15 of the Worst Jobs for a Relationship

Does your job create tension at home? Using data on divorce rates and job stress, we found 11 careers that damage relationships. And we’re not just referring to the obvious ones, like exotic dancing. You may not expect these careers to hurt your relationship, especially the No. 1 worst job for your love life (on page 10).

15. Housekeepers and maids

maid cleaning floor
Housekeepers work hard for little pay. | Yasuyoshi Chiba/AFP/Getty Images
  • Divorce rate: 26.38%
  • Annual salary: $21,820

Hotel maids and housekeepers often struggle to make ends meet, especially in cities with a high cost of living. Wear and tear on the body can wear them down emotionally, too. That’s a recipe for quarrels at home or with a partner, leading to a higher divorce rate.
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14. Roofers

supervisor checks the interior of a new warehouse
Construction workers, especially roofers, have a high divorce rate. | iStock.com/killerbayer
  • Divorce rate: 26.85%
  • Annual salary: $37,900

Grueling manual labor and a relatively low salary are not a great combination for relationships. Roofers may struggle with taking their work home with them; stress at work can easily seep into arguments at home.
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13. Waiters and waitresses

Two waiters talking in restaurant
Servers are more likely to divorce. | Michael Blann/Digital Vision/Getty Images
  • Divorce rate: 27.12%
  • Annual salary: $19,990

With an average hourly wage of $11.73, servers work their butts off to pay the bills. Strained finances can be a relationship killer, so it’s not surprising to see such a high divorce rate.
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12. Telemarketers

call center
Call center agents attend to clients. | Romeo Gacad/AFP/Getty Images)
  • Divorce rate: 28.1%
  • Annual salary: $27,170

Getting hung up on and yelled at all day would be tough for anyone — and this happens to telemarketers all day. Developing tough skin may help professionally, but coming home every night with a bad attitude could hurt a telemarketer’s love life.
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11. Baggage porters and concierges

Baggage porter at hotel
Hotel attendant carrying luggage | Siri Stafford/iStock/Getty Images
  • Divorce rate: 28.49%
  • Annual salary: $29,030

Both of these occupations work evening hours, often for tips or an hourly wage. Additionally, being exposed to lots of people, often in situations involving parties and alcohol, may create more temptation to stray.
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10. Entertainers and performers

David Copperfield
Magician David Copperfield | Attila Kisbenedek/AFP/Getty Images
    • Divorce rate: 28.49%
    • Annual salary: $55,547

Whether you’re a magician, singer, or actor, the entertainment industry doesn’t pay well unless you make it big. You may be emotionally fulfilled, but the financial strain, as well as odd work hours and party atmosphere can hurt performers’ personal lives.
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9. Nurses and home health aids

A registered nurse adjusts an IV drip machine
Caring for others is demanding work. | Justin Sullivan/Getty Images
  • Divorce rate: 28.95%
  • Annual salary: $22,600 (home health aide); $68,450 (registered nurse)

It can be hard to care for your spouse or partner when you’ve cared for others all day. Although registered nurses make a better salary, nurses and home health aides both work demanding hours. These professions are also exposed to diseases, death, and other tough life experiences more than the average person.
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8. Telephone operators

Man working in call center or customer service
Man working in call center | Ridofranz/iStock/Getty Images
  • Divorce rate: 29.3%
  • Annual salary: $31,332

Although you can earn a decent salary if you work hard as a telephone operator, this occupation doesn’t offer much growth or gratification. Many call centers involve working night shifts or odd hours, which doesn’t help one’s love life.
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7. Food and tobacco factory workers

Female bottler packaging water bottles in factory
Bottler | DuxX/iStock/Getty Images
  • Divorce rate: 29.78%
  • Annual salary: $27,110

Working many hours for little pay is tough on anyone. When you combine this with the monotony of working in a factory, we can see why food and tobacco factory workers arrive home stressed and ill-prepared to satisfy the needs of a partner.
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6. Casino workers

A Black Jack table | Christopher Furlong/Getty Images
  • Divorce rate: 31.35%
  • Annual salary: $27,000

Many casinos are open 24 hours a day, so employees have to work irregular hours and holidays. Alcohol, gambling, and a party atmosphere can hurt relationships; casino workers are exposed whether they participate or not. A 2010 study of Census data found that gaming services workers had an exceptionally high divorce rate.
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5. Extruding machine operators

An employee works on the assembly line for Ford.
A Ford employee works on automobiles. | Jeff Kowalsky /AFP/Getty Images
  • Divorce rate: 32.74%
  • Annual salary: $34,980

Extrusion operators “control and monitor machines that shape thermoplastic materials,” according to Chron.com. They work in the automobile, aerospace, and plastics manufacturing industries. Considering the tough manual labor, low salary, and stressful work conditions of this occupation, it’s easy to see why an extruding machine operator’s personal life may be affected.
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4. Gaming cage worker

hands holding casino chips
Be nice to the gaming cage workers; they handle your winnings. | iStock.com
  • Divorce rate: 34.66%
  • Annual salary: $28,120

The cage workers are responsible for dispensing and counting money. It may seem rudimentary, but it’s crucial these employees take their jobs seriously. Casinos are clearly hotbeds for divorce; between dealers and cage workers their divorce rates are some of the highest of all professions.
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3. Massage therapists

massage therapist
Touching other people all day can hurt a relationship. | iStock.com
  • Divorce rate: 38.22%
  • Annual salary: $40,000

Given that a massage therapist’s job involves physical touch, we probably don’t need to explain why this occupation could place a burden on a relationship and cause jealousy. Massage therapists make a modest salary, which doesn’t help with the occupation’s divorce rate.
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2. Bartenders

bartender, worst jobs
Being a bartender can be one of the worst jobs for having a relationship | iStock.com
  • Divorce rate: 38.43%
  • Annual salary: $21,550

Bartending requires people skills, and some people are great at it. When you’re in a relationship, however, this can be a problem. Bartenders’ hours are inconsistent; they’re exposed to a lot of alcohol and intoxicated people; and they generally work for tips, which is a notoriously inconsistent form of income. The Journal study found that bartenders have the second-highest divorce rate.
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1. Dancers and choreographers

Taylor Swift
Taylor Swift | Frederick M. Brown/Getty Images
  • Divorce rate: 43.05%
  • Annual salary: $29,822

Dancers and choreographers are the No. 1 occupation that’s most likely to get divorced. Maybe it’s the nature of the industry that strains relationships; a large amount of travel, attention, and stress can place a burden on any couple.