Walmart’s Top-Selling Items in Each State Are Truly Odd

You can buy a full range of things from Walmart, and some U.S. states have truly odd preferences. With help from Business Insider, we take a look at the bizarre top-selling Walmart items from 15 states. One southern region is seemingly obsessed with school supplies (page 10).

1. Minnesota: Flaming hot Cheetos

Cheetos | Daniel Acker/Bloomberg via Getty Images

Flaming hot Cheetos, to be exact. Sure, everyone has their favorite snack food. But more Walmart shoppers in the state of Minnesota are reaching for these infamous cheesy puffs than any other crunchy snack food. Although, outside of their being a couple of Frito-Lay plants in the state, it isn’t clear why this food is so popular in this state.

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2. Hawaii: ‘Farmer Barbie’

A Barbie display in Krakow, Poland | Igor Golovniov/SOPA Images/LightRocket via Getty Images

But not just any Barbie. According to Business Insider, the farmer doll is the biggest seller at Walmart. The Barbie farmer can also come with her own tractor complete with mini trailer for carting around the animals that may be on Barbie’s farm.

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3. Florida: sparkling apple cider

Sparkling cider | Photoboyko/ iStock/ Getty Images

This one actually makes a little bit of sense. Florida is the retirement mecca of the country, and many senior living communities either only allow alcohol on special occasions or ban it altogether. So while we’re only guessing here, we think it sounds fitting that community centers are stocked with Martinelli’s and the like as a substitute for wine.

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4. Connecticut: ‘Ghost in the Shell’ DVD

‘Ghost in the Shell’ poster | Gabe Ginsberg/WireImage

We have two questions here. First of all: Who the heck stocks up on DVDs anymore? And two: This movie didn’t fair well when it was released in 2017, so why are Connecticut residence flocking to Walmart to buy it? These questions remain unanswered.

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5. Michigan: lavender-scented cleaning products

Lavender oil | Aamulya/ iStock/ Getty Images

When it comes to cleaning products, every household has a different scent they tend to use. But apparently, most Walmart shoppers in Michigan are keen on lavender-scented products. The state seems to be a big fan of the smell in general, holding a lavender festival in the summer.

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6. Nevada: dog treats

Dog treats | sanjagrujic/ iStock/ Getty Images

Nevada isn’t considered to be one of the top 10 best states to own a dog in. Which makes it all the more curious that food meant for man’s best friend is Walmart’s top seller in the Silver State. (Business Insider doesn’t specify whether one brand of dog treats is more popular than the others.)

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7. Vermont: canned sweet corn

Corn in a can | izzzy71/ iStock/ Getty Images

Corn grows in Vermont, so it’s perhaps not that surprising that it gets bought often. But canned corn from Walmart? It’s not entirely clear why this particular item is so popular in Vermont. (And since no corn dishes made’s list of iconic foods in Vermont, it makes even less sense.)

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8. Rhode Island: Christmas lights

Christmas lights | Aaron Hawkins/ iStock/ Getty Images

Perhaps what makes Walmart’s top seller in Rhode Island so intriguing is that this is the only product on our list that is a seasonal decoration. The fact that Rhode Island Walmarts sell more Christmas lights than any non-seasonal item they have on their shelves year-round is pretty baffling.

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9. Washington: vanilla frosting

Vanilla cupcakes | letterberry/ iStock/ Getty Images

Apparently there’s a lot of baking and celebrating among the residents of Washington state. According to Business Insider, vanilla frosting is the top-selling item at Walmart stores in the state. The most popular brand and size of container were not identified.

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10. Alabama: crayons

Crayons | Justin Sullivan/Getty Images

The Crayola factory is far, far away in Forks Township, Pennsylvania. But according to Business Insider, one of the world’s most recognizable school supplies is Walmart’s biggest seller in the state of Alabama — although it isn’t readily clear what makes crayons so popular there.

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11. Iowa: water-softening salt

Pile of salt | Tim Graham/Getty Images

Hard water occurs when the water has a lot of minerals in it, and as Des Moines Water Works explains, “because Iowa was once covered by shallow seas, there used to be lots of shell animals living here. When they died and became fossilized, they formed limestone.” It’s no wonder water-softening crystals are such a popular buy.

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12. New Hampshire: cinnamon toothpaste

Cinnamon toothpaste | memoriesarecaptured/ iStock/ Getty Images

Even with all of the different variations of toothpaste out there, the vast majority of folks will choose a minty variation because of the fresh feeling it leaves behind. Finding someone who prefers the cinnamon-flavored version is difficult — except for, apparently, when you’re shopping at a Walmart in New Hampshire.

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13. Kentucky: 4×6 photo prints

Photos | kcslagle/ iStock/ Getty Images

In an age where smartphone cameras and their millions of filters reign supreme, hand-held cameras are little more than a retro commodity. Nonetheless, Kentucky residents are apparently quite fond of picking up their 4×6 prints from their neighborhood Walmart.

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14. Illinois: erasers

Used pink eraser | PhotoMelon/ iStock/ Getty Images

Sure, office supply manufacturer Paper Mate has its main offices in Oak Brook, Illinois. Nevertheless, we still aren’t entirely sure why the pink gummy erasers we all used to lose at the bottom of our elementary school book bags are Walmart’s biggest seller in Illinois.

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15. West Virginia: ‘My Life As’ doll

Doll aisle at the store | Paul J. Richards/ AFP/ Getty Images

The doll market is apparently alive and well in the Mountain State. And the ‘My Life As’ dolls are a very popular pick at the local Walmart stores. Fans on the company rave on their Facebook page that the dolls are similar to the American Girl dolls, but much more decently priced.

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