The Weirdest Things People Have Tried to Sell on eBay

A man in England who recently listed his “used” girlfriend on eBay as a prank was surprised when the bidding reached $119,000. Dale Leeks posted the ad on the popular bidding site as a joke and showed it to his girlfriend, Kelly Greaves, shortly after. She reportedly laughed it off, but both were shocked when the bidding hit six figures.

eBay removed the listing soon after because it violated the company’s policy against selling human body parts or remains. Greaves says she’s planning “a quiet and private revenge” on her boyfriend for his stunt.

While he may not have been serious, Leeks is hardly the only person who’s listed something unusual for sale on eBay. Whether tongue-in-cheek or deadly serious, here are 10 of the weirdest things people have tried to sell on eBay.

1. Grandmas, girlfriends, and other people

eBay logo on a tablet
An online shopper uses the eBay tablet app | Stuart C. Wilson/Getty Images for eBay

Leeks wasn’t the first person to try selling a person on eBay as a joke. Listings for grandmas, girlfriends, and even the president of Egypt have popped up before only to be quickly taken down. Some people think these prank listings are humorous, while others say they’re in poor taste, especially given the very real problem of human trafficking.

2. Sports fanhood

Earlier this year, Evan Perlmutter, a fed-up New York Knicks fan decided to auction off his fanhood. The soon-to-be-ex-Knicks fan pledged to root for a new team, travel to two games, purchase two player jerseys, and burn three pieces of Knicks memorabilia (among other things) in exchange for the winning bid.

Shockingly, it worked. Perlmutter is now a Lakers fan after James Riedel, a YouTube channel owner, placed a winning bid of $3,500.

3. An entire town

In 2002, Bridgeville, California, made history when it became the first town sold on eBay. Bidding for the he privately owned town in the northern part of the state reached $1.8 million, but the deal fell through. Bridgeville was eventually sold for $700,000 to a man from Orange County.

4. A corn flake shaped like the state of Illinois

In 2008, two women from Virginia sold a single corn flake shaped like the state of Illinois for $1,350. The winning bidder was the owner of a trivia website, who planned to exhibit the unusual bit of breakfast cereal in a traveling museum.

5. The meaning of life

In 2000, a seller in North Carolina decided to auction the meaning of life on eBay. The man wrote that he had “discovered the reason for existence and will be happy to share this information with the highest bidder,” according to Mental Floss. The winning bid was a mere $3.26.

6. A kidney

Back in 1999, bidding for a “functional” human kidney for sale on eBay hit nearly $6 million. The site put a stop to the sale, which clearly violated the restriction on the sale of body parts. Selling your organs is illegal in the U.S.

7. Advertising space on a person’s forehead

In 2005, a man from Omaha auctioned off advertising space on his forehead. SnoreStop, a snoring remedy, paid more than $37,000 for Andrew Fischer to wear a temporary tattoo advertising its product on his forehead for a month.

A few months later, a Utah woman named Karolyne Smith also auctioned space on her forehead. But her tattoo – for the online casino – was permanent and she was only paid $10,000. The casino is known for its stunt marketing, often involving eBay. It’s also won auctions for a grilled cheese sandwich that resembled the Virgin Mary and William Shatner’s kidney stone.

8. McDonald’s Szechuan sauce

McDonald's yellow and red drive-thru logo
McDonald’s | TonyBaggett/iStock/Getty Images

Fans of the show Rick & Morty were obsessed with McDonald’s Szechuan sauce, which was originally available for a short time in 1998 as part of a Mulan promotion. When the fast food chain brought back the sauce for a limited time in 2017, fans drove up bids on single packets to more than $200. A jug of the sauce sold for more than $15,000.

9. Guinea pig armor

An incredibly adorable suit of guinea pig armor was sold on eBay in 2013 for more than $24,000. The profits from the sale went to Metropolitan Guinea Pig Rescue, a Virginia non-profit, according to the Huffington Post.

10. A broken laser pointer

The first item ever sold on eBay is pretty strange. In 1995, eBay founder Pierre Omidyar created the site AuctionWeb and listed a broken laser pointer for sale. He sold it one week later to a collector for $14.83.

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