Here Are America’s 50 Best Places to Work

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If you plan on hitting the job hunting trail in 2016, or at least sniffing around a bit, a new report from Glassdoor is loaded with employee-derived information to help narrow your choices. By sifting through and analyzing the massive amounts of data submitted by workers through its ratings and reviews, Glassdoor was able to compile a comprehensive list of the 50 best places to work in America, as we head into 2016.

The report bases its conclusions off of ratings submitted by employees on a one through five scale. An employee submitting a ‘5’ for their employer, for example, would be classified as ‘very satisfied’, whereas a ‘1’ would mean they were ‘very dissatisfied’. By compiling and analyzing those ratings, Glassdoor put together their final list.

“The Glassdoor Employees’ Choice Awards are the only workplace awards that recognize employers where people love to work solely based on the authentic voice of those who really know a company best – the employees. For anyone hoping to find a job and company they love, these companies stand tallest for providing outstanding work environments and company cultures,” Robert Hohman, Glassdoor CEO and co-founder said in a press release. “I am proud to expand these awards across North America and parts of Europe this year and to celebrate the 2016 Glassdoor Employees’ Choice Awards winners in earning this tremendous achievement.”

Among the common themes seen among the top 50 this year, per Glassdoor, were that the employees felt valued, the companies were mission and values driven, perks and benefits were off the charts, and that there was plenty of opportunity for advancement.

Though we’re concentrating on one aspect of the report, there’s actually more to it – there is also a list dedicated to small and medium-sized companies (less than 1,000 employees), for example. But you can dig through at your leisure, and check out the top companies in individual cities, like New York, Los Angeles, or Chicago.

We’re not going to dive into detail about each company that comprises the top 50, but we’ll give you a quick rundown of those ranking five through 50 – and you can see the final five on the following pages. Here’s are the initial 45, including 13 newcomers for 2016, followed by the top five:

50. Solar City

49. Concur

48. Total Quality Logistics

47. Nike

46. Red Bull

45. REI

44. Gartner

43. Stryker

42. Southwest Airlines

41. G.E. Aviation

40. Costco

39. Chevron

38. Gensler

37. Red Hat

36. Turner Construction

35. Workday

34. Genentech

33. F5 Networks

32. Salesforce

31. Akamai

30. Slalom Consulting

29. Wegman’s Food Markets

28. Paycom

27. Vivint Solar

26. Twitter

25. Apple

24. Quiktrip

23. Protiviti

22. The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints

21. Delta Airlines

20. Memorial Sloan Kettering

19. Adobe

18. Riot Games

17. H E B

16. Expedia

15. Power Home Remodeling Group


13. In-N-Out Burger

12. Worldwide Technology

11. Eastman Chemical

10. Zillow

9. Nestle Purina Petcare

8. Google

7. Boston Consulting Group

6. LinkedIn

5. Facebook

Brendan Smialowski/Getty Images
Brendan Smialowski/Getty Images

Facebook employees gave the company an average rating of 4.4, which shouldn’t be all that surprising. Facebook has been one of the hottest employers in America for some time now. Here’s a testimonial, provided by Glassdoor:

“The culture is really amazing and in my opinion even better than the media portrays it. The perks are wonderful, but the professional experience is even better! I feel the energy everyday working here.” – Facebook Product Specialist (Menlo Park, CA)

4. Hubspot

Source: Hubspot Official Facebook Page
Source: Hubspot Official Facebook Page

Hubspot also snagged a 4.4 rating through Glassdoor’s system, putting the marketing and sales company in the upper echelon of American employers.

“Leadership places a heavy emphasis on employee growth across all divisions, from tuition reimbursement to offering opportunities to take on challenges outside your core responsibilities. Transparent culture from top to bottom. Management actually listens to employees, and makes quick changes to structure if/when needed.” – Hubspot Employee (Boston, MA)

3. Guidewire

Source: Guidewire
Source: Guidewire Official Facebook Page

A software company that works with the insurance industry, Guidewire is among a slew of Bay Area employers that made the list – though only one other company was able to beat its rating of 4.5.

“Guidewire hits the sweet spot between ‘startup culture’ and ‘big corporate culture.’ There is the small company vibe, wherein you can talk to everyone and get things done.And there is enough room for flexibility in processes for individuals and teams to choose what works best for them, while having the support of the larger organization.” – Guidewire Employee (Foster City, CA)

2. Bain & Company

Bain & Company logo
Source: Bain & Company

Headquartered in Boston, Bain & Company has many offices worldwide. Their primary operations center around advisory services, and it is considered one of the most prestigious and premier management consulting firms in the world. Employees love it, too, giving the company a 4.6 rating.

“Incredibly supportive culture with an incredible focus on learning and mentoring. Highly intelligent, down-to-earth and fun people. Focused on making a real impact for our clients.” – Bain & Company Associate Consultant (Boston, MA)

1. Airbnb

Source: Justin Sullivan/Getty Images
Source: Justin Sullivan/Getty Images

The top employer on Glassdoor’s list is Airbnb, the disruptive vacation rental company that is throwing legislators and the hospitality industry into disarray. Airbnb earned a 4.6 rating through Glassdoor’s ratings system.

“Amazing people, vibrant workplace, and an unbeatable culture that is real and not just something posted on a wall/website. I literally could not ask for a better work experience. Also, pay, insurance, perks, food, parties, and growth opportunities are topnotch.” – Airbnb Employee (San Francisco, CA)

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