These 15 Products Are Still Made in the United States of America

In today’s economy, you’ll be hardpressed to find a company that hasn’t outsourced all of its manufacturing to China. From vehicles to air-conditioners, shoes to cell phones, the vast majority of America’s belongings come from Asia. That means finding American-made products can, at times, seem like a real treasure. Luckily, not every company has sold its soul to cheaper global manufacturing. These 15 products are all still made right here in the United States of America. 

1. Airstream trailers

Malibu airstream airbnb
Airstream trailers are still made in Ohio. | Airbnb
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Wally Byam built the world’s first Torpedo-model Airstream in the early 1930s, but it wasn’t until post-WWII when Airstream really took off. In fact, some 1930s Airstreams can still be found on the road today. As for brand newly-minted ones, the recreational trailers are still built in Jackson Center, Ohio — the same place they have been manufactured since the 1950s.
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2. Harley-Davidson motorcycles

Harley makes its bikes in the U.S., though some work does happen overseas. | Harley-Davidson
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A person’s coolness factor immediately rises when riding a Harley-Davidson motorcycle. The homegrown business started in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, when William S. Harley and Arthur Davidson released their first namesaked racer motorcycle in 1903 — think bicycle with an engine. The company incorporated in 1907 and has continued to gain accolades ever since. While some bikes are assembled overseas, many are still built on U.S. soil.
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3. Crayola crayons

Stacked Pile of Crayons
Crayola still makes its crayons in Easton, Pennsylvania.  | PhotoMelon/iStock/Getty Images
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Receiving a box of Crayola crayons may be the ultimate right of passage for an American child. The company has been around since 1903, outfitting homes and classrooms with nontoxic wax crayons. Hallmark bought the company in 1984 and continues to churn out 12 million crayons every day out of its Easton, Pennsylvania, factory.
Fun fact: Crayola has created 700 shades of crayons.
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4. Post-it notes

Colorful Post-it notes
3M manufactuers Post-it notes in Kentucky. | Tangkwa_Nikon/iStock/Getty Images

The brainchild of 3M scientists Dr. Spencer Silver and Art Fry, Post-it notes may be one of the most convenient inventions to ever be created. As Fry says, Post-its “spread like a virus.” The accolades and uses for the product seem never-ending. Now, over 35-years have passed, over 100 companies sell Post-it products, and they are all created in Cynthiana, Kentucky.
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5. Zippo lighters

Zippo Hand lighter
These classic lighters are made in Bradford, Pennsylvania. | urbanbuzz/iStock/Getty Images
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There is something nostalgic and suave about a person flipping the lid and striking a Zippo lighter, all with one hand. Ultimately, that’s what Zippo’s founder, George G. Blaisdell, was going for when he started selling his lighters in 1933. Manufactured in Bradford, Pennsylvania, Blaisdell backed his product with a lifetime warranty, which still remains valid today.
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6. Pyrex

Pyrex measuring cups
Pyrex items are often passed on as heirlooms. | Picofluidicist/Wikimedia Commons
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If you spend any time in the kitchen, then you know the level of joy Pyrex dishes brings. That joy has existed since 1915 when Pyrex hit the market selling its uberly-versatile bakeware. To outfit your kitchen in Pyrex is a luxury, as so many of its pieces have become heirlooms. Even better, the company has been manufacturing its ever-expanding product line in Charleroi, Pennsylvania, since the very beginning and still does today.
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7. The Frye Company boots

Frye Clara Leather Over-the-Knee Boot
The shoes were worn in World War II. | Neiman Marcus
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The Frye Company was founded in 1863, but it wasn’t until 1888 that the very first Frye boot was created. Fast forward to the 1940s and the company’s boots were worn by World War II servicemen all over the world. Needless to say, these boots were and still are made to last a lifetime. While some of Frye’s boots and products are made in Mexico, the company has held true to its roots by specifically creating a “Made in the USA” collection.
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8. Merle Norman cosmetics

Merle Norman Cosmetics
All Merle Norman products are still made in Los Angeles. | Merle Norman Cosmetics via Facebook

Merle Nethercutt Norman opened up her studio in 1931 in Santa Monica, California, and despite stiff competition over the decades, Merle Norman skin care and cosmetics are still around. Although Norman passed away in 1972, the over 85-year-old company has remained rooted in the cosmetic industry. To boot, all of Merle Norman’s products are manufactured at its Los Angeles, California, headquarters.
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9. Igloo coolers

Igloo cooler
Igloo makes all its products in Katy, Texas. | Igloo Coolers via Facebook
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It all started in the early 1950s when Igloo Coolers created metal water containers for job sites. From there, products from Igloo snowballed into full-on recreational necessities. Insulated lunch boxes, ice chests, and beverage coolers facilitated road trips, camping adventures, and made-at-home lunches for the world. Igloo proudly manufactures all of its products in a 1.8 million square foot property in Katy, Texas.
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10. Pendleton clothing and blankets

Pendleton blankets
Pendleton has been making its woolen blankets since 1909. | Pendleton Woolen Mills via Facebook

In September 1909, the Bishop family starting producing its first Pendleton Woolen Mills products — Native American-inspired woven blankets. In 1929, out burped a full line of men’s clothing, shortly followed up in 1949 by a womenswear line. Pendleton has been passed on for six generations and remains a family-owned business. Even better, all of Pendleton’s ever-popular products are still produced on U.S. soil.
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11. Vitamix blenders

Vitamix 5200 blender
The Vitamix was introduced 1969. | Vitamix

The mac daddy of blenders, Vitamix is a force of which to be reckoned. The journey to the Vitamix we now know today began in 1921. Fast forward to 1969 and the company introduced the Vitamix 3600 blender which takes raw ingredients and turns them into hot soup. Impressive, right? Continuing to lead the charge in the industry, Vitamix manufactures their blenders in “the USA with 70% minimum US content.”
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12. Tervis tumblers

Tervis employs 900 people. | Tervis via Facebook
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In 1946, Frank Cotter and G. Howlett Davis, both engineers, created a permanently sealed, double-walled insulated tumbler that became a full-on drinkware game-changer. Tervis was bought out by a family of Floridians who uprooted the company from Detroit and moved it to Venice, Florida. The family-run business still manufactures its products in Venice, 70 years later.
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13. Dr. Bronner’s

Dr Bronner's
Dr. Bronner’s soaps have been made in the U.S. since 1948. | Dr. Bronner’s via Facebook
  • 100% free health care for all employees

Hailing from three generations worth of soapmakers, Emanuel Bronner founded the do-good-messaged soap company Dr. Bronner’s. With the tagline “We are All-One or None!” still gracing the forefront of every label, Dr. Bronner’s has been spreading his inclusive, organic, American-made castille soaps across the U.S. since 1948.
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14. Red Wing Heritage boots

Red Wing Heritage shoes
Red Wing boots are assembled in Missouri and Minnesota. | Red Wing Heritage via Facebook

The “original work boot” came to be when Charles Beckman, alongside 14 other investors, created Red Wing Shoe Company in 1905. The company continued on to make boots for women in 1926 and eventually celebrated 100 years of business in 2005. The leather goods created by Red Wing are all top-notch and assembled at the Missouri and Minnesota plants.
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15. Tom’s of Maine

Tom's of Maine
Tom’s of Maine is owned by Colgate, but the products are still made in Maine. | Tom’s Of Maine via Facebook

Known for its natural toothpaste, deodorants, and detergents, Tom’s of Maine has been concocting conscious products since 1970. Tom and Kate Chappell built the company from the ground up with only $5,000 and sold to Colgate for $100 million. The company remains headquartered in Maine, where its products are also manufactured.

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