The Many Times the Trump White House Has Attacked Amazon

Adhering to a strong ethics code is not the Trump administration’s number one priority. Instead, President Trump knowingly and regularly bullies individuals and businesses via Twitter with seemingly zero repercussions. Both historically and currently, Amazon has been in the president’s line of Twitter fire.
While freedom of speech is an exercised right, government officials are expected to comply with a more strict code. You see, the repercussions of government figures such as the president or his staff smearing a private company’s name violates ethics rules that have been clearly laid out for the White House, but that doesn’t seem to matter. Here’s how many times the Trump White House has attacked Amazon.

1. Sarah Huckabee Sanders and the Amazon Echo tweet

Sarah Huckabee Sanders Amazon tweet
It could mess with Amazon’s bottom line. | Sarah Huckabee Sanders via Instagram

In January 2018, President Trump’s Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders took to Twitter to “innocently” complain that Amazon’s Echo was not a seamless piece of technology. The tweet read, “Alexa, we have a problem if my 2-year-old can order a Batman toy by yelling “Batman!” over and over again into the Echo.”
While this sort of talk on Twitter can fly if it comes from an average American, this behavior from a government figure like Huckabee could wreak havoc on a business’ bottom line.
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2. Trump calling Amazon’s delivery methods a scam

Donald Trump amazon tweet
Despite the USPS’s insistence that his claims are false. | Donald J. Trump via Instagram

Perhaps the United States Postal Office can and should be charging more for servicing the last mile of Amazon’s packages, but Trump’s claim that Amazon is scamming the Post Office is not completely true. Despite the president’s confirmation tweet that he is fully correct on the issue of the USPS losing billions because of Amazon’s delivery “scams”. USPS confirms that “its deal to conduct last-mile deliveries for Amazon is profitable.”
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3. Trump calls Amazon a “no-tax monopoly”

Donald Trump, Stya Nadella and Jeff Bezos
Many online retailers use this loophole. | Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images

Even though a slew of online retailers benefit from certain states not having sales tax, Amazon is foremost on President Trump’s radar. The way online commerce currently works, retailers only have to pay sales tax if they have a physical location within the said state. Many online retailers reap the benefits of the no physical presence loophole, but Amazon has so vastly expanded that the retailer actually pays taxes in every single state that recognizes a sales tax. Furthermore, the online giant agrees that the loophole should be sealed up.
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4. Trump says Amazon is unfairly forcing businesses to close

trump with a frowning face
You would think he would support business savvy. | Chris Kleponis-Pool/Getty Images

Commerce evolves with technology, and such is the case with modern-day online retailers versus brick-and-mortar mom and pop shops. Sure, most individuals recognize that these small, family-run operations are feeling the pangs of internet retailers, but Amazon’s  (and even Walmart) low prices and efficiency make it difficult to turn away.
Trump, however, has publicly shamed Amazon for its savvy business techniques by tweeting “our fully paying retailers are closing stores all over the country… not a level playing field.”
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5. Trump calls The Washington Post “fake news”

Trump tweet washington post
Because anyone who doesn’t agree with him is fake news. | Donald J. Trump via Instagram

Any president should rightly assume that all news outlets are going to dissect every move he (and one day she) makes. Unfortunately for Donald Trump, his skin may not be as thick as he wants people to believe.
The Washington Post, owned by Amazon’s Jeff Bezos, is being called “fake news” by the president, based on unappealing write-ups on his presidency and administration. Trump’s lashings out at Amazon seem to be a snowball effect of his discomfort that has stemmed from the Post‘s reports.
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6. Trump believes the Post is a “lobbyist” for Amazon

Trump washington post amazon
He really hates Amazon. | Donald J. Trump via Instagram

Trump has an old-school approach to business — he’s a brick-and-mortar type of guy. And for some reason, Amazon’s success really bothers him. So much that he continues to publicly bash both it, along with The Washington Post, both run by Jeff Bezos. Not only does Trump claim The Post‘s reporting is mostly “fake news,” he also believes it to be lobbying on Amazon’s behalf.
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7. More people support Amazon than Trump

Jeff Bezos
Amazon is more popular than Trump. | David McNew/Getty Images

Trump is not winning any popularity contests between himself and Amazon. Worth hundreds of billions of dollars, Amazon clearly has its fair share of fans, and that number far exceeds President Trump’s fandom.
In the United States, 63 million Americans voted for Trump. As for Amazon, the online retailer has over 90 million Prime subscribers. It’s fair to assume more Americans could do without Donald Trump far before they could live without Amazon.
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8. Trump has also bashed Toyota and Boeing

Trump boeing tweet
He slammed Boeing for the cost of Air Force One. | Donald J. Trump via Instagram

Trump’s rampages do not stop with Amazon and “fake news” accusations. He has also attacked Toyota and Boeing.
He made an example out of Toyota during his campaign, bashing the company for expanding into Mexico and threatening huge tariffs for doing so. As for Boeing, Trump took to Twitter to slam the company for the $4 billion cost of a new Air Force One, claiming the order should be canceled. However, the truth is that the Air Force One is expected to cost $2.8 billion.

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