10 Manly Jobs That Are Hiring Like Crazy in America

A group of steelworkers stand on scaffolding.
A group of steelworkers stand on scaffolding. | Horace Abrahams/Getty Images

Millions of men are finding it difficult to adjust to the modern economy. In generations past, a man could find a great job with nothing more than a high school diploma — jobs that would allow them to raise a family, purchase a home, and save for retirement. But those jobs are gone and likely aren’t coming back. As a result, millions of men have simply dropped out of the workforce. Some play video games to pass the time. Others simply don’t want to work in traditionally female roles.
But that doesn’t mean “manly” or “masculine” jobs have disappeared altogether. There are still millions of jobs out there that appeal specifically to men, even if those roles have changed a bit over time.
The key, though, is to look at areas of growth. Some positions, such as truck driving, are set to go the way of the dodo due to structural economic changes. Basically, robots are going to take over, and there isn’t much we can do about it. So, if you’re looking for a traditionally male-oriented position, where should you look? A new report from Indeed has the answers.
“More than one-third of men (36%) work in occupations that are at least 80% male, and 31% of women work in occupations that are at least 80% female, according to the U.S. Census,” the Indeed report said “The labor market continues to shift away from traditionally male jobs toward traditionally female jobs: the two broad sectors that are projected to lose jobs over the next decade — manufacturing and agriculture — are both majority male, while the fastest-growing sector — health care — is dominated by women.”
There are, however, some male-dominated jobs that are expected to grow. If you’re on the hunt for a “manly man” job, you’ll want to look in these 10 areas.

10. Information security analysts

Data and information
Tech stands to see massive growth. | iStock.com

It shouldn’t come as much of a surprise to see a tech job right off the bat. According to Indeed’s report (which sourced data from the Bureau of Labor Statstics and Census Bureau), information security analyst roles are expected to grow 17.9% by 2024. The data we’re looking at are “projected cumulative employment growth” between 2014 and 2024, so the percentages here and forthcoming all represent the expected growth for each job.
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9. Machinery mechanics

A mechanic doing a solid job
A mechanic doing a solid job. | iStock.com

It doesn’t get much more masculine than being a mechanic. Elbow deep in machinery, this is a job that allows you to flex your muscles — both mentally and physically. Like information security analysts, jobs for industrial and refractory machinery mechanics are expected to grow 17.9% by 2024. And with factories and everything else getting more mechanized, this should make for a very secure future.
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8. Actuaries

person looking at computer
A man works on a computer. | Pixabay

Good news for actuaries or prospective actuaries: By 2024, job opportunities are projected to grow 17.9%. The question many of you are asking, though, is “what in the hell is an actuary?” Well, it’s a specialized type of business professional. Specifically, an actuary deals with risk and the finances associated with it. If you like math, statistics, and finance, this might be a career for you.
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7. Masons

A mason shaping Cotswold stones
A mason shapes stones. | Maeers/Fox Photos/Getty Images

There are all types of masons. Indeed’s report specifically names “brickmasons, blockmasons, stonemasons, and reinforcing iron and rebar workers” as a high-growth job area. Per the data, these jobs are expected to grow 18.9% by 2024. That’s considerable growth, especially when a lot of these positions seem antiquated in 2017. But we’ll always need masons.

6. Biomedical and agricultural engineers

Farmers harvest a field of corn
Farmers harvest a field of corn. | Scott Olson/Getty Images

We’ll always need masons to build stuff, and we’ll need engineers to figure out how to make things work. One particular area in which engineers are going to be needed is in the biomedical and agricultural industries. Indeed’s numbers say these positions should grow at 20.8% over the next seven years. As an engineer, you can expect to haul in a good salary along with great job security should you pursue this track.

5. Computer scientists

Programmer using laptop
A programmer uses a laptop. | iStock.com/scyther5

Yes, back to the tech sector. As the world becomes more computerized and interconnected, computer scientists will become increasingly in demand. The report said demand for “computer and informational research scientists” should increase 20.9% by 2024. It should only continue to increase after that, too. Just imagine how computerized we’ll be 10 years from now.

4. EMTs

An EMT in an ambulance
An EMT works in an ambulance. | Dan Kitwood/Getty Images

Ever dream of becoming an EMT or paramedic? It’s a tough job — probably one of the toughest jobs out there — and often it doesn’t pay very well. EMTs and paramedics are expected to work insane hours, too. If you think you’re up for it, there should be many opportunities in the field in coming years. Expected growth, by 2024, is pegged at 24.2%.

3. Web developers

computer programmer writing code on computer
A programmer writes code. | iStock.com

We’re not done with tech, and tech certainly isn’t done with us. If you’d like to flex your creative muscles rather than your physical muscles, a career in web development might be in order. Although more women are becoming developers, it’s still dominated by men. And there should be lots of chances to get in by 2024. The report said expected growth for developers is 26.6%.

2. Personal finance advisers

Two people look over their finances
Two people look at their finances. | iStock.com

People like to be told what to do, especially when it comes to their finances. If you like to boss people around (to an extent) and like money and finances, becoming a financial adviser could be a fruitful option. Evidently, the need and demand for these advisers isn’t expected to subside anytime soon. By 2024, employment growth for personal finance advisers is expected to be 29.6%.

1. Ambulance drivers and attendants

Emergency Responder in speed on road
Ambulance drivers are in high demand. | iStock.com

If tech isn’t your thingĀ or being an EMT is a little too intense, you could always hop into the front of the ambulance and be a driver. Indeed’s report said “ambulance drivers and attendants (except EMTs)” is the fastest growing male-dominated employment area in the economy. By 2024, opportunity for these jobs is expected to grow a full 33.2%.