10 As Seen On TV Products That May Just Be Worth Their Price

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Some products you see on TV might actually be worth it | iStock.com

For only $9.99 (plus processing and handling) you can get the magic stain remover. But wait, there’s more: Call or click now and we’ll double the offer. Two magic stain removers, plus a free gift, all for the low, low price of $9.99 (plus another $9.99 in processing and handling). Sound familiar?
When you’re sitting in your living room watching TV and these commercials play, it’s easy to become intrigued. “Will that product really make it so I can lift 1,000 pounds?” “Will I really have silky smooth hair?”
While some As Seen On TV products are completely worthless and are nothing more than clever marketing gimmicks, others actually do what they claim. In 2008, a blanket with sleeves showed up on one of these commercials. Although many laughed at the product, it actually worked, and quickly became a $500 million product. Today, we all know this product as the Snuggie.
Some of these infomercial products will save you time, make life easier, and are all-around solid products. This list of As Seen On TV products are all items you can purchase at or below the $20 price point. We consider them worth the price based on buyer reviews, our own reviews, and also based on price comparisons.

1. EZ Moves Furniture Mover (priced at around $20)

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Couches can be easier to move | iStock.com

Claims: You may have seen the commercial in which a woman simply lifts and slides a heavy dresser right across the floor. “The EZ Moves Furniture Mover allows you to lift, place and slide to move heavy furniture, clean in those hard to reach places, adjust area rugs, and level appliances. Even when you are home alone, you can move it on your own,” according to the product description.
Why this is a good buy: After testing this product, we found that you can actually move large pieces of furniture with relative ease, and user ratings seem to agree, as the product receives 4.4 out of 5 stars on Walmart.com. This product not only saves time, but it reduces or eliminates the need for professional assistance. The cost of professional movers generally ranges between $60 and $80 per hour in labor costs. If this product helps cut out some of that cost by allowing you to do some of the lifting yourself (without risking your health, of course) the $20 price is absolutely worth it.
Cons: A potential concern with this product is the possibility of a pebble or debris getting underneath the slider and scratching hardwood floors. Also, there is always the risk of injury. This product makes you feel as though you can move any large item on your own, and some users may be inclined to overdo it.

2. Potato Express (priced at around $9)

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Claims: Potato Express is a polyester and cotton blend bag that allows you to cook baked potatoes in the microwave without them coming out dry and leathery. According to the description, you can make “perfect oven baked potatoes in just four minutes with Potato Express. Potato Express as seen on TV is the fastest, easiest way to cook perfect oven baked potatoes in the microwave. The secret is the unique insulation design that creates a steam pocket to give your potato just the right amount of moisture; you will have a tender skin and delicious fluffy inside every time.”
Why this is a good buy: The product works, and buyers give the product overall high ratings (4.2 out of 5 stars). You also get a recipe guide that provides you with several varieties, ranging from potato skins to breakfast potatoes to broccoli-and-cheese potatoes. All in all, this product delivers. It saves time in the kitchen for those who enjoy fresh potato recipes, and it comes with a reasonable price tag.
Cons: Perhaps the only problem with this product is that it sometimes has trouble cooking multiple potatoes at once. It works just as described with one, medium-sized potato. But when you place a large potato or three or four average-size potatoes in the bag, they may not cook all the way. Therefore, you may have to cook them one or two at a time.

3. Fun Loom Bracelet Making Kit (priced at around $9)

rubber band bracelets
Rubber band bracelets | FRED TANNEAU/AFP/Getty Images

Claims: You may see children, teens, or even adults walking around with colorful bracelets made out of tiny rubber bands. Those bracelets are made using a Fun Loom (or a similar product). The seller claims the loom is easy to use, and that the bands are made of high-quality materials.
According to the product description, you can:

… Make colorful bracelets, rings, hair ties, anklets, belts and much more with Fun Loom! Fun Loom Bracelet Making Kit uses 100 percent silicone stretchy bands in a rainbow of colors. The 100 percent silicone quality bands provide brighter colors, no fading and won’t pull hair or skin. Using fun loom is easy load the loom board with your favorite color bands. Use the hook to link the bands in a pattern and pop it off the board and clip to finish. Reusable — easily take your creations apart and start over.

