See Why Beyoncé Hired a Stylist and Personal Shopper for Daughter Blue Ivy, 6

Born to one of the most famous couples in the world, Blue Ivy Carter will surely have limitless opportunities in life. If she does go after a career in entertainment like mom Beyoncé and Dad Jay-Z, the six-year-old already has a head start: She has a stylist and personal shopper. His name is Manuel Mendez.
Here we’ll share what Blue Ivy’s stylist has done for her and also the various ways she might already be a star in the works. See which skill Blue Ivy shares with her dad (page 5) and one way she’s definitely just like her mom (page 6).

1. He compiled her outfit for the Wearable Art Gala

Blue Ivy Jay Z and Beyonce gala
He’s turning her into a scene-stealer. | Beyoncé via Instagram

Selecting Mendez as Blue’s stylist was probably easy, considering he’d already worked with Beyoncé. With Mendez’ help, Blue was a scene-stealer in gold at the annual 2018 Wearable Art Gala. She wore shimmering headpiece and a puffy gold dress with spaghetti straps.
Mom Beyoncé dressed to match Blue, sporting a gold headband, long gold earrings, and a sparkly sheer gown with metal bars and a long train.
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2. He styled her for Jay-Z’s “Family Feud” video

Blue Ivy music video
He helped style Blue for the video. | Beyoncé via Instagram

Mendez also had a hand in Blue’s look in Jay-Z’s “Family Feud” video. He styled her in a white Billieblush dress adorned with feathers and sparkly gold sequins. Speculation ensued as to whether the dress was a copy of the gown Beyoncé wore at the 2016 VMAs.
Later in the video, Blue is seen as a grown-up woman in 2050, rewriting the U.S. Constitution along with a group of other women.
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3. He dressed her for the 2018 Grammy Awards

Jay Z Beyonce Blue Ivy 2018 grammy's
Her look was pretty epic. | Christopher Polk/Getty Images for NARAS

Blue turned heads at the Grammy Awards, when Mendez selected a custom outfit for the starlet: A white Valery Kovalska tuxedo pantsuit. She rounded out the look with a pair of sparkling silver shoes and a beaded black clutch.
During the event, the six-year-old shushed her parents from clapping too loudly when Camila Cabello introduced U2 to the stage. Not surprisingly, memes of the incident erupted almost immediately on Twitter.
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4. Blue Ivy’s been walking the red carpet for years

Jay Z and Blue Ivy grammy's 2017
Her pink suit was pretty fantastic. | Christopher Polk/Getty Images for NARAS

Blue was called best-dressed at the Grammy Awards in 2017 in a pink Gucci power suit. She accessorized with a jeweled brooch, glittery red purse, and matching nails. She and her dad sat front row, watching her mom perform on stage.
This wasn’t the youngster’s first red carpet appearance. In fact, by now she’s somewhat of a pro, having attended five formal awards shows since her mom’s famous pregnancy announcement at the 2011 VMAs.
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5. She has a music career of her own

Blue holds a microphone
Blue Ivy may be following in her dad’s footsteps. | Beyonce via Instagram

Blue may be no stranger to awards shows, but did you know she can rap, too? When her dad released his 2017 album 4:44, it included a bonus track called “Blue’s Freestyle/We Family.” In it, Blue raps with lines like “Never seen a ceiling in my whole life” and “boomshakalaka.”  From the 40-second verse, you can tell she’s been watching and listening to her mom and dad closely.
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6. She also has a dance career

Blue Ivy Dancing
She takes after her mom. | GIPHY

Remember Beyoncé’s iconic performance during Super Bowl halftime show in 2013? When it ended, the pop queen’s face showed the triumphant look of someone who knows she totally just killed it. Footage of a 2017 ballet recital shows some of that stage presence has rubbed off on Blue.
The young dancer, then 5, showed lots of confidence in her high kicks and spinning to the beat.
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7. She bids at auctions

Blue Ivy and beyonce auction
She got in a bidding war with Tyler Perry. | Beyoncé via Instagram

As we mentioned, Blue attended a Wearable Art Gala with her parents in April 2018. Not only did she turn heads in her golden outfit, but she also bid on items in an auction. While she didn’t win a $20,000 bidding war with Tyler Perry (over a painting of actor Sidney Poitier), she did later win a piece for $10,000.
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8. Her parents want her name trademarked

Beyonce and Blue Ivy take a selfie
They have been trying to trademark her name. | Allen Berezovsky/Getty Images

Beyoncé and Jay-Z have been seeking to trademark either “Blue Ivy” or “Blue Ivy Carter” for several years. The move could enable the six-year-old to turn into a mini businesswoman with a line of products from beauty products to baby teething rings, according to TMZ.
The family has run into trouble obtaining the trademark, however, because an event planning firm already has “Blue Ivy” trademarked.
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