The Most Bizarre Hobbies People Have Posted on Their Resumes

Ever sat staring at your resume, pondering whether your extracurriculars should be listed or not? These people certainly didn’t — and made their prospective employers raise their eyebrows in the process. With help from Coburg Banks, we take a look at 15 of the most bizarre hobbies people have posted on their CVs. (The hobby on page 9 made us laugh.)

1. Samurai sword collecting

Sword of the samurai | Vladimir Kokorin/ iStock/ Getty Images

When it comes to listing your hobbies on your resume, you should really only be listing those that are “professionally relevant” informs us. So unless you’re interviewing to work at a museum, you probably don’t need to list your sword collection.

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2. Streaking

Streaking | Chalabala/ iStock/ Getty Images

Unless the job you’re interviewing for involves taking your clothes off, anything containing nudity or sexual content shouldn’t be on your CV. You’re better off keeping those hobbies to yourself.

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3. Drinking

Happy girlfriends women group drinking beer at brewery bar restaurant – Friendship concept with young female friends enjoying time and having genuine fun at cool vintage pub – Focus on left girl

Telling a prospective boss you enjoy getting sloshed probably isn’t going to help you land a job. If anything, it may lead an employer to believe you have a drinking problem — and that’s not something people look for in a star employee.

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4. Hacking

Computer hacker| ipopba/ iStock/ Getty Images

Showing off your computer skills is great. Showing off your ability to break into other people’s computers is likely going to make a prospective employer paranoid.

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5. LARPing

Elf Fantasy Fair in the Netherlands | Julia700702/ iStock/ Getty Images

This is just plain funny. “Live Action Role Playing” may be your jam. But putting on a resume that you enjoy dressing up like a fictional character and fight other people dressed fictional characters is an interesting choice.

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6. Painting your toenails

Pedicure | Anetlanda/ iStock/ Getty Images

There’s nothing wrong with a little pedicure time. Heck, if that’s how you want to relax after a long day of work, more power to you. It’s just one of those things that probably doesn’t pertain to the job your applying for — unless it’s at a salon.

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7. Witchcraft

Witchcraft| VeraPetruk/ iStock/ Getty Images

This one shouldn’t need explaining, but we’re going to give it a try anyways. Long story short: If you take “The Craft” too seriously, you may not want prospective employers to know about it.

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8. Snake skin collecting

Snake skin | Pink_Cactus/ iStock/ Getty Images

You know what? Maybe just leave any types of collections off your CV. Especially ones that include collecting the discarded skin of reptiles. That’s sure to make an employer shudder.

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9. Time travel

Time travel | ChakisAtelier/ iStock/ Getty Images

Coburg Bank doesn’t specify whose resume this hobby was listed on or how the prospective employer reacted, but we really wish they did. The reaction must have been hilarious.

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10. Arguing with people online

Arguing online| fizkes/ iStock/ Getty Images

Since many jobs promote customer service skills and the ability to get along with your coworkers, telling a prospective boss you like to spend your free time spewing venom at people from behind your computer screen doesn’t seem wise.

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11. Stalking celebrities

Stalking | AndreyPopov/ iStock/ Getty Images

Really, anything with the word “stalking” in it is disturbing. But saying that it’s your hobby? Adding this to a CV is a surefire way to not score an interview.

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12. Ferret racing

Ferret | TomLester/ iStock/ Getty Images

Intriguing? Sure. But does an obscure hobby like racing ferrets really belong on your resume? What about that would make an employer want to hire you?

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13. Bull fighting

Bullfighter | digicomphoto/ iStock/ Getty Images

To be fair, this is actually a pretty good conversation-starter. But seeing as how bullfighting is illegal now, this probably isn’t something to be broadcasting to the world — especially a prospective employer.

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14. Being awesome

Awesome| LightFieldStudios/ iStock/ Getty Images

Unless you’re applying for a job where sarcasm is the native language and you know for a fact this will catch the employers eye, putting this on a CV just sounds smug and, well, kind of dumb.

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15. Doing nothing

Couch potato | lukas_zb/ iStock/ Getty Images

If this is going to be how you fill out the “hobbies” section of your resume, you might as well not include that section at all.

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