How to Get a Free Ride to the Polls from Uber or Lyft on Election Day 2018

After months of campaigning, Election Day 2018 is finally here. The historic election – which many are calling a referendum on Donald Trump’s presidency – is expected to bring record numbers of people to the polls.

While turnout in midterm elections is usually relatively low, early voting numbers suggest more Americans will cast a ballot this year than in the past. In 2014, voter turnout was roughly 36%, but this year, analysts are predicting nearly 50% of eligible people will vote, Time reported.

More than 30 million Americans have already voted

a line of white voting booths with American flags on them
A polling place. | Paul J. Richards/AFP/Getty Images

Data from 48 states shows that 30.6 million Americans have already voted in the 2018 midterms – 2.3 million more than in 2014.

Despite the surge in early voting, millions of Americans will still vote the traditional way, by heading to their local polling place on Election Day. But getting to the polls isn’t always easy. Voters who lack transportation, have physical disabilities, or live a long way from a polling place can find it difficult to get to their polling place. More than 15 million registered voters didn’t cast a ballot in 2016 because of transportation issues, according to Lyft.

Fortunately, some companies are making it easier for voters to make their voices heard by offering free rides to the polls.

Get a free ride to the polls with Uber

Uber is giving people free rides to their polling place on Election Day.

The ride-sharing company is offering $10 off a single ride on Election Day 2018. To get the discount, you’ll need to install the latest version of the Uber app on your phone. Then enter the promo code VOTE2018 by tapping on the Menu, then selecting Payment and Add Promo Code.

Once you’ve added the promo code, you can request your ride using the app’s polling place locator. (If you’re not sure where your polling place is, you can contact your local elections office or look it up using’s lookup tool.) Then, choose the cheapest Uber option available and request your ride. (Note: The free Uber rides aren’t available if you live in Michigan, Puerto Rico, or other U.S. territories.)

Lyft is also offering free rides to the polls

lyft driver
A Lyft driver |  Kelly Sullivan/Getty Images for Lyft

Lyft is also joining the get-out-the-vote effort. The ride-sharing company partnered with Buzzfeed to give away 50%-off coupons to get people to the polls this Election Day. You can get your code here.

Lyft is also working with several nonprofits, including Voto Latino, the Urban League, National Federation of the Blind, Faith in Action, League of Women Voters, and Students Vets of Americans to provide free rides to voters in underserved communities.

Through Voto Latino, voters in Nevada, Texas, Arizona, and Dodge City, Kansas, can text a request for a free ride. To get your free Lyft:

  • In Nevada, text: VoteNV to 73179
  • In Texas, text: VoteDFW to 73179
  • In Arizona, text: VoteAZ to 73179
  • In Dodge City, Kansas, text: VoteDodge to 73179
  • In other locations, text VoteVL to 73179 to see if rides are available.

The National Federation for the Blind is distributing free $15 ride codes through 11 of its affiliates. Voters who need a code can contact their local affiliate for more information.

Faith in Action is offering free rides to the polls in two dozen cities across the U.S. You can text “LIVEFREE” to 228-466 to request your ride.

Other ways to get to the polls for free

Uber and Lyft aren’t your only options if you’re trying to find a ride to your polling place. Car-sharing service Getaround is offering $10 off Election Day bookings. Use the code GETAROUND2VOTE.

Scooter and bike-sharing service Lime is giving away 30-minute rides on Election Day 2018 with the code LIME2VOTE18.

Zipcar is giving away $20 in future credit for anyone who reserves a car between 6 p.m. and 10 p.m. on November 6.

Motivate, which owns bike-sharing services in several cities, including Divvy in Chicago and Citi Bike in New York, is also offering free rides.

In some cities, bus and subway rides will be free on Election Day. All rides on Los Angeles’s Metro bus and rail lines will be free on November 6. Public transit will also be free in Anchorage; San Antonio, Tucson, Palm Beach, Knoxville, Portland, Maine, and other cities.

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