The Weirdest Job Perks You’ve Never Heard Of Until Now

Arnold Schwarzenegger, as Mr. Freeze, looks at his frozen wife in 'Batman and Robin'
Arnold Schwarzenegger, as Mr. Freeze, looks at his frozen wife in Batman and Robin. | Warner Bros.

Rumors have persisted that Adolf Hitler and Walt Disney are still alive, frozen in a lab somewhere, waiting for technology that will breathe life back into their frostbitten bones. It seems like a fanciful story. But there are companies these days that will actually do just that: Freeze your dead body. And some companies are even offering the service as one of their employee benefits.
It’s not just science fiction anymore. Cryopreservation and a number of other weird services are being used by employers to attract talent to their companies. The question is whether having your lifeless body stuffed in a meat locker is really an attractive idea.
But that’s not the only strange perk companies offer. How does a company-branded beer sound? Or what about an employer-sponsored romp with Hungarian prostitutes? Those, like cryopreservation, are employee benefits companies have actually offered to workers. Strange? You bet. Enough to get you to come work for a specific company? For some people, it seems so.
Here are 10 of the weirdest employee benefits.

1. Cryopreservation

You, like Hitler and Disney (as rumor has it), can be frozen after death, so you can be reborn once technology allows for Lazarus-like reanimation through cryopreservation. That’s one of the job perks included in a post from hedge fund Numerai, looking for a full stack engineer to create a stock market app.
“Numerai cares about its employees beyond their legal deaths,” the post said. But that’s not the only freezing cold benefit companies are offering.

2. Egg freezing

Mom, dad and baby happy walk at sunset
Employers want to help you with family planning. |

You might not want to freeze your body after you die, but what about freezing potential children for after you’ve built a solid career? Some companies, such as Facebook and Apple, have started offering egg freezing, or cryopreservation, in their employee benefits.
The idea is many women are faced with a choice between having children and maintaining career momentum. By freezing their eggs, this could allow women to put off having children until later. The process can cost up to $10,000, with annual storage costs of $500, according to NBC News.

3. Vacation roulette

feet propped up on cruise ship deck
Would your boss send you on vacation? |

One company isn’t too keen on freezing things. Instead, it’s turning up the heat — by sending its employees to Las Vegas. Freeborn & Peters, a Chicago law firm, holds “luggage parties” for its employees, during which everyone comes to work with their bags packed, and four are chosen at random for a weekend trip to Vegas. Essentially, it’s a type of vacation roulette.

4. Human guinea pigs

Amazon Go store
People work in the Amazon Go store. | Amazon

While many companies let employees use their services or buy their products for free or at a discount, Amazon is going above and beyond. With a number of secret and special projects in the works, Amazon employees get to act as guinea pigs and try them out before the general public. One example is Amazon’s Go store, which has no lines or cashiers. It’s been open only to employees for several months now, much like Amazon’s new Fresh pickup locations.

5. Yay Days

A couple hiking in the mountains
REI offers days off to explore. |

If you love the outdoors, you’d probably like working at REI. And one of the perks of working at REI are Yay Days, or days the company gives you off to go explore. It’s not all that weird for employers to give employees a day off. But a day off tailor-made for going out and playing? That’s pretty unique. REI employees are given two Yay Days per year, and 75% of the company’s workforce takes advantage of them.

6. Naked Fridays

A couple of little girls sunbathing on the beach
One company thinks working naked helps to boost morale. | Evening Standard/Getty Images

Some people like to party naked. Others like to work naked. That’s the idea behind Naked Friday, a morale-boosting concept a company in the U.K. devised. According to The Telegraph, Naked Friday was designed to help employees “strip away inhibitions and talk to each other more openly and honestly.”
Would you be able to open up to your colleagues sans pants? Or would it take something else — perhaps a beer or two?

7. Company beer

A mug of beer
Many companies offer beer but probably not with the company brand. | Johannes Simon/Getty Images

Some companies might offer beer. But having their own branded IPA? That’s pretty rare. That’s exactly what Finch’s Beer Co., a Chicago brewer, created for Chicago print shop Threadless. Threadless IPA was also the subject of a design contest to decide the artwork on the can. People submitted 169 different designs, and the beer itself lives on as one of the more unique job perks every devised.

8. Parades

A float in an Indian parade
Zappos co-workers put on company parades. | Raveendran/AFP/Getty Images

If you work at Zappos, you better be ready for employee parades. That’s right: parades. But that’s not all. The company also has costume parties and maintains a pretty lax philosophy that puts fun up front. The idea, like the aforementioned Naked Friday, is to get people to put their guard down. It’s all about fun, trust, and open communication.

9. Get paid to walk or bike to work

A man commutes on his bicycle
A man commutes on his bicycle. |

Many companies are starting to push the idea of walking or biking to work. They might offer incentives for it, too. David Evans and Associates, an engineering consulting company, offers cash incentives if employees abandon their cars and start walking or riding their bikes to work. Staff members can earn up to $6 per day if they want to go for it.
Nothing, however, compares to what one German insurance company did for its sales team in 2007.

10. Orgies

Man and woman having sex
A German company held a party with prostitutes for its employees. |

Although you might not consider this a real employee benefit, it’s too spicy to pass up. According to the BBC, Munich Re, a German insurance company, held a party for its salesmen that included prostitutes. That is, the company rewarded its employees with an orgy at a thermal bathhouse in Budapest. According to the BBC, there were 100 guests and 20 prostitutes, and guests were encouraged to disappear with the women “and do whatever they liked.”
And to think you get excited about your boss offering a bus pass or free bagels on Fridays.