Is Apple Floundering Overseas?

At the end of last November, Apple (NASDAQ:AAPL) managed to hold a 53.3 percent share of the U.S. smartphone market. But, Apple is having a little moreĀ trouble faring overseas.

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For the same time period, Google’s (NASDAQ:GOOG) Android-based devices were the most popular in Europe, where they had a 61 percent market share, up from 51.8 percent a year ago. Apple did manage to move up significant in the U.S. from 35.8 percent to the aforementioned 53.5, which likely contributed to Android fall from 52.8 percent to 41.9 percent.

However, the global smartphone market isn’t centered in the U.S., and a win for Apple at home may only help so much as more and more markets emerge that favor Android.

If anywhere was to be deemed the center of the smartphone market, it might be China. Not only is a significant amount of production done in China, a number of highly competitive smartphone producers are in China, and to top it all off, China is the world’s largest smartphone market…

In China, Android had a whopping 86 percent share of the market for the fourth quarter of 2012. To top it off, Apple’s bitter competitor, Samsung, takes the biggest slice of the cake, with a 17.7 percent market share and an almost tripled sales volume from the year before. Apple comes in third in the market, after Lenovo.

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The loss is something of a double whammy for Apple, as its iOS operating system has not only lost to the Android operating system as a whole, but its own line of phones have been beat by one of its greatest competitors in mobile manufacturing. To top it all off, Apple was also beaten by Android in Europe.

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