The Reason Some People Think Princess Eugenie’s Wedding Plans are Irresponsible

Princess Eugenie
Princess Eugenie | Jonathan Brady/PA Wire

Everyone is gearing up for Princess Eugenie and Jack Brooksbank’s wedding on October 12, 2018. Most of the major plans are in place and wedding details are being finalized. The couple’s families are excited about the upcoming nuptials. However, some people aren’t thrilled about one aspect of the wedding.

Here’s the reason some people think Princess Eugenie’s wedding plans are irresponsible.

Princess Eugenie plans to throw a big celebration

Apparently, Princess Eugenie believes the more the merrier. Princess Eugenie and Jack will have a larger ceremony than Meghan and Harry’s. More guests will be invited to witness the big day. Princess Eugenie and Jack invited close to 850 guests, which is 250 more people than Meghan and Prince Harry’s wedding, reports the UK’s Express.

Although there might not be as much fuss over Eugenie’s wedding, there will still be star power. Some of the celebrity guests include George and Amal Clooney, David and Victoria Beckham, and Robbie and Ayda Williams. However, the size of the wedding isn’t the reason some people are upset about the ceremony.

Princess Eugenie’s wedding probably won’t be comfortable for Meghan Markle

Although Meghan has gotten to know Prince Harry’s family and she’s starting to settle into her royal duties, she might be a bit uncomfortable at Eugenie’s wedding. One reason things might not be so comfy is that Cressida Bonas, Prince Harry’s ex-girlfriend and close friend of Princess Eugenie, will likely attend the wedding. Cressida and Harry dated for two years before ending their relationship in 2014.

A strange tradition

Surprisingly, it’s common for royals to invite exes to their wedding. When Prince William married Kate Middleton, four of his ex-girlfriends attended his 2011 wedding. The exes in attendance were Jecca Craig, who dated William while they were teenagers; Olivia Hunt, who dated William in college before he met Kate; Rose Farquhar; and Isabella Calthorpe.

Prince Charles also followed this tradition. Back in 1981, Prince Charles invited Camilla Parker-Bowles to his wedding to Princess Diana. Another ex-girlfriend, Lady Sarah Spencer (Diana’s sister), was also at the wedding.

How much the wedding will cost

It is estimated Princess Eugenie’s wedding will cost British taxpayers $2.5 million, according to Mirror. However, that would only cover the cost of security. Since Eugenie and Jack want to include a carriage procession after the wedding ceremony, this will increase security costs. Adding the procession will require police officers to search the route beforehand.

The reason some people think Princess Eugenie’s wedding plans are irresponsible

Some aren’t pleased with the princess because of the huge price tag. Some think Princess Eugenie and Jack’s wedding plans are financially irresponsible. Those who disagree with the added security and the public celebration argue that since Eugenie is a minor royal, she shouldn’t request such pomp and circumstance. “In these times of heightened security risks, it is irresponsible for a minor member of the royal family to have a high-profile, very public wedding. This may be the time to review the role and cost of minor royals,” Emma Dent Coad, Labor MP for Kensington told Mirror.

The Mirror also reports another member of parliament, Chris Williamson, said the wedding expenses were outrageous in light of the fact so many people are struggling to survive: “It really is an outrage when you’ve got people sleeping rough and gripped by poverty that people are indulging in this conspicuous consumption. They are as far as it’s possible to be from being real normal people. No one else gets their wedding paid for by the public purse and they’ve got the resources to do it themselves.”

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