Starbucks’s Secret Menu: Crazy Concoctions for Your Coffee Arsenal


Almost all Starbucks (NASDAQ:SBUX) regulars have their elaborate orders down to a science — triple venti, half-sweet, nonfat caramel macchiato, please — but the earth-shattering news is that things could even get more complicated. That’s right: you might think you are sufficiently taking advantage of every crazy spice and syrup that each Starbucks barista has access to behind the counter, but the good news for you and the bad news for baristas is that you’re probably wrong.

It was 2011 when the Daily Meal first uncovered that Starbucks has a secret menu that allows consumers to go crazy with all the ingredients the coffee chain has to offer. The publication recently released an update to its findings and unearthed even more crazy concoctions that coffee junkies can enjoy from Starbucks — as long as they request them. Sure, you might not be the baristas’ favorite customer if you routinely order the most complex drink when the line is 20 coffee addicts deep, but Starbucks employees are instructed to put customer service above all else. Thus, it’s unlikely you’ll ever walk out of the store empty handed.

So just in case you’re daring to be difficult and want to learn more about the drink combinations you can create or the crazy concoctions Starbucks baristas already know, you’re in luck. The Daily Meal reports that there now are a number of websites that provide a forum for individuals to share their own Starbucks concoctions — the messes and successes — and these sites also feature the classified drinks that baristas have down pat, even though they wouldn’t dare tell you. One such website is, a place teeming with endless drink possibilities. The site unveils that not only are there a lot of crazy drinks out there that many people don’t know about, but there are also different sizes and behind-the-bar secrets that consumers can take advantage of.

For example, did you know that there is a size even larger than a venti? Grab that 31-ounce trenta and read on.

A quick perusal of Starbucks’s secret menu shows that are enough underground drink possibilities to keep you caffeinated for days, but some of the most entertaining flavor combinations are the ones that are perfect for the current cold-weather season. A snow cream frappuccino, for example, couldn’t be any more appropriate for the frigid winter that many Americans are currently suffering — you can treat your sweet tooth by simply ordering a vanilla bean frappuccino made with vanilla syrup instead of vanilla bean powder.

Or you could rely on the old favorites, as many Starbucks employees are likely to know exactly what you’re talking about before you even explain the combination. The Daily Meal says that a thin mint frappuccino uses Tazo green creme frappuccinno and is blended with chocolate syrup and java chips. The dirty hippy is also a good option if you’re looking to try something different; it’s simply a dirty chai tea latte with soy milk instead of regular milk.

Last but not least, we can’t forget to mention Butterbeer. This is a drink that Harry Potter lovers  should know they can enjoy during the holidays, just so they can remember next year, when the red cups come back around. Luckily, before the red was displaced by the white in January, many caffeine addicts learned that they could enjoy Potter’s favorite drink of Butterbeer by simply ordering a whole milk steamer with two pumps of caramel syrup, two pumps of toffee nut syrup, and two pumps of cinnamon Dolce syrup, topped with whipped cream.

Although one of the key ingredients, Starbucks’s seasonal toffee nut syrup, keeps this drink from being available year-round, it is still a good seasonal (secret) drink you should keep in your arsenal.