Here’s Why European Equities Could Be a Treat This Year


If Guillaume Rambourg is to be believed, European equities could be the ice cream with a cherry on top for traders — and quite possibly the best flavor available in the five years. According to Bloomberg, Rambourg — who co-managed Gartmore Group Ltd.’s top performing investment funds alongside Roger Guy — has said that investors could be looking at a real treat.

Rambourg referred to the European Central Bank’s plan to buy government bonds as a measure towards easing a financial crisis. He says it is likely that this move will appease investors who might be worried about divisions in the eurozone, and as a result, shares on company fundamentals are more likely to be traded around.

“The market environment is probably as good as it’s been over the last five years. The space is a lot less crowded. That means there is low-hanging fruit,” said Rambourg to Bloomberg. Stock in Europe has been on the upswing following the World Bank’s announcement of 2014′s global growth expectation. Stock hit its highest mark in six years, according to Bloomberg Businessweek.

“We think that the economic surprise for 2014 will be on the upside. We’re more optimistic about the outlook for Europe. We’re still finding a lot of opportunities in terms of valuations in equities,” said Frederic Tassin, a equities supervisor for Aviva Investors, based in France — according to Businessweek.

Wednesday Religare Invesco Mutual Fund began a fund of funds scheme that looks to be in keeping with other positive sentiment about the near future in European equities. Religare Invesco is looking to create capital appreciation through investment in the Invesco pan European Equity Fund. “We believe growth is slowly coming back in Europe. The new fund will provide investors’ an opportunity to invest in European companies, which are available at compelling valuation,” said Saurabh Nanavati, the managing director and chief executive officer of Religare Invesco, to the Economic Times.