This 1 Startup Could Radically Transform the Tiny Home Market

Cross a modern New York City apartment and a tiny home retreat, and you get a Kasita. A true work of art, these sleek micro homes were the innovative creation of Jeff Wilson, also known as Professor Dumpster. Wilson gained a bit of attention when he decided to sell his possessions and move into a 33-square-foot dumpster. His goal was to prove you need hardly nothing to get by and be still happy.
Wilson’s experience in his dumpster sparked the notion that there is a market for a minimalist tiny living space with high-end, tech-savvy features. The space would also need to coincide with the consumer’s desire for the flexibility to live anywhere. The brainchild of this realization is Kasita. A typical tiny house has nothing on these homes. It’s a smarter home, and here are eight reasons why it could quite possibly could shake up the real estate market.

1. 352 square feet of freedom

Kasita tiny house
They’re perfect for the traveler. | Kasita

Storage solutions at their very best, tons of natural light, and outfitted with all the bells and whistles you’d want, the Kasita is delivered to your property ready to be connected to its foundation. This movable minimalist home is available in the U.S. for $139,000. The 352- to 370-square-foot micro home has received awards for its engineering and design. And what’s the best part of all? It can be moved anywhere you want.

2. Ever-evolving establishment

Kasita tiny house
Use it to fit your lifestyle. | Kasita

Kasitas were created with the vision of these spaces being able to evolve with your ever-changing lifestyle. Perhaps right now you live in it, but eventually it becomes your in-law suite, office space, art studio, or even your wilderness retreat. No matter what life throws your way, the versatility of the Kasita will carry you through the long haul of your existence.

3. Stack on Stacks

Kasita tiny house
The company will move your Kasita for you. | Kasita

Now this concept could really blow the housing crisis right out of the water. The stackable Kasitas are truly a marvelous idea. Let’s say you’d like to move from Texas to New York. All you’d need to do is contact Kasita and see whether there is availability for your unit to be moved into a different “Stack.” If there is, the company will take care of it for you. Each unit can be picked up, popped into the Stack infrastructure, and voila, you’re set. Forget packing all of your belongings into boxes and crossing your fingers in hopes of finding a new apartment in your new town. All you need to do is pack a bag and wait for your Kasita to arrive in its new spot.

4. Endless investment opportunities

Kasita tiny house
You can easily rent them out. | Kasita

Within the same vein of the Kasita’s versatility comes the opportunity for investment. Who doesn’t want to create some passive income? These structures are able to produce legitimate investment income for you. They can be easily rented in both the short-term or the long-term markets. Some developers are using the Stack model to create complete complexes for homeowners. Because the company prides itself in quick, quality production, these structures will cost a mere fraction of a traditional build.

5. City dwelling at its finest

Kasita tiny house
You definitely can’t buy an apartment in San Francisco for this price. | Kasita

Cities, including San Francisco, Austin, New York, and San Diego, are just a few metro areas slated to provide “attainable housing” for consumers. Because these cities have some of the highest housing costs in the nation, Kasita plans to rattle the real estate market through its Stack installations¬† The homes can also be set on unused city rooftops and neighborhoods in need of revitalization. The possibilities are practically endless.

6. Smart home

Kasita tiny house
They come with some pretty smart features. | Kasita

These beauties are outfitted with the latest home technologies to make small-space living a breeze. When delivered, the home is ready for you to connect. It includes an Apple or Android app, voice control, Nest and Sonos technology throughout, Doorbird’s doorbell and camera system, and glass windows whose transparency can be adjusted based on your mood. The prefabricated apartment can be hooked up to its foundation within a day. It doesn’t get more turnkey than this.

7. Handicapped-accessible

Kasita tiny house
You can customize it to your needs. | Kasita

The folks over at Kasita are able create¬†handicapped-accessible units using the footprint of the original Kasitas. They strive to “serve anyone wanting to live a bigger in a smaller space.” The ADA micro homes are also compatible with the Stacks, so there is an ease of transition if you choose that route. Essentially, the home can customized to your exact needs.

8. Quick construction

Kasita tiny house
You’ll be in your Kasita in no time. | Kasita

To make all this even better, you can purchase your Kasita and have it delivered within a couple of months. The turnover time is unbelievable. And it provides you with plenty of time to secure any permits needed via the requirements of your local government. A contractor will have to pour the foundation and install the utility hookups. Kasita will provide you with all the details to make that part of the process an easy one.