The Best Deals You Can Get in April

Source: Thinkstock
Source: Thinkstock

If you’re looking to score a great deal, April is your month. You won’t be disappointed by the amount of money you save in stores and online. April might be a rainy month, but the savings you’ll get will outshine those cloudy days.

A recent Gallup poll shows consumers’ average daily discretionary spending increased to $86 for the month of March, up $4 from the previous month. Gallup says this may be a sign that overall consumer spending is starting to recover, in light of the spending lull exhibited during the first two months of this year. If you’re among the consumers that have been spending more, make sure that you spend smart. You can do this by taking the time to hunt for bargains.

The Cheat Sheet chatted with the experts at Club Thrifty, Femme Frugality, and for a few bargain-shopping tips. Here are five categories where your spending will yield the most savings in April.

1. Automotive items

April is National Car Care Month. This means that auto dealers will be offering deals on car parts, accessories, and services. In addition, some businesses will be hosting free car-care events throughout April. Some will also provide a vehicle inspection free of charge. You can find a local car-care event here.

“While you can’t predict when a vehicle will break down or an accident will happen, if there are repairs or routine maintenance that you’ve been putting off, it may be a good idea to get it taken care of before May 1,” suggests the Femme Frugality blog.

2. Electronics

If you’re in the market for a new television or some other tech gadget, now is when you’ll run into great sales. Although January is a time when you can get good deals on televisions due to retailers promoting Super Bowl Sunday sales, these aren’t the lowest prices. Communications Director Meghan Heffernan says April is when you’ll get a rock-bottom price on that flat-screen TV you’ve been eyeing.

This month is generally the best for a TV purchase because this is usually when the newer models are being shipped to retailers. Stores need to make space for the new inventory. “If you’re ok with purchasing an older model, recommends April,” says Heffernan.

3. Winter accessories

Most retailers are making a final push to unload snow equipment and ski and snowboarding items. You can expect to get anywhere from 50% to as much as 80% off these accessories. “The end-of-season sales may start as early as February, but April is when you’ll get the lowest prices with the most selection,” says Heffernan.

4. Winter and spring apparel

The last of the winter clothing will be sold off at deep discounts. “April is an awesome time to stock up on things you would normally buy at the beginning of winter. Think winter hats and gloves, snow suits, and sleds. If you’re buying for kids, buy one or two sizes bigger so they last. Don’t buy until everything has been marked down on final clearance. Stores will be ready to liquidate their winter merchandise soon in order to make room for all of their spring apparel,” says Holly Johnson, co-founder of Club Thrifty.

Retailers introduce spring apparel in February, so now is the time when stores will be marking down these items to make room for summer clothing. During the month of April you can snag winter and spring clothing deals for up to half off.

5. Tax day meals and services

Both Femme Frugality and also note that you can get free items ranging from meals to spa services on April 15.

“You should be able to find a lot of Tax Day freebies in April. It is a growing tradition for national fast food chains to offer freebies on April 15, to alleviate a little stress for Americans. We have seen brands such as Arby’s, Bruegger’s Bagels, McDonald’s, Boston Market, and Cinnabon run freebie deals year after year,” says Heffernan.
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