Need a Job? Here are the 10 Fastest-Growing Online Jobs

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It’s never a bad time to take stock of your career options, whether that means seeing what paths to promotion are open to you, or even what other positions in your industry you can slide into for a better title, and more money. All you need is to keep your resume updated, your social media profiles looking sharp, and your head on a swivel, constantly on the lookout for an opportunity to move up in the world.

Or, perhaps you’re looking for something new entirely? You may be among the thousands of people looking to switch industries, get into a field you’re more passionate about, or maybe just work for yourself. If you’re among the growing ranks of the ‘freelance nation’, you’re looking to polish up your skills in order to take advantage of the next wave of job opportunities.

If that describes you, then we have the inside scoop you’ve been looking for.

A report released by has laid out the fastest-growing online jobs for the latter part of 2015, the most recent period for which the data was available. If you’re a freelancer, or someone looking for a more flexible work arrangement, these are the positions (and the associated skill set) that employers are looking to fill. Basically, this is opportunity knocking on your front door.

The report itself lists 50 of the fastest-growing and in-demand jobs and skills, and even digs into how and why employers need them.

“’s quarterly Fast 50 report is a pulse check of the movers and shakers across industries, technologies, products, and companies. We can glean from the increasing demand in Windows related skills that Microsoft is still a giant player in its field, and will continue to assert its dominance,” Matt Barrie, Chief Executive of said in a release accompanying the report. “What remains to be seen is how long it will be among the top players in the industry.”

A quick glance at the list, particularly the top ten, reveals that Microsoft-related jobs and skills are still very much in demand.

The uptick in demand for Microsoft-related skills has a lot to do with the company’s push into hardware – having released a myriad of new products recently, including the Surface, Xbox One, and even the Hololens. That’s on top of the fact that Microsoft still has a giant presence in almost every workplace across the country. Needless to say, skills related to Microsoft’s wide range of products and platforms will probably be in-demand for the foreseeable future.

Other than that, there has been a big uptick in creative jobs, which many young people are taking on as freelancers. These “yuccies” – or, Young, Urban Creatives – are making up a good portion of the new freelance economy. Mostly millennials, for the time being, the “yuccies” are taking their skills to the Internet to find work though social media and other networking channels.

“On, creative projects have been on the rise, with Content Writing still leading, at 21.9% growth,” the report says. “Photography jobs have increased by 13.0%. Video Editing, Video Services, and Videography jobs have gone up by 18.6%, 14.2%, and 7.2% respectively. Design work in various fields is on the up, with 3D Design growing at 12.0%, Flyer Design at 10.9%, and Banner Design at 7.3%.”

This is good news for millennials who have been reluctant to take or find a traditional 9-5-type job, and instead opt to freelance or work as mini-entrepreneurs. It’s also intriguing for a number of other groups, including people who have been out of work for some time, or even those looking to switch tracks mid-career. Anybody can brush up on their skills, and use Internet platforms like to find gigs.

Again, the important thing is to get ahead of the curve, and know what skills potential employers are going to be looking for. That’s what the report tells us.

Here are the ten fastest-growing online jobs (out of 50), per, with their percentage of growth for the third quarter of 2015:

10. Amazon Web Services – 13.9%

9. Video Services – 14.2%

8. Transcription – 15.1%

7. Video Editing – 18.6%

6. Covers & Packaging – 19.8%

5. Content Writing – 21.8%

4. Angular.js – 21.9%

3. Microsoft Excel – 26.6%

2. Microsoft Word – 29.3%

1. Windows Desktop – 62.7%

For the complete list of 50, check out’s full report.

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