What is Apple’s 2013 Secret?

Apple (NASDAQ:AAPL) is going to take the world by surprise with a breakthrough product in the coming year, similar to the launches of the first iPhone and the iPod, according to Telsey Advisory Group’s Tom Forte. Forte was speaking on Bloomberg Television’s “In The Loop,” and also commended Apple chief executive Tim Cook for his command of the company since he took over in 2011.
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“I do think, at some point in time, that Apple’s going to come out with a device that we haven’t even thought of before,” he said. “I think the good news, right now, is that the shares don’t have a lot of expectation in them for that huge hit … Tim Cook’s done an awesome job, but at some point in time, we’ll be looking for him to come up with the next iPhone or iPod or something like that.”
Forte is also not worried about the performance of Apple’s existing products in the coming year. “[But] on the strength of the iPhone and the iPad, I think they’re still in very good shape for 2013,” he said.
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