Landing a New Job in Any of These Careers Will Take Forever

Good things come to those who wait. And if a finding a new job is what you’re in the market for, you could be waiting weeks for good news. It takes an average of 24 days to interview for a new job, according to data released by Glassdoor. That’s a long time to be continuously putting your best foot forward in online applications, phone screens, and interview rounds.
But it gets worse. Some industries can take months to fully bring on a new employee. Glassdoor says factors, such as company-specific policies, various skill requirements, and location all affect the length of time you wait in limbo between jobs. In other words, the screening process for valuable candidates becomes more complex as the market shifts away from routine jobs and into those that require more judgement. 
Luckily, there are two sides to every coin. For every job that takes forever to hire even one employee, there’s another that’s speeding up the process. We broke down Glassdoor’s study to bring you the industries that have the longest and shortest interview processes. Up first are the ones that take the longest.

8. Farming and agriculture

farmers market
Agriculture jobs now require people skilled in technology. |
  • Average length of interview process: 24.9 days
  • Sample careers: Ranch managers, nursery managers, conservation workers

One might assume landing a job in farming and agriculture would be a quick process. But the knowledge it takes to succeed in the industry involves a lot more than just cows and hay. Melissa Harper, vice president of global talent acquisition at Monsanto, tells CNBC, “Agriculture is going through a transformation itself into more of that digital space. Many of the roles that we need — and those in ag need — didn’t exist just five years ago.” Companies are looking for highly skilled candidates in science, technology, engineering and mathematics.
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7. Travel and tourism

Travel agency office
The traveling and tourism industry employs many Americans. |
  • Average length of interview process: 25.1 days
  • Sample careers: Lodging managers, tour guides, travel agents

One out of 18 Americans is employed, directly or indirectly, in a tourism-related industry. Air travel alone supports 895,000 U.S. jobs, according to SelectUSA. The skills required for success here include sales, telecommunications, and travel experience — obviously. Expect the interview process to drag on for 25 days or more if you’re looking for a job in this industry. For example, flight attendants experience an interview process of 43.6 days, according to Glassdoor.
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6. Media and publishing

man being interviewed
The media industry is changing rapidly. | Jeff Kowalsky/AFP/Getty Images
  • Average length of interview process: 25.2 days
  • Sample careers: Marketing managers, editors, journalists

Those seeking a role in the media and publishing industry will face longer than average interview processes. But considering the evolving nature of the media profession, it’s no surprise companies will vet new candidates for relevant skills. According to Glassdoor, it will take a little over 25 days to get hired in the field. However, when you get specific, the study found the process could be much longer for certain positions. Marketing managers typically interview for 31.7 days, while editors must successfully sell themselves to a potential company for 32 days.
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5. Nonprofit

Happy volunteer showing her t-shirt
Nonprofit employees are heavily vetted. |
  • Average length of interview process: 25.2 days
  • Sample careers: Community outreach, grant writers, volunteer coordinators

Those who choose a career in nonprofit usually have a deep-rooted passion for the industry. And that’s a good thing, considering the hoops you’ll have to jump through to work in this field. The interview process takes about 25.2 days, according to the Glassdoor survey. Companies will likely take great care in selecting their next hire in this industry as they scour resume piles looking for someone with passion, dedication, and a strong work ethic.
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4. Biotech and pharmaceuticals

scientist working
This industry almost has a month of interviews. | Thomas Lohnes/AFP/Getty Images
  • Average length of interview process: 28.1 days
  • Sample careers: Research scientists, pharmaceutical sales, quality control specialist

Finding a career in biotechnology and pharmaceuticals is not for the weak at heart. For one, success in these positions requires in-depth knowledge about medicines, biology, and chemicals. It will take an average of 28.1 days to interview for related jobs in this industry. But as Glassdoor reports, research scientists specifically have an interview process of over 44 days, which is the third longest process of all jobs analyzed.
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3. Energy and utilities

pumping oil
Changes in energy priorities make for a long hiring process. | Spencer Platt/Getty Images
  • Average length of interview process: 28.8 days
  • Sample careers: Field service technicians, linemen, electrical technicians

Biotech jobs aren’t the only ones with a lengthy on-boarding routine. The focus for the energy industry has changed as America zeros in on environmental concerns, renewable energy, and an increased expectation when it comes to utility reliability. That puts more pressure on companies to hire the right people to further their initiatives. Finding a new job will take an average of 28.8 days, but field service technicians usually take 35.9 days.
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2. Aerospace and defense

United airplane in the Newark airport
Finding a job in aerospace could take a while. |
  • Average length of interview process: 32.6 days
  • Sample careers: Aircraft sales managers, engineers, technicians

Some jobs are simple and can move through interviews quickly. But that is not the case with aerospace and defense careers.  The industry is a key component to U.S. exports and military operations. After over a month of interviews, employees with this level of responsibility usually work with industry leaders, including Boeing, Lockheed Martin, and Northrup Grummen.
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1. Government

Oregon police
It can take months to land a government job. | Rob Kerr/AFP/Getty Images
  • Average length of interview process: 53.8 days
  • Sample careers: School teachers, postal services, information technology

Background checks, security clearances, and highly vetted skills tests are common in this field. So the fact that it can take about five weeks just to interview for a government position shouldn’t come as a shock to any interested candidate.
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Some jobs are better served for quick turnover and speedy recruitment processes simply because of the skills companies must screen for. Here are some of the careers in which you can get hired quickly.