Why this is a good buy: This product really is a lot of fun for older children, as well as for adults and children who enjoy completing crafts projects together. The product works as described, and when compared to other craft kits, the price is fair. Overall, this product received 4.1 out of 5 stars from users.
Cons: This product does require a certain level of patience. More complex designs take time, and some children may become frustrated with the product. Also, the instructions, while accurate, could be a bit more comprehensive. Users who give this product negative ratings say it is messy and difficult to use.

4. The Sticky Buddy (priced between $10 and $20)

lint roller
Sticky Buddy | Sticky Buddy via Facebook

Claims: You may have seen the commercials where someone easily picks up pet hair and paper clips with a sticky roller. The Sticky Buddy and products like it are heavy-duty silicone rollers that pick up more than your average lint roller, and you also don’t have to worry about peeling and replacing tape.
According to the seller, “the super sticky lint roller has the power of glue without the goo! Use it to remove cat hair, dog hair, crumbs, cat litter and much more! The Sticky Buddy is safe on all types of fabrics and can be used to clean your clothing, comforters, furniture and even the upholstery in your car. It even has little rubber fingers to reach deep into carpets to remove ground in messes. And the best part is that the Sticky Buddy is reusable! Simply clean it with soap and water and let it air dry. In no time, you’re Sticky Buddy is sticky again!”
Why this is a good buy: The Sticky Buddy is as sticky as it claims to be, and it picks up much more than your average $5 lint roller. For someone with an animal, this product works extremely well for picking up pet hair; when you wash the product as instructed, you can in fact use it over and over again. For around $10 for a small roller, it’s certainly worth purchasing for a once-in-a-while cleaning device.
Cons: Although this is a reusable product, washing it can be a difficult chore. You have to get all of the hair and debris off of the Sticky Buddy or it will lose a great deal of its stickiness. Also, you can only use the product for short time periods before it needs to be washed.

5. Orgreenic Kitchenware (priced at around $20 for a 10-inch frying pan)

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Orgreenic products | Orgreenic via Facebook

Claims: You may remember the Orgreenic pan. This is the commercial where the person burns hot fudge in the pan and it washes right out with ease. According to the seller, you can “cook healthier meals using the 10 inch fry pan from Orgreenic Kitchenware. … The non-toxic ceramic non-stick cooking surface ensures effortless food release and allows you to whip up tasty meals without using oil, butter or grease. Perfect for broiling, baking, braising, frying, sautéing and searing, and will not release toxic gases when in use. Cooks faster and more evenly than other pans.”
Why this is a good buy: This is a quality nonstick pan. It is durably constructed and it is made to last a long time. The pan cooks evenly and it is an exceptional breakfast pan. Eggs, pancakes, and other sensitive items come out well, and sticking is not too much of an issue. Other pans of this quality are generally pricier, and overall, this is a great $20 addition to any kitchen.
Cons: Orgreenic’s nonstick technology is superior to many others, but it is by no means as amazing as the commercial portrays — you can’t burn any item in this pan and have it wipe or wash out with ease. Also, you are going to need to use some oil or butter with this pan to avoid sticking, just as you do with most pans. Therefore, claims that the pan promotes healthier cooking may be a bit exaggerated.

6. ShamWow (priced at around $18 for an 8-pack)

Claims: Like any good informercial host, “Vince with ShamWow” makes us believe that the synthetic towel truly can soak up 12 times its weight in liquid. The towels don’t drip, work wet or dry, and can be laundered for repeat use. The company claims the towels will last for 10 years and are good for almost any use, from cleaning your countertops to drying off your boat.
Why this is a good buy: There are plenty of synthetic towels out there these days, but many reviewers say the original ShamWow lives up to its TV hype. ShamWow enthusiasts say they haven’t purchased a roll of paper towels in years, since these reusable towels do a more thorough job. A more recent mop addition to the product lineup also received good reviews.
Cons: Most consumers say not to put them in the dryer, as they will likely shrink. Some users said they lasted only about 8 years — but heavy use of a $20 product for almost an entire decade is a deal in our books.

