10 Best Part-Time Jobs For People Who Love Flexibility

Uber car stopped in the street on July 20, 2015 in New York City.
A part-time job, such as an Uber driver, can help to bring in some extra cash. | Getty Images

Sometimes, our full-time gigs just aren’t cutting it. We may earn a decent salary, but simply don’t bring in enough income to cover all the bases. In these cases, looking for part-time jobs or flexible side gigs can be the best course of action. Part-time jobs come in all shapes and forms, and whether you’re looking for a one-day-per-week arrangement or even something that you can do from home on an occasional basis, there are tons of opportunities out there. And many even pay pretty well.
Of course, the economy is becoming more and more dependent on part-time jobs to pick up some of the economic slack that still exists a full seven years after the last recession. Part-time work isn’t always ideal, but for those who do need some extra hours or second stream of income, part-time jobs are the way to go.

The best part-time jobs

While part-time work comes in almost every imaginable form, as mentioned, some jobs are clearly better than others. When taking a part-time job, you’ll want to make sure that you’re not making yourself miserable, and also earning a decent wage. To help sift through it all, CareerCast recently released a list of 10 part-time jobs that pay well enough and offer room for growth.
Spanning several different sectors, here are the 10 part-time jobs that CareerCast says will expand in coming years, offering more and more people the ability to supplement their income with another revenue stream.

10. Accountant

An accountant crunches the numbers
An accountant crunches the numbers. | iStock/Getty Images

If you’re good with numbers or have an odd love of accounting, you can earn some serious money on the side working as an accountant. People are often in need of accounting services around tax time, and you can build up a small client base in a relatively short amount of time. Of course, you’ll need to have the education and licensing to back it up. Accountants can make more than $32 per hour on average, according to CareerCast.

9. Management analyst

A manager meets with a consultant
A manager meets with a consultant. | iStock/Getty Images

This is another part-time gig that requires some clout and education, but if you can find a way to start doing analyst and consultant work, there’s some serious money to be made. A lot of retirees go this route, and it can be a great way to hold onto an advisory role without committing to a full-time position. On average, these jobs earn almost $40 per hour.

8. Multimedia artist

A designer experiments with swatches
A designer experiments with swatches. | iStock/Getty Images

There isn’t a ton of money in the arts, and it’s insanely competitive, but if you’re good enough, you can swing some serious coin out of it. There are tons of channels through which you can get into art and design, and if you can land some big clients, it can turn into a viable income stream very quickly. Average earnings top $30 per hour for many multimedia artists.

7. Writer

man typing on laptop
A writer works on his craft. | iStock/Getty Images

Like art, writing can be a tough thing to get into. There are tons and tons of writers out there, making it a very intense and competitive field. But if you can manage to get some traction and land some clients, it’s a job that you can do anywhere, anytime. The earnings vary wildly, though, so be prepared for some ups and downs.

6. Home health care aide

A patient awaits the care of an aide
A patient awaits the care of an aide. | Sean Gallup/Getty Images

As the American population gets older, the need for in-home health care aides is going to keep increasing. That’s why CareerCast included this job on their list. These jobs typically don’t pay all that well, and they can be very stressful and demanding. But for those who need a part-time job, they can be flexible and dependable. Hiring is projected to increase by 38% over the next eight years.

5. Occupational therapist

An occupational therapist at work
An occupational therapist works on a patient. | iStock/Getty Images

More and more businesses are starting to take workplace wellness and the welfare of employees seriously, and that means incorporating occupational therapists into the mix to keep the workforce healthy. A full quarter of occupational therapists work part-time, meaning that you could get into the fold without giving up your day job. The money’s good too, with average hourly rates near $38 per hour.

4. Information security analyst

mother board circuit
These jobs are in high demand. | iStock/Getty Images

If you’re good with computers, IT and information security specialists are in high demand. A lot of businesses need help with keeping their technology and sensitive data safe, and if you can prove to be trustworthy, reliable, and proficient, there’s a lot of room to make some good money on the side. CareerCast pegs the average hourly pay at more than $43 per hour.

3. Software developer

computer programmer writing code
A computer programmer writes code. | iStock/Getty Images

Sticking to computer and technology-based gigs, freelance or part-time software developers and engineers also earn quite a bit of money. This is another job that allows you to work with a good amount of flexibility and creativity and pays more than $48 per hour on average.

2. Delivery driver

An Uber driver in Cairo checks a map on his smartphone
An Uber driver checks a map on his phone. | Khaled Desouki/AFP/Getty Images

If you’re not cut out to be an accountant or software engineer, you could stick to something a bit easier. Delivery drivers are in demand like never before, and you can deliver just about anything — from food to Amazon boxes, and even people. You won’t earn as much money as a software developer, but doing deliveries can be an easy way to supplement your income.

1. Materials mover/manual labor

A worker prepares packages for delivery at an Amazon warehouse
A worker prepares packages for delivery at an Amazon warehouse. | Sean Gallup/Getty Images

Finally, CareerCast’s list includes hand labor and material movers. This sort of work is typically tough, and not very fun, but it can put some extra money in your pocket. And businesses always need some extra muscle to move things around. A third of the field is made up of part-time employees, as well.
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