Suit Required: 4 Jobs Where You Need to Dress to Impress

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It used to be that most all men dressed up for work, either in a uniform, in a suit, or at least with a clean shirt and a tie. That isn’t the case anymore. There are many jobs where you can dress down, and some jobs that you can even wear your jeans most days (think college professor, a contractor, or repairman). If you like to be relaxed, and especially if you feel that you succeed more when you’re comfortable, then one of those jobs might be right for you. However, there are many jobs where you still need to look your best, and that means anything from wearing a nice suit to making sure you look fresh-faced and well-groomed. Here are four jobs where you will find that dressing nice is an asset, and often, a requirement.

1. Realtor or broker

When your job is to sell something face-to-face, you want to put your best face forward. While some realtors may choose to wear jeans to work, you won’t see this practice very often when it comes to successful agents. Realtors make their money by selling homes, and most buyers or sellers won’t be excited to see a man turn up for an appointment wearing ratty clothes. According to The Real Deal, some New York brokers have dress codes, but usually individuals decide what to wear. Still, it’s important to dress for the house or rental, and to dress for the client. If you want to sell an expensive home, you should look good.

Many brokers sell properties in addition to overseeing realtors, but many brokers dress up regularly as well.

2. Model or fashion industry worker

If you enjoy looking good and dressing well, and you have a unique or marketable look, than you can consider modeling. If you’re a model, it’s usually your job to look good. What this means will depend on your specific job, and who the client is. While sometimes you may be able to wear jeans for a shoot, there will be times when you need to sit in makeup for hours before you’re ready to go (yes, this is true for men!). When you’re representing a client, especially a big name, you will want to look your best. This is true even outside of work hours: networking is essential when you work as a model. According to Askmen, male models usually begin their careers between 18 and 25¬†years old, and you will need to be fit.

You will need to dress well for other jobs in the fashion industry. If you represent models, you will want to look clean and well dressed, and this will often require a suit.

3. Manager or director

At some businesses, you will need to dress nicely no matter what your job is. This is true of many corporate environments. One job that often requires you to dress well is the position of manager or director. If you’re a manager or director at a corporation with a relaxed dress code, you may be allowed to wear jeans, but that doesn’t mean you should. Most people agree that you should dress for your day, and dress for the job you want. If the job you want is director, and you are currently a manager (or you are a supervisor wanting to become a manager, or even hoping to become a supervisor), wearing jeans doesn’t scream promotion material. Also, because people will report to you if you have a management position, you want to show some authority, and dressing well can give you some of that authority.

For some management level positions, you will need to dress well each day. Often restaurant managers and retail managers wear at least a nice shirt and a tie. According to Dressing WELL, even if you work for a business casual company, it’s best for men to have at least one nice suit; a great sports coat is another must, and make sure your clothes fit properly.

4. Banker or lawyer

If you’re a banker, or even if you merely work in a bank, you will probably need to dress up. According to Chron, you need to look professional when you are handling other people’s money. Suits are often the correct choice for work clothes, and a tie and nice shoes will also usually be appropriate. You also may need to cut your hair if it’s long. Many of the same rules are true if you are a lawyer, but it depends on what type of lawyer you are. If you’re in the courtroom, you will need to look professional, and that will often mean a suit. Even if you work in an office, when you are meeting with clients, you will want to look professional and polished.

There are many other jobs that may require you to dress up, and most jobs require that workers dress up sometimes depending on what is scheduled on a particular day. If you like to look good, then one of the above jobs could be the right choice for you.

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