Tony Robbins Says You Must Do These 10 Important Things for a Better Life

Tony Robbins
He turned his life around. | Tony Robbins via Facebook

If there were ever anyone’s words you’d want to put stock in, it would be Tony Robbins. The man who was once begging neighbors for food as a child and drowning in debt as a young adult is now a multi-millionaire business strategist and inspirational speaker in the finance world, often associated with the likes of Warren Buffett, Richard Branson, and Tim Ferris. So when he talks, the world listens.
Now, to actually attend one of his seminars today, you’ll need to spend about $795. But we rounded up some of the most actionable pieces of advice the award-winning author has ever given on financial health, personal growth, and happiness — for free. Here are 10 things Tony Robbins suggests you do right now for a better life.

1. Give yourself 10 minutes

  • “When you’re grateful, there is no fear. You can’t be fearful and grateful simultaneously.”

Robbins’ morning routine is nothing extraordinary, but it’s something to which he contributes most of his personal success. In an interview with CNBC, he says he begins each day by listing three things he’s grateful for. “I make sure that one of them is very, very simple: the wind on my face, the reflection of the clouds that I just saw,” he says.
He then proceeds to visualize his “three to thrive,” a list of things he hopes to accomplish that day. By envisioning those tasks as things that have already been accomplished, he eliminates both fear and anger.
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2. Focus on what you can control

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Only focus on what you can control. | Wavebreakmedia/iStock/Getty Images
  • “Learn to work harder on yourself than you do on your job. … All you have to do to earn more money in the same amount of time is simply become more valuable.”

It can be a struggle not to succumb to the uncertainties and doubts that often arise for those attempting to blaze their own trail and lead a better life. But Robbins references the advice his mentor gave him regarding success and control. The multi-millionaire notes the best investment you can make is in yourself.
On his website, he writes that mentor helped him “stop focusing on what was outside of my control — my past, the poverty, other people’s expectations, the state of the economy — and taught me to focus instead on what I could control. I could improve myself: I could find a way to serve, a way to do more, a way to become better, a way to add value to the marketplace.”
Above anything else, it’s your ability to learn a new skill or provide greater insight that will be most influential to your personal and financial freedom.
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3. Understand that psychology will make or break you

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Keep your head clear to avoid psychological traps. | warrengoldswain/iStock/Getty Images
  • “Success is achieved through a plan that is 80% psychological and 20% strategic. First and foremost, your mind has to be set.”

Robbins tells CNBC that sometimes the one thing that hinders people from being successful is being blissfully unaware of the “common mental traps” that can warp your inner psychology. Humans have a tendency to recall negative experiences more often than positive ones in a phenomenon known as loss aversion. Add in a bias that propels you to assume these bad trends will continue, and you’re on the quickest route to failure and self-sabotage.
Luckily, Robbins says a keen awareness of these tendencies is also the best way to avoid letting negative psychology suppress your capability for success. Once you know they’re an issue, you can create an action plan to remove them.
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4. Save some money

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Make sure to save for a rainy day. | iStock/Getty Images
  • “In the end, it doesn’t matter how much money you earn. If you don’t set aside some, you could lose it all.”

Wouldn’t it be great if you could make money while you sleep? Robbins says you can provide yourself a lifetime income stream and set yourself on the path to financial freedom by doing one easy thing: saving your money.
Robbins tells Entrepreneur about the man who made only $14,000 a year working for UPS but amassed a $70 million net worth throughout his lifetime just by putting 20% of each paycheck into an investment account. Become a true “money machine” by dividing your paycheck into a percentage you get to keep and a percentage you get to spend. Ask yourself how much you can consistently put aside and leave untouched — no matter what — to generate significant savings.
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5. Don’t shoot for the moon

Investment risk and uncertainty in the real estate
Make sound investments. |
  • “Don’t think in terms of taking huge risks to get huge rewards. Think about the least amount of risk for the greatest reward, and be disciplined about that.”

It’s no secret that a happy life is largely dependent on financial freedom. In his book, Money Master the Game, Robbins discusses his greatest investment strategies for success. He notes the best investors are not big risk takers. It’s important to know the downsides of investing and the potential pitfalls that occur with large unnecessary investments.
Much like Buffet, who is known to prefer simplicity as a strategy for success, Robbins believes the biggest rewards come from the tiniest efforts. In fact, he adheres to the 5-to-1 rule, meaning that “for every dollar you risk, you have the potential to make five.” You can be wrong 4 out of 5 times and still have a chance to break even using this conservative investment strategy.
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6. Be generous

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Being generous will help you live your best life. | Tim Boyle/Getty Images
  • “I didn’t do it because I thought I should. I gave because it was the right thing to do.”

You might not be a believer in karma, but Robbins sure is. Being generous — no matter your income — is one of the key components to living your best life, according to Robbins. He references the time he gave his last $13 dollars he had for food to a young boy to eat lunch with his mother as the day he became a truly wealthy man.
He explains that wealth goes hand in hand with freedom. “It’s freedom from your fear, it’s freedom from money controlling you, it’s freedom to do, share, and give,” he tells Business Insider.
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7. Read for 30 minutes a day

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It nourishes your mind. | Moussa81/iStock/Getty Images
  • “Miss a meal, but don’t miss your reading.”

Robbins says reading every day is one of the most precious habits for fostering a better life. “Years ago I got hooked on a habit that turned out to be one of the most valuable of my life: reading at least 30 minutes a day,” Robbins writes on his Facebook page. “Jim Rohn, one of my teachers, told me that reading something of substance, something of value, something that was nourishing, something that taught you distinctions, was more important than eating.
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8. Be selective in your circle

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Know who the genuine people in your life are. | Ridofranz/iStock/Getty Images
  • “I think some of [my] biggest mistakes in business have been picking the wrong partners at different stages, not understanding what somebody really needed or wanted out of a situation, deluding yourself because you so conveniently want that.” 

Robbins believes who you choose to surround yourself with will either add or remove value from your personal relationships and business life. Having the right people in your core circle can have a great impact on your growth and wealth — but only if they lift you up instead of holding you back. Be selective in your partners to ensure you aren’t setting yourself up for failure with the company you keep.
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9. Change your vocabulary

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Be careful what you say. | AntonioGuillem/iStock/Getty Images
  • “Monitor your language, and make sure your language isn’t exaggerating the intensity of emotions. Or better yet, consciously pick a word that would lower the negative intensity.”

One of the easiest ways Robbins suggests you revitalize your life is to take inventory of the habitual vocabulary you use for negative emotions and transform it into newer, more positive words. In part of his 10-day challenge, he advises you to address your “transformational vocabulary” and change the words you use to describe negative and stressful feelings into words that qualify a more accurate — or less exaggerated — depiction of your feelings.
It’s possible you’re not “really scared” of getting older but “a bit concerned” instead. Or you weren’t “humiliated” in that office meeting but rather a little “uncomfortable.”
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10. Stop self-sabotaging your finances

Sad man looking at his wallet
Keep yourself in check. | SIphotography/iStock/Getty Images
  • “Self-sabotage is the biggest reason people fail to achieve their financial goals.”

Robbins tells Inc. that “self-sabotage is the biggest reason people fail to achieve their financial goals.” Self-sabotaging personal success is the quickest route to unhappiness, both personally and financially. If people stop assuming additional money will somehow lead to unwarranted displeasure, they’ll change their mindset for the better.
He suggests in a YouTube video that if people stop focusing on the negative aspects of money — such as the additional taxes on their earnings or the potential strains on a relationship – they’ll be more apt to achieving their financial goals.
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