Alert the Troops: Another Gmail Inbox Redesign!

Do you ever feel controlled by your email inbox? You’re trying to meet a deadline, but you have 10 unread emails and your Inbox tab is just begging to be clicked? According to an announcement via blog post Wednesday, Google (NASDAQ:GOOG) is ready to hand you your control back. The company is rolling out a new Gmail inbox that will inhibit information overload and allow users to filter incoming messages.

The new Gmail has four tabs that a user can categorize his or her mail into: primary, social, promotions, and updates. Google believes this new simple organization will allow users to waste less time on their email, and decide which emails they really want to read when.

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In addition to the recent updates, “quick action buttons” will also be available next to certain kinds of emails for fast and easy action. Now, should you need to RSVP to a party, it’s just one click away.

While this Gmail redesign may draw excitement from many, it also spells out dread for others who are less partial to change. If you’ve ever witnessed a group of high schoolers complain passionately about one of Facebook’s many redesigns, you probably recognize that many, many are adverse to site renovations. Luckily, Google learned its lesson from the 2011 Gmail redesign catastrophe, and is now offering the new inbox design¬†as a choice, rather than a mandate. The company is allowing users to try out the new style and then decide for themselves which they prefer, explaining in its blog post, “If the new inbox isn’t quite your style, you can simply switch off all optional tabs to go back to classic view, or switch to any of your other favorite inbox types.” Thanks, Google.

The new look will roll out gradually, but for anyone who is extra eager to see the new changes, selecting “Configure inbox” in the Settings options will guide you to the new promised land.

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