabling the deployment of advanced technology, the delivery of information, and the expansion of global economies. WPCS International has traditionally focused on the servicing and installation of wireless and technology construction for public service entities, health care services, energy companies, and corporate enterprises. And in truth, the company had been struggling, yet things are looking much brighter for the WPCS International.

It is about to turn things around

WPCS International fully anticipates a launch of the BTX Trader platform, its revolutionary Bitcoin trading platform, in the second quarter of calendar 2014. Currently, the stock is at $1.41. It has dropped like a rock in the month of January, with a lot of short action. However, when positive news starts rolling out, expect the stock to swing much higher as news about the platform is released.

While the BTX Trader development team works diligently to prepare for launch, WPCS International is taking other measures to ensure potential growth of this segment of the business. To protect its investments and ensure all things are accounted for properly, WPCS International has taken a huge positive step forward.

A world-class accounting firm has been hired

We learned on Thursday that Marcum LLP has been hired by the company to serve as the new accounting firm for WPCS International. Established in 1951, Marcum is a leader with an outstanding reputation at the national and regional levels. It is ranked as one of the largest firms in the New York metropolitan area (Crain’s New York Business), the greater Philadelphia region (Philadelphia Business Journal), the New England region (Boston Business Journal) and the Southeast (South Florida Business Journal). Marcum LLP is one of the largest independent public accounting and advisory services firms in the nation.

In fact, it is ranked among the top 20 in the nation. Marcum LLP offers the resources of 1,300 professionals, including more than 160 partners, in 22 offices throughout New York, New Jersey, Massachusetts, Connecticut, Rhode Island, Pennsylvania, California, Florida, Grand Cayman, and China. With headquarters in New York City, the firm’s presence runs deep, with full-service offices strategically located in major business markets. This was the piece of good news that WPCS International needed to start forming a real bottom, in my opinion. On a day which the Dow, S&P, and Nasdaq are down triple digits, WPCS International is up more than 2 percent. This stock will trade higher on good news.

Look at the frenzy that took place last month, when WPCS International announced it got into the Bitcoin game. Understand that when BTX Trader comes to market and then eventually monetizes the platform, WPCS International share prices will rise significantly.

Monetizing the platform is key

When WPCS International gets its Bitcoin trading platform to market successfully, can WPCS International monetize its Bitcoin trading platform? Yes it can, but it may not happen immediately. Right now this stock is going to be news-driven. Very profitable trades will be made in the next few weeks to months on each piece of news. That is clear, because with such high risk comes potential reward. For longer-term investors it may take years to see real gains, but I think it can become a real growth company if it starts pulling in revenues from its Bitcoin trading platform.

The company needs cash in the short-term. The company’s backlog of orders will provide some revenues to sustain the company, but I suspect a share issuance will be needed. Despite the further dilution that will come from this move, we are interested in the future expectations of the company. WPCS International should do what it takes to get the BTX trader moving as more and more merchants and companies are accepting Bitcoin. The company’s hiring of a world-class accounting firm was a huge positive. With the company cleaning up its act and changing gears, WPCS International has the potential to be on the forefront of the revolution in digital currency trading.

Disclosure: Christopher F. Davis holds no position in WPCS International but has a standing order to acquire shares at $1.3500.

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