If You Have 1 of These Jobs, You’re Almost Guaranteed to Get a Big Pay Raise This Year

One goal for any career path is growth, which typically includes more responsibility, advancement, and a pay raise. But as technology advances and the economy ebbs and flows, predicting a consistent rate of growth for your chosen profession is difficult. 2017 closed out with a national median salary increasing by 1.1% year over year.
Jobs like farming, postal service, and even fast-food cooks are experiencing dramatic declines in growth and stability, other professionals are welcoming positive growth. So, if you have one of these jobs, you’re almost guaranteed to get a big pay raise this year, according to Glassdoor

8. Bank teller

FNB bank of Pennsylvania
Bank tellers see their paychecks grow every year. | Google Maps
  • Year over year wage growth: 3.5% 
  • Median base pay: $28,792

People want a safe place to keep their hard-earned cash, and this will not be going out of style anytime soon. In order to keep that process smoothly flowing, bank tellers continue to be a necessity. While the median base pay may not be very impressive, the 3.5% year over year wage growth is reassuring. Plus, across the United States, nearly 20,000 teller positions are available.
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7. Cashier

young man with a beard taking a credit card
Cahsiers don’t make much, but they often get a raise. | iStock.com/Antonio_Diaz
  • Year over year wage growth: 3.6% 
  • Median base pay: $27,692

Even though online shopping has forced a lot of mom and pop shops to close their doors, front-line cashier positions are still in very high demand. No matter if you are buying your gas, groceries, or ordering from your favorite deli, complete automation remains at bay. That being said, nearly 90,000 cashier positions are needed across the United States.
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6. Emergency medical technician

Life-saving EMTs deserve the raises they get. | Spencer Platt/Getty Images
  • Year over year wage growth: 3.8% 
  • Median base pay: $35,259

Everyone is grateful for the intense dedication that goes into becoming an emergency medical technician, better known as an EMT or paramedic. In fact, it comes as a surprise that the job isn’t compensated at least a smidge more. EMTs work under extremely high-stress conditions, such as responding to heart attacks and car accidents. Luckily, the job is experiencing above average wage growth at 3.8%.
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5. Design engineer

Businessman Using Computer In Home Office
Design engineers have to juggle a lot of responsibilites. | IPGGutenbergUKLtd/ Getty Images
  • Year over year wage growth: 4.0%
  • Median base pay: $72,514 

“Design engineer” is a broad term with a few common denominators. A variety of companies and firms hire design engineers to research and develop ideas specific to its business model, all of which require extremely strong problem-solving and math skills coupled with a bit of creativity. The wildest part of design engineering jobs is the 130,000 of them that are in demand.
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4. Warehouse associate

manager in a warehouse
Warehouse associates keep their warehouses efficient, organized, and safe. | Source: iStock
  • Year over year wage growth: 4.1%
  • Median base pay: $42,361 

If a business sells goods and services, rest-assured there is a warehouse somewhere keeping all of its inventory under wraps. Whether it’s big businesses like Amazon and Walmart or smaller-scaled local operations, a warehouse associate is tasked with the job of keeping all the innards of the warehouse organized and accounted. According to Glassdoor, this is no shortage of open positions, as nearly 50,000 are available nationwide.
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3. Paralegal

Paralegals have a lot on their plates. | Brian A Jackson/iStock/Getty Images
  • Year over year wage growth: 4.8%
  • Median base pay: $48,900 

A paralegal is a lawyer’s right hand, go-to person. Those working for busy and successful attorneys will quickly learn that the scope of the workload can vary in big ways. While some paralegals focus on the legal documents, others are actually meeting with clients and evaluating the details surrounding the cases. Although the wage growth is at a whopping 4.8% year over year, less than 4,000 jobs are up for grabs.
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2. Restaurant cook

Kitchen of a cruise ship
Cooks — especially with college degrees — can see big annual raises. | Marina113/iStock/Getty Images
  • Year over year wage growth: 4.8% 
  • Median base pay: $28,563

Everyone has to eat, and because of that necessity, restaurant cooks are seeing nothing but continued growth in the business. A variety of different avenues can be explored when it comes to being a restaurant cook, which keeps the work interesting. While a college education is not required to become a cook, a culinary degree will certainly set you apart from the rest of the pack.
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1. Medical technologist

happy members of a medical team
These professionals work behind the scenes to run your medical tests. | Source: iStock
  • Year over year wage growth: 6.2% 
  • Median base pay: $55,670

There is absolutely no slowing down job growth for medical technologists, also known as clinical lab technologists. These are the behind-the-scenes professionals responsible for analyzing that blood sample that your doctor ordered. At least a bachelor’s degree is required for this role, and from what we can tell, the juice is worth the squeeze. Not only are technologists seeing huge wage growth, but there are almost 23,000 available jobs in the field.

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Source: Glassdoor