10 Signs That Your Boss Really Doesn’t Appreciate You

Life is hard. Working with a boss who treats you like his personal servant can make life even harder. If you’ve been subjected to poor treatment, your supervisor could be having a bad year or he may just not appreciate you very much (he may not even like you). Here are 10 signs your boss really doesn’t appreciate you.

1. Your boss barely talks to you

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Does your boss barely breathe two words to you throughout the day? It shouldn’t feel like you’re talking to yourself when you attempt to make chit chat with your supervisor. Sure, your boss might be really busy or having a tough morning, but it doesn’t take much effort to engage in a few pleasantries every now and then. If you’re often met with a quick head nod or a reluctant grunt, your boss may not think very much of you.
A supervisor who is happy to have you on the team will want to talk to you and at least ask you how your day is going. It doesn’t have to be a long conversation, but a supervisor should make the time to have a conversation with you. If you find that talking to your supervisor is like trying to pressure him for state secrets, take time to observe whether your boss acts like this with only you or if he’s just as taciturn with the rest of the staff. If he’s like this with everyone, you’ll just have to get used to his crabby personality or find another place to work.

2. You rarely hear the words “thank you”

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Appreciation can be shown in many ways. However, one of the most obvious ways is when someone says they appreciate you or offers a simple “thank you.” If you’ve recently gone above and beyond the call of duty and your boss has failed to thank you for your hard work, this is a clear sign that you’re not valued. No one wants to work at a thankless job, and you deserve to be thanked for a job well done. If this continues to happen, request feedback. Ask your supervisor what he thought of your performance and if there’s anything you could have done differently. Perhaps there’s room for improvement.

3. Your boss acts as if supervising you is a chore

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While no one deserves a medal just for showing up to work, your boss should be at least somewhat enthusiastic about having you as part of the organization. If you’re consistently met with an attitude of annoyance, this sends the message that you’re a burden and your boss doesn’t like working with you. This is not only unprofessional but also a morale killer. Your supervisor should do more than just hand you assignments; he or she should also be an encourager.   

4. You get the worst assignments

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Are you always being asked to do the grunt work? This by itself is not an indication that your boss doesn’t appreciate you, but combined with the other signs, it could be a hint that your time isn’t seen as important (unless you’re an intern; then you have a lot of grunt work ahead of you). This is especially the case if you notice that another co-worker has been getting all of the plumb assignments. If you begin to see a pattern, you should bring it to your manager’s attention. There is a small chance that your manager could be favoring your co-worker unintentionally. However, if you feel that you are not being treated the same as the others, it’s time to speak up.

5. Your sense of self-worth has plummeted

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Working with your boss shouldn’t make you feel worthless. If you’re finding that your boss’s treatment is causing your self-esteem to diminish, this is another clue that you’re not being appreciated. If the situation has gotten to the point where you are being bullied, address the problem immediately and let your supervisor know you don’t appreciate the behavior and you want it to stop. If things can’t be resolved, your next step should be to get a human resources manager involved.

6. You can’t seem to get a moment of your boss’s time

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Whenever you need to discuss something important, your boss is always busy. Getting on his or her calendar is like trying to get security clearance to visit the White House. A boss who appreciates you will make time for you. It doesn’t matter how busy the work week is, you will get on the calendar and discuss whatever issue is disrupting your work flow.

7. Your boss complains about you

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If you work with someone who doesn’t appreciate you, it won’t be long before he or she starts airing complaints around the office. Even bosses can be unprofessional, so you may hear through the office grapevine that your supervisor has been complaining about you or your work.

8. Your boss makes mean comments

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A boss who doesn’t value you will often make comments about how you’re lucky to have a job and that you should be grateful to work there. In some cases, a supervisor might even call you names. When you’re not appreciated, it’s not unusual to be the target of mean or even abusive behavior. If your boss has become a bully and is verbally abusing you, take a stand and let him or her know that you don’t appreciate the behavior. Remember you are valuable and no one has the right to abuse you. If the behavior continues, mention it to your boss’s supervisor as well as human resources.

9. Your boss doesn’t support you

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If you ever find yourself in a situation where someone is trying to throw you under the bus, an unappreciative boss will step aside and watch you get run over. He or she couldn’t care less about you or your career and wouldn’t flinch if you were ever in trouble. Don’t count on this type of supervisor to back you up when you need it most.  

10. You don’t feel appreciated

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When your boss doesn’t appreciate you, most of the time you can just feel it. You’ll feel uneasy and usually experience tension whenever your boss is around (and it’s not the good kind of tension, like we mention here).
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