No Mac Pros for Apple’s Retail Stores Until Spring

Source: Twitter / @tim_cook

Customers that were hoping to pick up Apple’s (NASDAQ:AAPL) new Mac Pro at one of the company’s retail stores may be in for a longer wait than originally anticipated. An Apple Australia business sales specialist recently told Electronista that the latest version of Apple’s high-end desktop computer will likely hit retail store shelves around March or April.

According to Electronista’s source, customers are being told that they should order the Mac Pro online if they want to secure a spot on the waiting list. Apple’s Online Store is still showing shipping availability estimate times for February, which means that customers who have already placed an order through the brick-and-mortar Apple Store may be waiting longer customers who ordered their Mac Pros online. Electronista reports that the only units that will be shipped to the Apple Stores in the next several months will be floor models that are intended for demonstration purposes only.

The new Mac Pro was unveiled at the Worldwide Developers Conference in June of last year. However, Apple didn’t make the product available for order until December 19. According to Electronista, a few standard configuration units were shipped to customers by December 30, but no customized units were shipped. Soon afterwards, shipping estimate times moved to February. An Apple spokesperson later told Forbes that, “Demand for the all new Mac Pro is great and it will take time before supply catches up with demand.”

It is also possible that the limited Mac Pro supply is related to its relatively small domestic manufacturing base. CEO Tim Cook previously tweeted that the Mac Pro is being manufactured in one facility in Austin, Texas. Apple’s latest Mac Pro underwent a significant redesign. The new Mac Pro features a sleek cylindrical chassis that is one-eighth the volume of the classic “cheese grater” design of the previous generation Mac Pro. According to Apple, the new design is based around a “unified thermal core” that allows the Mac Pro to more efficiently conduct heat away from the CPUs and GPUs.

Reviews of the new Mac Pro have been largely positive. The Verge noted that the new design makes the computer “quiet and cool, with little indication that it’s even on in the first place.” Tech-savvy users were happy to discover that a teardown done by researchers at Other World Computing revealed that the computer’s main Intel (NASDAQ:INTC) Xeon E5 processor is removable. The socketed processor may allow users to upgrade their machines when new chips become available, instead of buying an entirely new computer.

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