Here’s Why You Should Buy a Honda Accord in 2018

A 1999 champagne-colored, Honda Accord was my very first car. As a 16-year-old high-schooler, I think my parents did me right in buying that car. She was used, but she sure knew how to purr. The Accord has won Car of the Year 31 times. And over the course of 41 years, Honda has sold 13 million of them.
To little surprise, the Accord has once again won Car of the Year for 2018. Honda has raked in awards year after year, but the unveiling of the 10th-generation Accord offers some impressive features. And thankfully so, considering mid-sized sedans have seen more popular days in the past. After all, mid-sized SUVs and crossover vehicles like Honda’s Pilot and Subaru’s Outback provide a certain versatility that some buyers feel can’t be always achieved by a sedan.
Nevertheless, if you’re in the market, here’s why you should buy the new Honda Accord.

1. 38mpg on the highway, 30 in the city

2018 Honda Accord Touring | Honda

Even though prices on gas are hovering much lower these days, the fuel efficiency of the Accord will save you a fair amount of cash. Between the 38mpg on the highway and 30 in the city, you’ll be averaging around 33mpg if you travel both on your commute.
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2. It’s made right here in America

2018 Honda Accord Touring | Honda

The Japanese automaker will continue manufacturing the new Accord at its Maryville, Ohio, plant. While this isn’t breaking news (Accords have been built there since ’82), it’s nice to know the Car of the Year will continue to bolster the economy of Maryville and beyond.
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3. Affordability factor is on point

2018 Honda Accord Touring | Honda

The 2018 Accord’s price point makes the car accessible to a wide variety of consumers. Starting at $23,570 for the LX and topping out at $33,800, the cost of a new Accord won’t break the bank. And even though the starting price is a little over $1,000 more than the 2017 Accord, Honda’s Sensing safety suite comes standard with the base model.
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4. Safety first thanks to Honda Sensing

2018 Honda Accord Hybrid
2018 Honda Accord Hybrid | Honda

Honda Sensing is the standard safety technology featured on every Accord. For drivers, this translates to enhanced safety on the road that could inevitably prevent a crash. The Collision Mitigation Braking System enables the car to both sense and brake in the event of an unavoidable collision ahead. Cameras on the outside of the vehicle can sense markers on the road, helping you keep it between the mustard and the mayo. With all the standard safety features of the Accord, the 2018 model essentially helps drive the car for you.
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5. Comfort and roominess aren’t being compromised

2018 Honda Accord Hybrid | Honda

When it comes to kicking back and enjoying the ride, the Accord doesn’t leave much to be desired. Honda lengthened the wheelbase by two inches on the new car, leaving more wiggle room for everyone on those long road trips.
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6. High-energy powertrains and 6-speed manual transmissions

2018 Accord 2.0 Turbo | Honda

Honda took a fresh approach to the powertrains of the 10th generation Accord. It scrapped 6-cylinder engines altogether, which has some critics down in the dumps. But the Accord is now rolling out with a 1.5 and 2.0-liter turbo engines. What’s more, there’s an optional 6-speed manual transmission.
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7. A luxury interior that won’t disappoint

2018 Honda Accord Hybrid | Honda

Bells and whistles are nice, but at times, they can be overwhelming from a functional standpoint. Honda simplified the 2018 Accord without compromising technology and luxury. The digital tachometer transforms its display into a trip-computer, navigation system, phone, and even allows you check in on the stereo without taking your eyes away from the road ahead. Subtle leathers and impressive faux-wood finishes certainly take the new Accord’s luxury game up a few notches.
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8. The car is impressively sleek

2018 Honda Accord Touring | Honda

Sure, this next generation of Accord may not boast pop-up headlights, but it certainly portrays the looks of a much more costly designed sedan. The sleek and sporty body style will hopefully strengthen the demand for the sedan’s new fastback style.
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