Tinder Reveals the 10 Jobs That Get the Most Love

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People chase certain careers for more than just financial reasons. Yes, you can become a doctor or a lawyer, and likely end up taking home a hefty salary. But many of us end up following these career paths, and others, only to end up in some of the most toxic work environments imaginable. There are other things to consider when choosing a career — like passion, longevity, and, for some, prestige.
Prestige that is good for, you know, getting women. Or dudes. Whatever you’re into. If that’s important to you, then Tinder – the online dating/hook-up app we all know and love – has some insight that you’re going to want to sink your teeth into.
Tinder dug into its mountains of user data to figure out which jobs and professions were the most often “right-swiped”; that is, the jobs that potential mates most often selected. Of course, there’s a lot more at play when choosing whether to “right-swipe” a profile, but Tinder’s findings do seem to carry some weight.
“We introduced the ability to integrate job and education details into Tinder profiles just three months ago. Since then, millions of Tinder users have added their job to their profiles. Adding your job to your profile is a great way to provide additional insight for potential matches – it also increases your chances of receiving a right swipe!”, the company wrote in a press release accompanying its findings. “The list was compiled based on the occupations of user profiles that received the highest ratio of right swipes from November 2015 through January 2016.”
Is your job on the list? Here are the top 10 “right-swiped” jobs for men, with the full infographic at the very end if you’re curious.

10. College student

College students moving in
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“That’s not really a ‘job’,” you’re probably thinking. But in this case, college students are probably what makes up a big chunk of the Tinder userbase. And if you’re a student, nothing more, that’s what you’re going to put on your profile. So, students, don’t be afraid to add the fact that you’re a professional class-attender to your profile. It keeps the swipes coming.

9. Paramedic

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Paramedic | Dan Kitwood/Getty Images

Tinder users evidently like a man in uniform – even if that uniform is a mess from making emergency runs to and from hospitals all day. Paramedics came in at No. 9, which may speak to the fact that users like the idea of a man who knows a bit about medicine, first-aid, and putting in long hours. It shows dedication, perhaps?

8. Model

Zoolander 2
Zoolander | Paramount Pictures

Who wouldn’t want to date or hook up with a model? It only makes sense that models would appear on the list, but the first thing that comes to mind is that some users would obviously be putting this descriptor on their profile while not being very honest about it. You can take pictures of yourself – but it doesn’t make you a model. But if they actually are? Hey, you win!

7. Engineer

Engineer at work
Engineer | Thinkstock

A lot of people don’t know what engineers do. There are many different types of engineers, and they work in mysterious ways. But we know that they’re generally successful, and bring in a good salary. Perhaps that’s what makes them attractive on an online profile? Or, maybe they’re just hunky guys that can do advanced math?

6. Teacher

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Teacher | Angela Weiss/Getty Images

When a man tells you he’s a teacher, you probably think one of two things: he’s broke, or he’s passionate, and cares about kids and his community. In most cases, it’s probably both. Teachers can be hot. Perhaps there’s a correlation between teachers and college students?

5. Media personality

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If you’re famous (or semi-famous), one of the perks is that you’re instantly recognizable. And therefore, you’ll attract attention. Attention from the opposite sex. That explains how TV and radio personality made the list. But you have to wonder how many of these people are actually out there – and how many think that their YouTube channel with 10 subscribers makes them a “personality.”

4. Doctor

Doctor writing medical certificate
Medical doctor | iStock

Seeing doctors on this list isn’t much of a surprise. Dating or marrying a doctor has always been a dream for many, or at least their parents, as doctors tend to be smart, wealthy, and have very secure jobs. So, take a cue from McDreamy, and consider a career in medicine. For the women. For science.

3. Firefighter

Firefighter at work
Firefighter | iStock.com

They don’t make firefighter calendars for no reason! Apparently, Tinder users love a man who can put out a blaze, not merely start one. If you’re into public service, and are willing to run into burning buildings and work extremely long, hard hours, know that chicks dig it.

2. Entrepreneur

Mac Innes Photography/Dept of the Taoiseach via Getty Images
Tech entrepreneurs | Mac Innes Photography/Dept of the Taoiseach via Getty Images

An entrepreneur is someone who can build something out of nothing. Perhaps Tinder users are thinking that skill translates into relationships as well? Entrepreneurs and founders are highly sought-after among Tinder users, probably for a number of reasons.

1. Pilot

Branger/Topical Press Agency/Getty Images
Pilot | Branger/Topical Press Agency/Getty Images

The number one spot belongs to pilots. Tinder users love pilots, apparently. When you think about it, it may be because pilots are always on the move, and present an easy hook-up opportunity. Or, maybe its just that they’re all daring, dashing sky dancers that are simply irresistible? Either way, pilots win the day on Tinder.
Here’s the graphic from Tinder, containing the full 15 most right-swiped jobs:
See Tinder’s full report here.
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