Princess Eugenie Wedding: How Much Will the Wedding Cost?

Princess Eugenie | Chris Jackson PT/Getty Images
Princess Eugenie | Chris Jackson PT/Getty Images

Weddings tend to be quite expensive, especially when it’s a British royal family wedding. Costs skyrocket because of added expenses you wouldn’t have at a regular wedding. Just how much will the wedding of Princess Eugenie and Jack Brooksbank cost? We’ve got some numbers for you.

This is how much Princess Eugenie’s wedding will cost.

Princess Eugenie’s wedding will be bigger than Meghan Markle’s

Princess Eugenie and Jack will have a larger ceremony than Meghan and Harry’s. This is because more guests will be invited to witness the big day. Princess Eugenie and Jack invited close to 850 guests, which is 250 more people than Meghan and Prince Harry’s wedding, reports the UK’s Express.

Who will pay for Princess Eugenie’s wedding?

Princess Eugenie and Jack won’t be responsible for the entire wedding cost. The royal family will likely pay for some of the major expenses. In the past, they paid for both Prince Harry’s and Prince William’s weddings. Just about everything will be covered except for security costs, reports the Express. The remaining costs will be paid for by Princess Eugenie’s father Prince Andrew, Duke of York, their mother, Sarah Ferguson, and the Brooksbank family, according to Business Insider.

The wedding details

Princess Eugenie and Jack plan to marry at St. George’s Chapel, which is where Meghan Markle and Prince Harry had their wedding ceremony. Also, like Prince Harry and Meghan, Princess Eugenie and Jack will take a horse-drawn carriage ride after their wedding ceremony. Members of the public will be allowed to join the celebration.

According to Kensington Palace, the couple announced they will allow 1,200 people from across the United Kingdom to come to the grounds of Windsor Castle to participate. “The attendees will view the arrival of the congregation and Members of the Royal Family, listen to a live broadcast of the Marriage Service and watch as the Bride and Groom depart St George’s Chapel at the end of the ceremony,” said the announcement.

How much Princess Eugenie’s wedding will cost

It is estimated Princess Eugenie’s wedding will cost British taxpayers $2.5 million, according to Mirror. However, that would only cover the cost of security. Since Eugenie and Jack want to include a carriage procession after the wedding ceremony, this will increase security costs. Adding the procession will require police officers to be deployed to search the route beforehand.

How Princess Eugenie’s wedding costs compare to other members of the British royal family

The wedding of Prince Harry and Meghan cost a total of roughly $45 million and about $40 million was set aside to cover security expenses. Prince William and Kate Middleton’s wedding cost a total of roughly $34 million and about $32 million was for security, according to CBS News.

Not everyone is thrilled about the cost of Princess Eugenie’s wedding

Some think Princess Eugenie and Jack’s wedding plans are financially irresponsible. Those who disagree with the added security and the public celebration, argue that since Eugenie is a minor royal, she shouldn’t request such pomp and circumstance. “In these times of heightened security risks, it is irresponsible for a minor member of the royal family to have a high-profile, very public wedding. This may be the time to review the role and cost of minor royals,” Emma Dent Coad, Labor MP for Kensington told Mirror.

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