4 Worst Reasons to Leave a Job

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A bad work experience can suck all of the joy out of your life and make each day feel like a chore. There’s nothing like a terrible job to make you feel heavy and lifeless. However, what if everything at work is fine, but you still just don’t like going there every day? Or what if you like your job and you want to leave but just can’t identify exactly what makes you want to make your exit?
Sometimes, it’s best to stay at a job if you don’t have a good reason for handing in your resignation letter. Don’t take a steady paycheck for granted. Let’s take a look at four of the worst reasons to leave a job. Have you ever left a job for a bad reason?

1. Your friend left the job

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Isn’t it great to work with your friends? You look forward to lunch breaks and those boring meetings are suddenly bearable. And when you work with friends, Monday mornings aren’t as daunting. However, just because your work friend left the company doesn’t mean you should as well.
Your best bet is to make some new friends at work. Your network will be larger and you may later find you’re right where you’re supposed to be at this point in your career. It’s not a good idea to jump ship to follow your friend if you don’t know much about the new company. If you’re that interested in making a job change, you’re better off waiting a few months to see how your new friend likes the new employer, and then only considering a move if it makes sense for your particular career path.
Then again, remember that what works for your friend may not work out for you. There is a possibility you’ll be miserable at the new job. Think this decision through very carefully if you’re happy at your current job. Life is about taking risks, but don’t forget to make smart decisions.

2. You’re bored

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If everything else is going well at work, resigning because you’re bored doesn’t make much sense. It’s tough to find a job that’s enjoyable and pays a decent salary, so thank your lucky stars if your only gripe is that you’re bored. If you’re not enthusiastic about your job, there are plenty of things you can do to make work more interesting. One solution to breathe some life back into your work day is to make more of an effort to develop your skills. Take a class during your lunchbreak or after work. You can also volunteer for an extra project. Who knows? Your newfound skills and willingness to help out could land you a promotion.

3. You’re mad at your boss

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Being annoyed or angry with your boss, especially if it’s an issue that can be easily resolved, shouldn’t cause you to frantically search for a new job. Disagreements happen, and it will be important for you to work on sharpening your conflict-resolution skills if you plan to work for an employer longer than a few months at a time. If you’re upset with your boss, make an effort to resolve your differences. Just be careful how you go about addressing your issue. Always approach your boss with respect, and whatever you do, don’t yell or start throwing things.

4. You can’t wake up on time

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Have you ever heard of that little thing called discipline? Get some. If you’re leaving your job to find something closer just because you can’t stop hitting the snooze button on your alarm clock, you need to work on managing your time better. We’re not talking about those of you who are occasionally late because you have a commute that’s more than one hour. Rather, this is for those who live barely 30 minutes from the job yet still can’t arrive on time. This one is a simple fix. Kindly ask your supervisor if you can change your work hours. If that doesn’t work, set your alarm clock at least 20 to 30 minutes before the time you need to wake up. And if you like to stay out late with your buddies, you’ll have to leave your late-night partying for the weekends.
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