Generation Z: The 10 Best Jobs For America’s Next Generation

A high school teacher instructs members of Generation Z
A high school teacher instructs members of Generation Z | Bob Levey/Getty Images for H&R Block

Does it feel a bit premature to say “move aside, millennials”?
It may indeed, but with all the attention that the millennials have received over the past decade or so, there comes a point where we need to focus on the next group in the pecking order. These are the individuals born between the years of 1995 and 2010 — they are Generation Z.
Generation Z includes a number of young people who are starting to enter, and are already in, the workforce. While the lion’s share of Generation Z is still in school, many in colleges and universities, there are still huge numbers who are working their way into the labor pool. Though millennials (or, Generation Y, by another name) make up the majority of America’s workforce currently, the oldest millennials are now well into their 30s. And Generation Z is primed to pick up the proverbial baton and run with it.
For members of Generation Z, there are a number of things they can learn from millennials. Being prepared for college and the workforce is first among them, and it looks as though Gen Z will have a leg up on their precursors in that they won’t have to deal with the direct fallout of the Great Recession. But many millennials made decisions that didn’t serve them well as they went to work. Student debt and low earnings have plagued them, and members of Gen Z would be wise to take note.

Generation Z: the tough decisions start now

So, what kinds of jobs should Generation Z be gunning for? CareerCast is on top of it, having just released a new report detailing the top ten jobs for Gen Z. These jobs aren’t merely the highest-paying gigs; they’re the areas where the most job and career growth is expected. There should be plenty of opportunities, in other words, to build a career in these specific areas.
From CareerCast’s report, here are the top 10 jobs for Generation Z.

10. Computer & information systems analyst

New technologies, including a cyborg
New technologies, including a cyborg | iStock

If you plan on working in the technology sector, one of the most promising career paths is that of a computer and IT systems analyst. CareerCast says median annual salaries for these positions come in at $131,600, and the growth rate, through 2024, is expected to be 15%. In other words, these are good, well-paying jobs with plenty of room for expansion.

9. Environmental engineer

Chinese elementary school students protect themselves from air pollution
Chinese elementary school students protect themselves from air pollution | STR/AFP/Getty Images

Environmental concerns are rattling many people already, and as the problems continue to stack up, expect more and more resources to be dedicated to helping sort out these issues. That means environmental engineers are going to be in hot demand. With a median annual salary of $84,560, this should be an attractive path for many. The growth rate is also expected to be 12% over the next eight years.

8. Financial planner

piggy bank wearing glasses
A piggy bank wearing glasses | iStock

Robo-advisors be damned.
Young people have more access to personal finance advice and resources than anyone before them, and Generation Z is going to benefit the most. Because there are still huge gaps in terms of financial literacy for many Americans, advisors are going to remain in high demand. They earn an average median salary of $89,160, and the expected growth rate is a whopping 30%.

7. Human resources manager

Handshake between businessmen
Handshake between businessmen | iStock

Robots may be on the way, but until then, human resources professionals are going to be needed to sort things out. And they actually make a decent chunk of change, with median salaries tallying up at $104,440. If you have a passion for HR, you can expect jobs to grow by 9% over the next eight years.

6. Information security analyst

A secure mother board circuit
A secure mother board circuit | iStock

Another area in the tech sector that is expected to grow fast, and earn you big bucks, is IT security. Average median salaries for these jobs is $90,120, and with a lot more emphasis on security likely coming in the future, jobs are expected to grow by 18%.

5. Interpreter/translator

Language translation in a dictionary
Language translation in a dictionary | iStock

With the advent of so much translation technology, who would’ve guessed that translators and interpreters would be in such high demand? Well, they are — the only issue is that these jobs don’t typically pay astronomical figures, like others on this list. Expected growth in this field is 29% in coming years, but average median salaries are only $44,190.

4. Market research analyst

A market research analyst at work
Source: iStock

If you want to get into finance or business, but not necessarily as an advisor, the growth rate for market analysts is pegged at 19%. These are jobs that don’t earn as much — as there are more people typically qualified for them — but if you love data, a job in market analysis at roughly $62,150 isn’t a bad path to choose.

3. Registered nurse

A nurse checks a patient's heartbeat
A nurse checks a patient’s heartbeat |

$67,490. That’s the average median wage for registered nurses, which is likely why so many people have gravitated toward the profession in recent years. The world needs health care workers, and fortunately, it’s not something we can hand over to A.I. or robots just yet. There is an expected 16% growth rate for RNs in coming years.

2. Software developer

Software for many different devices is displayed
Software for many different devices is displayed | Justin Sullivan/Getty Images

The growth in technology has spurred the need for software developers, and average median wages for developers comes in at $100,690. With so many tech companies continuing to grow and change just about everything in our lives, you can expect that there will be plenty of opportunities for developers to get into the industry. Jobs are expected to grow 17% by 2024.

1. Statistician

Man calculates money on calculator along with piggy bank
Man calculates money on calculator along with piggy bank | iStock

Love numbers, charts, and data? You should become a statistician — a job with a median salary of $80,110. Though it might sound mind-numbingly dull to some people, the projected growth rate for statisticians is very high: 34%. So, if you have it in you, a career as a statistician may be a very solid and promising path to pursue.
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