10 Part-Time Jobs Paying More Than $50 Per Hour for Professionals

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You don’t typically think of part-time jobs as something that professionals or white-collar workers actively look for, but evidently, the allure of turning your spare time into some extra cash transcends barriers. In a world where even professionals are starting to see their careers threatened by technology or automation, it’s understandable — using the skills and talents you have, while the market values them, is something most people should aspire to.
For that reason, many Americans take part-time jobs or look for part-time work even when they make enough through their main job to get by. That, or sometimes circumstances allow people to only work a part-time job; Perhaps retirement came early, or a spouse is earning more than enough to support the household. Either way, there are plenty of part-time jobs out there no matter what field you’re in.

Part-time jobs for professionals

FlexJobs recently put together a list of part-time jobs that pay at least $50 per hour. The catch is that they’re all jobs that can only be filled by people with certain skill sets and experience levels — these aren’t entry-level, work-from-home types of employment. They’re for established professionals.
“Part-time work is sometimes associated with less professional, lower paying jobs, but, as this list indicates, that isn’t necessarily true,” said FlexJobs CEO and founder Sara Sutton Fell, in a press release accompanying the list.
“The opportunities for high paying part-time jobs span industries and positions, while still offering competitive salaries,” she continued. “The flexibility professional part-time jobs offer provides workers the opportunity to practice within their chosen profession and maintain their skills, without the time commitment of a full-time role and a massive disruption to their income.”
From FlexJobs’ report, here are 10 high-paying part-time jobs for professionals.

1. Operations directors

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Want to be a part-time boss? You can, because there’s evidently a need for them. FlexJobs says pay typically starts around $50 per hour for 12-20 hours per week. Not bad for an executive who misses the daily grind, or just can’t get enough.

2. Jazz instructors

Jazz legend 'Satchmo' instructs a young fan
Jazz legend ‘Satchmo’ instructs a young fan | Evening Standard/Getty Images

This is about as specialized a skill as there is. The world needs jazz instructors, and the pay lands anywhere from $51-$78 per hour, on average. Of course, you’ll need a mountain of experience and skill to qualify, but that’s what it takes to find and train the next Wynton Marsalis.

3. Curriculum writers

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Curriculum writing entails the design and development of materials for teachers. Essentially, you’re putting together lesson plans for school districts and departments. You need to know what you’re doing, of course, and probably have a good deal of experience to land this part-time gig. Pay is around $50 per hour, on average.

4. Dentists

Dentists looking at X-rays
Dentists looking at X-rays | iStock.com

A part-time dentist? That’s a thing, and there’s a need for them. Dentists make a lot of money, typically, and if you can make a pile of cash only working part-time? It sounds pretty awesome. FlexJobs says part-time dentists can make between $65 and $86 hourly.

5. Clinical pharmacists

A pharmacist in her natural environment
A pharmacist in her natural environment | iStock.com

Pharmacists are another professional class that are known for their high earnings, and it’s another area in which you can work part-time and still bring home a significant paycheck. As with all of the other jobs on the list, you’ll need to be educated and experienced, though. Hourly pay tops out at around $72 per hour, per FlexJobs.

6. Controllers

An accounting professional crunching numbers
An accounting professional crunching numbers | iStock.com

“Controller” refers to someone who controls, as you may have guessed. In the business world, it specifically means someone who is in control of accounting, or who is a chief accountant. You’ll need to now your arithmetic and accounting practices, naturally, to make between $50 and $60 per hour as a part-time controller.

7. Software engineers

Prospective software engineers at coding camp
Prospective software engineers at coding camp | Code Fellows

There’s a tech boom on, and you can make some serious money working part-time if you have the skills and vision to create the next big thing. Software engineers, in particular, can make between $60 and $73 per hour working part-time in today’s market.

8. Financial consultants

Financial instruction in action
Financial instruction in action | iStock.com

ABC: Always be consulting. Or, consult part-time, and earn around $50 per hour for your trouble. Many organizations and businesses need financial know-how during specific time frames (end of the quarter, fiscal year, etc.), and don’t want a full-time consultant. That means part-time consulting work is available.

9. Government contracts attorney

A judge's gavel
A judge’s gavel | Joe Raedle/Getty Images

Can’t get enough government contracting, and have a law degree? You’re in need, if you want to work part-time. You can make $50 per hour or more as a part-time government contracts attorney, specializing in disputes, compliance, and auditing procedures.

10. Mobile developer

Consumers check out new mobile devices
Consumers check out new mobile devices | David Ramos/Getty Images

iOS and Android mobile developers: Part-time work abounds. You can make between $65 and $70 per hour designing mobile apps. There’s a big learning curve to get into the game, though, and some experience and a portfolio will go a long way toward helping you get gigs.
See the entire FlexJobs list here.
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