The Best Jobs You Can Get in 2018 Without a College Degree

Think you can’t find a good job these days without a college degree? Well, think again. In 2018, there are many jobs that pay a decent wage where workers are in demand. Regardless of whether you enjoy working in an office and whether you prefer to work with people, you’ve got options. CareerBuilder released a list of the best 2018 jobs for workers without a bachelor’s degree.
The list was compiled to include high-wage jobs not requiring a college degree, where there has been the biggest gap between the number of open jobs and the number of hires. Data compiled in the study is from January 2017 through August 2017. The list includes more than 700 occupations. Let’s take a look at the top 10.

10. Tax preparers

person dressed as Statue of Liberty waving "it's tax time" sign
Those who work in the field need certification. | Joe Raedle/Getty Images
  • Median hourly wages: $19.60

Tax preparers calculate and file income tax returns for individuals or small businesses. They may also represent taxpayers during IRS audits. While a college degree isn’t necessary, those who wish to work in the field need to become certified and obtain a preparer tax identification number.
If you are qualified to be one, or plan to be, know that around 6,700 job postings show up on CareerBuilder each month for tax preparers. Around 6,100 of those result in hires, leaving around 600 jobs still open and available at the end of the month.
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9. Medical assistants

taking blood pressure
These professionals handle both administrative and clinical tasks. | Piotr Adamowicz/iStock/Getty Images
  • Median hourly wages: $15.18

If you are interested in the medical field yet don’t have all the college required for many related jobs, consider working as a medical assistant. The professionals handle both administrative and clinical tasks in doctors’ offices and hospitals.
Those interested in a medical assistant career will find 29,000 job postings on average per month on CareerBuilder. Of those, 26,000 result in hires. That leaves around 3,000 that remain open.
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8. Pharmacy technicians

pills spilling from bottle
These employees help pharmacists dispense drugs. | iStock/Getty Images
  • Median hourly wages: $14.87

Pharmacy technicians enjoy well-paying jobs in the medical field that don’t require four-year college degrees. They help pharmacists dispense prescription medication. Pharmacy technicians may work full or part time in hospitals, drug stores, or grocery stores.
The number of pharmacy technician job postings averages 27,000 per month on CareerBuilder. With around 21,000 of those resulting in hires, that leaves 6,000 pharmacy tech jobs remaining open.
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7. Real estate sales agents

home for sale
They work with real estate brokers. | iStock/Getty Images
  • Median hourly wages: $17.92

Real estate sales agents help clients buy, sell, and rent properties. These agents work with real estate brokers, who are licensed to manage their own business. Most real estate sales agents are self-employed. While they often work irregular hours, they are usually able to set their own schedules, which is often a priority for people.
The average number of monthly job postings for real estate sales agents totals 18,000. With 9,000 of these filled, half of them remain open. This would give you a decent chance of landing a job in the field if you’re qualified.
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6. Social and human service assistants

woman meeting with client
They help people obtain benefits and services. | monkeybusinessimages/iStock/Getty Images Plus
  • Median hourly wages: $15.33

Social and human service assistants help people obtain benefits and services. This may involve working for a nonprofit organization or social service agency, as well as the government. These professionals may work with individuals or entire families.
On average, CareerBuilder posts 39,000 jobs in this field. Around 20,000 of those jobs result in hires, leaving 19,000 jobs available for the taking.
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5. Computer user support specialists

two women working on a computer together
They provide technical assistance. | YanLev/iStock/Getty Images
  • Median hourly wages: $23.81

If you’re good with computers yet don’t have a four-year college degree, you may wish to look into working as a computer user support specialist. These professionals provide technical assistance to computer users. They may work in an office and help employees with tasks, such as downloading software, printing documents, using email, and more. While some companies may require a bachelor’s degree for these job candidates, others require computer knowledge but not necessarily a four-year college degree.
Average monthly job postings for computer user support specialists is 59,000, and around 34,000 of those result in hires. That leaves almost 25,000 open jobs on the table.
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4. Insurance sales agents

businessman points to himself with both thumbs
These professionals have to have good people skills. | lisafx/iStock/Getty Images
  • Median hourly wages: $23.17

If you’ve got good people skills and enjoy working in sales, a career in insurance sales may provide a decent-paying job without a bachelor’s degree. Insurance sales agents contact potential customers to sell them insurance policies. Most work in offices, though some may travel to meet with clients. According to Monster, this type of job is best suited for someone with the ability to position themselves and network. This may include former real estate agents, mortgage loan officers, and other types of sales reps.
The average number of job postings per month for insurance sales agents, per the CareerBuilder study, is 57,000. Only 17,000 of these get filled, so you’ll have 40,000 job openings to sift through at your fingertips.
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3. Food service managers

Chipotle counter
They keep restaurants running smoothly. | Joe Raedle/Getty Images
  • Median hourly wages: $19.82

Food service managers handle the daily operation of restaurants and other places that prepare and serve food. They work closely with staff to make sure customers are happy, and they work to make the business profitable. The median hourly earnings for these jobs are $19.82.
On average, 61,000 jobs are posted per month for food service managers, with only a third of those being filled. That leaves roughly 40,000 jobs left open in this field each month.
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2. First-line supervisors of retail sales workers

woman looking through rack of clothes
They coordinate retail workers. | Jay_Zynism/iStock/Getty Images
  • Median hourly wages: $17.10

Do you like working with people and selling things? For this job, you’ll coordinate activities of retail sales workers. Your management duties may include purchasing, budgeting, accounting, and personnel work. You’ll also manage your sales staff. You’ll earn a median hourly rate of $17.10 for this job.
The average monthly number of openings for this particular job is 276,000 with only about a third being filled. That leaves 192,000 open jobs.
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1. Heavy and tractor-trailer truck drivers

truck on highway
There are plenty of job openings for truck drivers. | kevinmwalsh/iStock/Getty Images
  • Median hourly wages: $19.26

If you don’t like sitting behind a desk all day, this might be the job for you. Heavy and tractor-trailer truck drivers transport goods from one location to another. They may deliver locally, or they may travel distances spanning several states. These drivers earn a median wage of $19.26 per hour.
For this job, the average number of monthly job postings is 1.6 million, whereas only 108,000 people are hired. This leaves a whopping 1.5 million jobs open and ready for the taking.
If you’re interested in seeing available jobs or finding out more about the requirements, you can visit CareerBuilder.
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