Completely Bizarre Jobs You Never Knew Existed

Think your job is a little odd? You have no idea. Some occupations out there wouldn’t exist in your wildest dreams. With help from Business Insider, we look at bizarre jobs you never knew existed. (We aren’t even sure how you get into the line of work on page 10 — and it pays $80 an hour!)

1. Iceberg mover

Iceberg | Joe Raedle/Getty Images

You can thank the sinking of the Titanic for the creation of this occupation just one year later, reports Business Insider. Operated by the US Coast Guard, the International Ice Patrol helps ships by locating icebergs in their routes — and yes, sometimes towing them out of the way.

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2. Surf instructor for dogs

Dog on a surfboard | Chuckee/ iStock/ Getty Images
  • Estimated pay: $14-$21/hour

Catching the occasional YouTube video of dogs skateboarding is cool enough. But we didn’t realize dog-surfing is a legit thing — or that it can be your job to teach dogs how to surf!

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3. Professional bridesmaid

Bridemaids helping the bride | kkshepel/ iStock/ Getty Images
  • Estimated pay: $300-$2,000 per wedding

That’s right; you can have a job where you get paid to wear an ugly dress and act as Bridezilla’s on-call assistant for her special day. You could even charge extra for the speech.

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4. Odor judge

Armpit | AHPhotoswpg/ iStock/ Getty Images
  • Estimated pay: $19,000-$52,000 annually

Let’s face it: Someone has to make sure deodorant is actually going to work, right? That’s what an odor judge does — smells armpits, mouths, feet, what-have-you to ensure the products are working properly.

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5. Ash artist

Sculpture created with ashes from a loved one
A Seascape sculpture created with ashes from a loved one. | Art From Ashes
  • Estimated pay: $225-$500 per commission

Is your loved one’s urn taking up valuable space on a shelf? Hire an ash artist to create a handcrafted glass masterpiece incorporating ashes from the deceased. Founded in 2006, Art From Ashes employs three professional glass artists who create keepsake paperweights, ornaments, and more.

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6. Professional mourner

Funeral | Anze Furlan / psgtproductions/ Getty Images
  • Estimated pay: $70 per two hours

Nevermind that scene from Wedding Crashers when Vince Vaughn and Will Ferrell show up to a funeral to pick up women. Companies exist that actually send professionals to funerals to help families of the deceased grieve, according to Business Insider.

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7. Panda nanny

Panda | Hung_Chung_Chih/ iStock/ Getty Images
  • Estimated pay: $32,500 annually plus free meals, accommodations, and a company SUV

Who wouldn’t want to care for a fluffy panda? But this is a serious job. Finding the perfect panda nanny involves a long interview process and nannies must dedicate their lives to the pandas 365 days a year, according to the Giant Panda Protection and Research Center.

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8. TV watcher

TV remote control | Jacek27/ iStock/ Getty Images
  • Estimated pay: $20/hour

Couch potatoes rejoice! It is possible to get paid to watch TV. However, this job is more complex than simply binge-watching. TIME explains that pro TV viewers are told what to watch and have guidelines for rating shows.

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9. Professional mermaid

Mermaid | Kharchenko_irina7/ iStock/ Getty Images
  • Estimated pay: $300/hour

Business Insider tells us professional mermaids can make over $300 an hour to perform at parties or give lessons on how to “swim like a mermaid.” Apparently, it also costs an arm and a leg to get your mermaid certification.

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10. Professional cuddler

Snuggles | fizkes/ iStock/ Getty Images
  • Estimated pay: $40-$80/hour

Yes, you can get paid to cuddle strangers as a form of therapy. But this bizarre job has a catch. A few professional cuddlers tell the International Business Times clients often want more than to cuddle, which would turn the deed from a therapeutic snuggle into illegal prostitution.

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11. Professional foreigner

Foreigner | Deagreez/ iStock/ Getty Images
  • Estimated pay: $1,000/week

Apparently, it’s a big business in China to hire foreigners to attend big events because it makes the event seem like a big deal. “Some Chinese companies will pay men $1,000 a week to don a business suit and shake hands with Chinese businessmen,” Business Insider says, “while others will hire foreigners to attend real-estate events and pose as celebrities.”

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12. Dog food taste-tester

Dog food | Veronika Dvořáková/ iStock/ Getty Images
  • Estimated pay: $34,000-$117,000 annually

Before you get too grossed out by this bizarre job, don’t worry; tasters typically spit the food out after tasting it. There’s also more to being a dog food tester than just chewing kibble. Dog food companies hire tasters to also judge the nutritional value of the food they taste.

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13. Line-stander

Standing in line | shironosov/ iStock/ Getty Images
  • Estimated pay: $1,000/week

There are few things in the world more tedious than having to stand in a long line. But that doesn’t stop individuals from making over $1,000 a week to stand in lines for product launches, huge holiday sales, nightclub openings, even celebrity meet-and-greets.

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14. Fortune cookie writer

Fortune cookie | artisteer/ iStock/ Getty Images
  • Estimated pay: $40,000 to $80,000 annually

Those little slips of paper don’t write themselves. Business Insider tells us fortune cookie manufacturers typically hire freelance writers to create those little bits of wisdom. Despite the slips of paper being so little, fortune writers can make a good living.

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15. Chicken sexer

Chicken farm | branex/ iStock/ Getty Images
  • Estimated pay: $60,000 annually

Long story short: “Chicken sexers determine the sex of a chick, relying heavily on intuition,” according to Business Insider. This bizarre job is reportedly more common in the UK and Japan, and that workers are typically hired by the hatcheries themselves.

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16. Face feeler

Facial massage | Milkos/ iStock/ Getty Images
  • Estimated pay: $20/hour

This occupation isn’t quite as weird as it sounds. Much like an odor judge, face-feelers judge whether products like cleansers and lotions are effective.

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