The Best Affordable Gifts for Mother’s Day

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It’s nearly May, which means you’re running out of time to find the perfect gift — Mother’s Day is Sunday, May 8th. Simply giving your mom a call or sending a card will mean something, but if you really want to make her feel appreciated, a carefully chosen gift can be a great way to show her that you know what she likes. There are many fantastic but costly Mother’s Day gifts, but you don’t have to spend big to impress your mom. Of course, there are some gifts that are not appropriate for mom (one thing you should definitely stay away from is an invitation for mom to watch you play inappropriate video games). A 2013 Groupon study found that 84% of moms would reluctantly accept a bad gift, but you don’t want your mom to have to fake appreciation. Here are five gifts that are sure to make mom smile.

1. An experience she wants

Many parents are selfless when it comes to their kids, and you may have to force your mom to do something special for herself by gifting her an experience that she wouldn’t otherwise spend money on. This doesn’t mean that you have to spend a lot of money; you can buy something she would want without going overboard. If you know that your mom likes a particular restaurant, but she would never spend money to go just for the fun of it, then buy her a gift card. Or if your mom has always wanted to learn how to do a specific hobby, enroll her in a photography, master gardening, art, or other class that she would enjoy. Instead of giving her something else that will just sit on her shelf, gifting an experience will also give her memories.

2. Jewelry

The word jewelry probably has you seeing dollar signs, but you don’t have to buy the most expensive piece out there to please your mom. According to a 2015 survey from the March of Dimes, jewelry is the most popular Mother’s Day gift to purchase. If you want to get jewelry but you can’t spend a ton of money, choose something that is meaningful rather than expensive.

Also, if you prefer to purchase something else for your mom, but you still want to give her some jewelry, get your kids involved; your kids can make affordable jewelry that their grandmother will appreciate simply because they made it.

3. Time with you

Your mom is a mother because of you (and possibly your siblings), so what better way to celebrate mom than to give her time with you? Mom will be happy to have some special time with you, especially if you live far away, or you are busy and you don’t see each other very often. Obviously, you don’t want to frame your gift in terms of simply finding time for your mom. Try to think of something that you can give as a gift that you can also enjoy together. This could mean purchasing a board game for your mom and then playing it with her, planning a nice dinner and dessert for your mom, or purchasing art supplies and making art together right your own home. Whatever you choose, make sure it is something that your mom would enjoy and that you will enjoy doing with her.

4. A tech gift

Whether your mom works full-time and uses a computer regularly, or she still uses her landline and has never used a cell phone, a tech gift can be a great gift if you think your mom will find a fun way to use it. According to CNET, there are several great tech gifts to give your mom that will cost you less than $100, such as a Roku 3, or Amazon Fire TV, and some that will even cost you less than $50, such as Google Chromecast. Once again, the important thing is that you find something she will like. For example, if she travels frequently and loves to read but isn’t very technologically savvy, then a basic e-reader might be a great choice.

5. A book just for her

If your mom loves to read, finding the right book for her will show her that you thought about what she enjoys, and then went searching for the right book. If your mom isn’t much of a reader, or you simply don’t know what she would enjoy, consider a different kind of book; photobooks are a fantastic gift for almost anyone. You can create a photobook online if you want to; many sites have different layouts available. Adult coloring books have also become very popular recently. If you really want to make your mom’s heart melt, consider filling out a book that tells mom about all your special memories with her.

Mother’s Day is the perfect chance to remind your mom just how much she matters to you, and choosing a great gift will really help to get your message across.