Target Goes All Natural With New Organic, Sustainable Product Line

Source: Thinkstock

Source: Thinkstock

Target (NYSE:TGT) is looking to dig deeper into the health and wellness market now that more and more consumers seek to live healthier lifestyles. Fierce Retail reported Thursday that the retailer is partnering with 17 existing brands to expand its line of natural, organic, and sustainable products it calls “Made to Matter – Handpicked by Target.” Featuring 120 products that are sold exclusively at Target, the company is collaborating with a number of different vendors including Method cleaning products, Chobani Greek yogurt, and Burt’s Bees health and beauty products.

Back in January, Target already launched the Simply Balanced collection in its food section, which is a new organic and natural store brand, but now, Target is extending its natural offerings beyond food, and marketing baby, beauty, grocery, healthcare, and household items under the Made to Matter label. According to Fierce Retail, prices on the products will range between $1.99 to $24.99 and the featured goods will be displayed in aisles that highlight the new Made to Matter logo.

Many analysts expect the new line to facilitate significant success for Target, as more consumers are now interested in buying more natural and organic goods, and while those products used to be exclusive to specialty stores like Whole Foods (NYSE:WFM), Target may soon realize success by selling them exclusively at a lower price point. According to Forbes, Kathy Tesija, executive vice president of merchandising and supply chain, explained at a Target meeting this week that natural, organic, and sustainable products are growing at a 15 percent to 20 percent rate at the retailer, and that compares to the 10 percent industry average. In addition, because most Target shoppers (97 percent) already buy at least some natural, organic, or sustainable products at the retailer, executives believe they will buy even more when given the opportunity.

More and more retailers are now flexing their muscle in the natural and organic market sphere as more consumers show a desire to purchase such products. For a while, organic foods and natural products could only be found at health specialty stores, but now more and more companies are aiming to offer them, and hoping to convince shoppers that they can meet all of their shopping needs. Forbes also pointed out in its report this week that consumers are now increasingly favoring stores whose operating practices and products reflect some sort of social good. Jeffrey Jones, executive vice president and chief marketing officer, maintained at a Target meeting that the retailer’s shoppers will hopefully soon respect the Made to Matter seal in the retailer’s stores and recognize that its advertising messages is shorthand for products “that are better for you and your family.”

Thus, coupled with Target’s Simply Balanced brand, Made to Matter will help the retailer deliver on its promise to offer more products that are friendly to the environment and friendly to the consumers. Fierce Retail highlighted that according to the Organic Trade Association, the organic food and products industry grew to $31.5 billion in United States sales in 2012 from $8.4 billion a decade earlier, and thus it is clear that the demand is there. Tesija recognizes this and maintained via Fierce Retail this week, “Almost all of our guests, 97 percent, say they buy some product that is natural, organic or sustainable.They’re looking for products in this category. We’re making it easy by calling them out.”