This is How Much Money Princess Diana Got in Her Divorce from Prince Charles

Princess Diana
Princess Diana | Joel Robine/ AFP/ Getty Images

Unfortunately, the British royal family has had their share of failed marriages. Princess Diana and Prince Charles were married for 11 years before divorcing in 1996. Here’s how much money Princess Diana got in her divorce from Prince Charles.

What Princess Diana had to give up in the divorce

  • A very special piece of jewelry had to be returned.

Not everything was smooth sailing for Diana. She had to give up a few perks she enjoyed while married to Prince Charles. In addition to the large settlement, Diana was allowed to keep her apartments at Kensington Palace and her title of Princess of Wales. However, she had to give up the title of “Her Royal Highness” and any claims to the British throne. Furthermore, Diana had to give back one piece of jewelry. She was allowed to keep all of her jewelry expect for her Cambridge Lover’s Knot tiara. Queen Elizabeth gave the tiara to Diana as a wedding gift.

The tiara was originally created for Queen Mary in 1914 by House of Garrard from jewelry owned by her family. When Queen Mary ordered the creation of the crown, she “sacrificed a tiara from her own jewelry collection, the Ladies of England Tiara, to make it,” according to The Court Jeweller.

Taken to the cleaners?

  • Charles had to give up his financial adviser.

Prince Charles lost a significant amount of money. The prince reportedly had to part with his entire personal fortune as a result of the divorce settlement. Consequently, he had to stop using the services of his personal financial adviser because his wealth had sharply decreased. Bignell told The Telegraph that Charles was “taken to the cleaners.” This is what Bignell had to say:

Princess Diana took every penny he had. I was told to liquidate everything, all his investments, so that he could give her the cash. He was very unhappy about that. That’s when I stopped being his personal financial adviser because he had no personal wealth left. She took him to the cleaners.

This is how much Princess Diana got in the divorce

  • Princess Diana’s payout: $24 million

Following royal tradition, Prince Charles didn’t ask Princess Diana to sign a prenuptial agreement. This turned out to be a poor financial decision. When he and Diana called it quits in 1996, she walked away with a payout of $24 million. Geoffrey Bignell, who managed Prince Charles’s finances until 1996, said Prince Charles had to liquidate his entire investment portfolio to make the payment, reports The Telegraph. After four years of separation, the couple was officially divorced on August 28, 1996.

Another royal couple who decided to forego a prenup

  • Among other assets, more than $13 million is at stake.

Meghan Markle and Prince Harry also followed the path of royals before them and decided to forget about the prenup. Despite the family’s wealth, neither Prince Charles nor Prince William asked their wives to sign a prenup, according to the UK’s Express. If the marriage doesn’t work out, Markle has a lot to gain. In addition to his personal assets, Prince Harry is also likely to inherit wealth from his grandparents (Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Philip) and his father, Prince Charles. Furthermore, on his 30th birthday back in 2014, Prince Harry received a $13 million inheritance from his mother, the late Princess Diana.

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