8. Recruiting and staffing

The Office on NBC
It makes sense recruiters can hire faster than most. | NBC
  • Average length of interview process: 14.9 days
  • Sample careers: HR managers, staffing coordinators, headhunters

It makes sense that those who conduct interviews and on-board employees daily would have their hiring process down to a science. So those looking for a job in the staffing industry can expect an interview process about 10 days shorter than the national average at only 14.9 days. With that being said, managerial positions could take a lot longer. HR managers experience an interview lag time of 31.8 days, according to Glassdoor data.
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7. Marketing and advertising

young business people and designers
In just a few short days you can have a new career in marketing. |
  • Average length of interview process: 14.9 days
  • Sample careers: Marketing assistants, brand ambassadors, graphic designers

Forbes reports companies in advertising and marketing are expecting to hire 19% more people in 2017 than the previous year. Combine a solid jobs outlook with a speedy on-boarding process, and all signs point to employment in this industry. Glassdoor list specific careers, such as marketing assistant (11.1 days) and brand ambassador (8.6 days), as particularly prompt with an on-boarding schedule.
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6. Consumer services

Hotel, reception, front desk
Skills needed in consumer services are easily measured in an interview. |
  • Average length of interview process: 13.5 days
  • Sample careers: Account specialists, client relations managers, front desk agents

Consumer service jobs are in high demand across many fields. These roles require a set of skills that can be easily measured by an interview team. Therefore, the time it takes to interview for a new job in this industry is relatively quick at only 13.5 days on average. Glassdoor reports that front desk agents in particular have a hiring process of only 11.6 days.
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5. Beauty and fitness

Fitness instructor exercising with his client at the gym
You’ll find a job in fitness and beauty fields pretty quickly. |
  • Average length of interview process: 13.2 days
  • Sample careers: Personal trainers, hair stylists, cosmetologists

Like many other industries on this list, one face-to-face interview is enough to determine a candidate’s ability to perform the necessary position requirements in the beauty and fitness industry. So it’s no surprise that finding a job in this field won’t be as taxing on your nerves as others on this list.
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4. Automotive

SAN RAFAEL, CA - JANUARY 05: Mechanic Antonio Ramos works on a car at San Rafael Firestone January 5, 2009 in San Rafael, California. According to a survey by the Automotive Service Association, sales at auto repair shops increased 16 percent in November as people make a small investment by way of repairs and maintenance to extend the life of their cars instead of buying a new one.
The demand for automotive professionals is high. | Justin Sullivan/Getty Images
  • Average length of interview process: 12.7 days
  • Sample careers: Truck drivers, mechanics, vehicle detailers,

Choose a career in the automotive industry, and you’ve got job security for life. The skills required to succeed here are increasingly uncommon in today’s younger generation, and advances in technology create an even greater demand for competent workers. Luckily, the hiring process in this industry wastes no time at just under two weeks. Truck drivers fall solidly within Glassdoor’s list of fastest interviews by career at only 10.5 days.
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3. Supermarkets

grocery store employee
Jobs vulnerable to high turnover usually have fast on-boarding processes. | Wegmans Food Markets
  • Average length of interview process: 12.3 days
  • Sample careers: Stockers, cashiers, butchers

People staffing supermarket positions are particularly vulnerable to high turnover and short employment stints. So it makes sense the industry would implement a fast hiring process. Cashiers usually start working after just 10 short days, while stockers find employment after 12.1 days, according to the findings from the Glassdoor survey.
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2. Private security

You’re either a good security guard, or you’re not. | Bryan R. Smith/AFP/Getty Images
  • Average length of interview process: 11.6 days
  • Sample careers: Security supervisor, bodyguard, loss prevention officer

The fact of the matter is quite simple: Can you competently guard an asset or not? A clean background check and good judgement are most important in private security, and any good interviewer will pinpoint these qualities quickly. For that reason, the average length of the interview process for these types of positions is the second fastest overall at only 11.6 days.
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1. Restaurants and bars

A restaurant worker uses a spoon to get Guacamole
The fastest interview process goes to restaurants and bars. | Joe Raedle/Getty Images
  • Average length of interview process: 10.2 days
  • Sample careers: Servers, cooks, bartenders

Those in need of a new job yesterday should look no further than a career in the restaurant industry. Glassdoor awards the industry with the No. 1 fastest interview process. Just over 10 days is all it takes to start working. But servers and bartenders are even faster when it comes to the on-boarding ordeal, with an average of 9.2 days and 9.4 days, respectively.
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