The Best Deals You Can Get in June

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If you’re hunting for discounted services and items, you’ll be delighted with the deals June has to offer. Whether you want to slim down for the summer, spruce up your wardrobe, or purchase new wares for your home, there are plenty of great deals this month.

The latest Gallup poll shows consumers’ average daily discretionary spending has remained unchanged for the month of May, staying at $91. This is a change from the last three months, which had demonstrated gradual rises in spending. Furthermore, Gallup’s U.S. Economic Confidence Index reports consumer confidence has taken a slight dip, averaging -7 in May, a decrease from -3 one month before.

If you’re not feeling so confident about your finances and you’re on a self-imposed spending freeze, know that you can still purchase what you need without busting your budget. Toni Anderson, DealPro and founder of The Happy Housewife, shared tips with The Cheat Sheet for getting a bargain. Here are four categories where you can save a bundle during the month of June.

1. Gym memberships

The best month for deals on gym memberships is in January because of all the people who have vowed to lose weight for the New Year, according to However, there is usually a dip in new memberships during this time, so it’s a good opportunity to work on your negotiating skills. June is the best time to haggle for a gym membership deal.

“Summer is a great time to negotiate a month-to-month contract with your local gym. I look for gyms with free childcare since the kids are home from school during the summer months,” said Anderson.

2. Hardware and tools

Since Father’s Day is right around the corner, you will be able to grab deals on items such as lumber and power drills. In addition, reports that shoppers can get discounts as high as 40% on sports products and equipment. Know that June 17th is the best day to grab a deal since this is when the most Father’s Day coupons are offered.

“I’ve been renovating my home for the past six months. While it can get expensive, shopping the sales on tools that you will use for years to come can add up to big savings on your current and future projects. I’ve always found great deals in June that are associated with Father’s Day and stock up then,” said Anderson.

Source: iStock
Source: iStock

3. Paint

Painting your home during the scorching heat is not ideal, so paint sales tend to dwindle during this time of year.  Luckily for you, paint deals abound in June.

“I never pay full price for paint! Paint goes on sale several times a year, one of those times being the month of June, which is a great time to purchase paint for upcoming projects. I keep a list of paint colors we’re planning on using in our house, so when it goes on sale I’m ready to purchase for future projects,” said Anderson.

4. Cookware and dishes

June kicks off the wedding season, so shoppers are purchasing more cookware and other kitchen items. Consequently, you’ll see some great sales.

“With a houseful of kids, we inevitably break a few dishes throughout the year. Not only can I stock up in June for upcoming showers and weddings, I can also replenish our own sets when the prices are low. I try to stick with a solid color or simple pattern so I can easily mix and match with items I find on sale,” said Anderson.

Bonus Deal

National Donut Day, which began in 1938, is celebrated each year on the first Friday of June. Participating retailers will be giving away free donuts. Among the participants are Dunkin’ Donuts and Krispy Kreme. Visit their websites for promotion details.
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