The Strangest College Majors That Exist Today

Confident doctor in a hemp field |  | cyano66/Getty Images
Doctor in front of hemp field | cyano66/Getty Images

Don’t you wish you could have studied in The Beatles in college? Believe it or not, majoring in this English rock band is a real thing at Liverpool University. This isn’t the only unusual college major out there. These are 15 of the strangest college majors, all introduced within the last 20 years. Prepare to be surprised — and maybe a little jealous.

Cannabis cultivation

This major is far from what you imagine when you consider a typical pothead. With cannabis becoming legal in more states, there’s a real need for people with degrees in medicinal plant chemistry. Plus, a degree in cannabis cultivation is actually a degree in organic chemistry, which is nothing to scoff at!

Citrus and horticultural science

They only offer this bachelor’s degree at Florida Southern College. But, citrus is a big part of the Florida economy, so it makes sense they’d offer it. Students get hands-on experience and industry connections so they can succeed in the citrus world. We can thank all the citrus scientists for making our world a tastier place. Now, let’s drink a mimosa!

Amusement park and roller coaster engineering

Think of the last time you rode a roller coaster. Now consider how much science went into designing that machine to keep you safe. Thank God people study roller coaster engineering! This degree can fall into several engineering specialties, like design, computer, civil, and industrial/structural. Just think of how many people you could make happy if they’d offered roller coaster engineering at your college!

Canadian studies

Canadian Studies doesn’t seem super relevant. But America and Canada’s economies are closely tied. Canadian studies could pair well with a business or marketing major. It can’t hurt to learn more about the country’s culture and history.

Fermentation sciences

Many people have tried home-brewing beer. So, it makes sense that fermentation sciences is a popular degree nowadays. According to Brewbound, the beer industry creates more than 2 million jobs. So, if you haven’t picked a college major yet, you can share this with your parents for legitimacy.

Recreation and leisure

Now this sounds like the life! But honestly, people with this degree learn how to do a lot to help people live healthier, more satisfying lives. This degree prepares students to find funding for new parks, plan health and fitness events for their community, and help the disabled and elderly.

Comic art

It makes sense this major is offered at an art school, Minneapolis College of Art and Design. Perhaps you really can make a living drawing comics! Comic art majors learn both traditional and digital comic-drawing techniques as well as the craft of storytelling.

Diving business and technology

Florida Keys Community College offers an associate degree in Diving Business and Technology. So, for people who call the Florida Keys or Caribbean home, this major is pretty useful! People need to be able to operate successful, reputable, and safe diving outfits.


The concept seems simple enough. But Michigan State University has a school of packaging that takes the subject to a new level. One reason this field is so important is that they innovate sustainable packaging practices. Your skills will be in high demand if you major in packaging sciences.


The University of Washington and Penn State both offer degrees in astrobiology. What is this mysterious degree? Students who study astrobiology learn about life outside of Earth as well as the early origins and evolution of Earth. The career path leads to being a scientist or an educator.

Entertainment engineering and design

Entertainment Engineering and Design is a major at the University of Nevada, Las Vegas. What these students learn is what makes those Cirque du Soleil shows so phenomenal! If you think of how many live shows occur, it makes sense that we need educated people pulling them off.


A truly good nanny can be hard to find. We just didn’t know there was a college major for it. But you can major in nannying at Sullivan University in Kentucky and learn things like child development, preparing nutritious meals, and effective communication with both adults and children.

Pop culture

Before you write this major off as meaningless, there’s a lot you can learn about a society from its pop culture. If you major in pop culture, you may double major or minor in a study like journalism, public relations, or marketing.

Nautical archeology

A lot of science goes into preserving historical items that have plunged to the ocean floor. At Texas A&M, the anthropology department offers a nautical archeology degree that prepares you for a future in the field. Courses included are Books and Treatises on Shipbuilding and Outfitting and Sailing the Wooden Ship: 1400-1900.

Sexuality studies

The thought of majoring in sex might get a laugh from you. But a degree in sexuality can lead to many necessary careers like LGBTQ advocacy, social services, counseling, health care, and social justice workers. Courses may include Visual Representation of LGBT Subjects and Adolescent Sexuality.