7. Scrub Daddy (priced at around $14 for a 3-pack)

Scrub Daddy
Scrub Daddy pitch on Shark Tank | Scrub Daddy via Facebook

Claims: The Scrub Daddy sponge has been one of the biggest success stories to come from the hit ABC show Shark Tank, following an investment from Shark Lori Greiner. The signature yellow sponge (which now comes in an array of colors) softens in warm water and firms up in cold water, allowing for varying levels of scrubbing power. The “mouth” of the sponge cleans both sides of utensils at once, and the sponge repels odors and debris. Better yet, each sponge is marketed to last two months.
Why this is a good buy: The sponges do stay clear of odors and debris, most consumers on Amazon report. They’re described as a “workhorse” in the kitchen and even in bathroom cleanup, and don’t scratch non-stick or other sensitive surfaces, like glass stovetops. Some customers love them so much, they bought extra packs to give as Christmas gifts.
Cons: There are conflicting reports about how long the sponges actually last. Some customers said they fell apart within a week of regular use, while other customers said they lasted even longer than the advertised two months. If you’re looking for a replacement for your typical sponge, you might want to purchase a single Scrub Daddy to test it for yourself.

8. The Veggetti Pro (priced at around $20)

Claims: Never has a bowl of zoodles been so popular. And if you’re looking to jump on the bandwagon for spiralized vegetables, the Veggetti Pro will help you get there. This upgrade from the hand-turned Veggetti twirls your zucchini, sweet potatoes, and other veggies while turning them into vegetable noodles or super-thin curly bites. The product has a non-slip base and three blades for varying spiralized sizes.
Why this is a good buy: If you’re looking for a pasta alternative, that’s what the Veggetti Pro does best. You’ll get ribbons upon ribbons of zucchini and other vegetables of your choosing in a few turns of the handle. We can’t solve your spaghetti cravings for you, but this kitchen tool might be a start in the right direction. In addition, several commenters said it was relatively easy to clean, especially compared to its predecessor, the Veggetti.
Cons: As with most produce transformations (juicers, anyone?) the veggies need to be positioned just right, or the spiralizer has the potential to go rogue. A few reviewers on Amazon also complained that the suction cup doesn’t work well, meaning you likely have to hold down the machine as you turn the vegetables.

9. The OveGlove (priced at around $16)

Ove Glove
The Ove Glove | Ove Glove via Facebook

Claims: The Ove Glove promises to replace all your bulky, awkward potholders with a heat-resistant glove that’s perfect for grabbing trays from the oven or becoming the next great backyard pitmaster. It boasts a non-slip silicone grip and can withstand temperatures up to 540 degrees Fahrenheit. It’s flame-retardant, and can be used on either hand.
Why this is a good buy: As far as As Seen On TV deals go, the Ove Glove is a classic for a reason. Consumer Reports put the gloves to the test based on the company’s own claims, and the gloves passed with flying colors. It was possible to hold a hot pan heated to 540 degrees for a few seconds, and it took a full minute to ignite when exposed to direct flames (it took regular potholders around 30 seconds). Best yet, few food stains remained after washing, so it holds up for heavy use.
Cons: Amazon reviewers had almost all good things to say about the gloves, though a few did say that they were a bit loose for small hands. The only other caution: A few commenters said they believed they received a counterfeit or subpar product when they bought a glove from random Amazon sellers, so be sure to verify the product’s origins to get the real deal.

10. OxiClean (priced at around $8)

Claims: True infomercial enthusiasts remember the late Billy Mays pitching the wonders of OxiClean on late-night TV, dunking a juice-stained T-shirt into a fishbowl full of OxiClean, then bringing it out as good as new. OxiClean products now range everywhere from dish soap to spot removers, but the original powder was marketed as a powerful laundry booster that lifted stains. It also claims to be a safer alternative on colored clothing than chlorine bleach, using the “power of oxygen” to get your clothes cleaner.
Why this is a good buy: All of OxiClean’s products are highly rated on Amazon, and the original laundry booster is no different. Customers are consistently pleased with how the laundry booster keeps color vibrant and aids any bleach you add to keep your white loads pristine. Consumers also backed up the stain fighting capabilities, saying the formula got rid of grass stains, wine spills, and grease without extra effort.
Cons: What is one man’s treasured laundry detergent is another’s ho-hum cleaner. About 88% of reviewers on Amazon gave the product 4 or 5 stars, but the few who didn’t rate it as highly mostly said their whites didn’t “pop” the way they expected them to.

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