This is What You’re Giving up When You Bring Work Home

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Bringing work home can have a negative impact.| BrianAJackson/iStock/Getty Images

Do you regularly bring work home? Although achieving work-life balance is ideal, it’s sometimes necessary to bring work home. However, you might not realize bringing work home has more of an impact on you than you realize.

Simply Hired surveyed 1,014 people who regularly bring work home to find out why they’re putting in extra hours and what they’re giving up from their personal life to spend extra hours working at home. The Cheat Sheet spoke with Corie Colliton, project manager for Simply Hired, to learn more about the study.

The Cheat Sheet: Which results surprised you most?

Corie Colliton: What surprised me most was that bringing work home seemed to impact men’s sex lives more than women’s. Although both men and women are logging extra hours, guys in relationships who brought their work home with them had sex nearly 20% less each month than the men who leave it at the office.

CS: Why are these workers putting in extra hours?

CC: According to our findings, people were bringing their work home to finish what didn’t get done over the course of the day. On top of tight deadlines, short staffing, and an ever-increasing workload, a lot of us also probably deal with a ton of distractions: emails, instant messages, and back-to-back meetings. For many professionals, there simply aren’t enough hours in the day to fulfill all that our jobs require of us, so in order to stay at the top of our game, it comes home with us at night.

CS: What are they giving up from their personal lives to spend extra hours working at home?

CC: Nearly half of the workers in our study said they gave up sleep to finish the work they brought home with them, which can definitely have an impact on your health if it becomes a regular pattern. About a third said they gave up quality time with their romantic partners–and these people were more likely to have a dissatisfying sex life.

CS: Which workers are most likely to bring work home?

CC: People who worked in the marketing and advertising or education industries were most likely to bring work home, as well as those who reported logging more than 40 hours at the office every week! We also saw that generally, the more money people earned, the more likely they were to bring work home.

CS: Anything to add?

CC: In my opinion, most of us will probably have to bring our work home at some point in our careers, but that doesn’t mean it will have a negative impact on our relationships. My best advice is to communicate with those you love if you find yourself in a particularly busy season at work or notice you’re bringing work home more than you normally do. That may help them understand why you’ve been flying under the radar lately and that you aren’t ignoring them.

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