The Scandalous Secrets Your Co-Workers Are Keeping From You

You spend eight or more hours a day with your co-workers, but do you really know them? No matter how close you might think you are to your office mates, you’re likely in the dark about a lot of things concerning them. The reality is, your cubicle companions are concealing a lot more than you realize.
Here are eight secrets your co-workers are keeping from you.

1. They have sex at work

Woman flirting at work
This is a very bad idea. | Stockbyte/Getty Images

You read that correctly. Your co-workers are having sex at work. A recent survey conducted by Yellow Octopus found approximately 11% of employees have engaged in sexual activity with a co-worker in the office. Roughly 4% have had sex in the office with a non-employee. If you’re thinking of doing something like this, you might want to re-think your plan. About 14% of survey participants said they were caught in the act.

2. They steal

Money is extreme, but people steal plenty of other things. | iStock/Getty Images

Yes, you’re surrounded by thieves. It’s best not to be too trusting when it comes to leaving personal items around the office. Other than office supplies, another common item stolen at work is food. Roughly 65% of American office workers said their top gripe is when co-workers steal food that isn’t theirs, according to a LinkedIn survey.

3. They watch porn at work

business person using a laptop
There’s a chance things are NSFW. | Thinkstock

Sex and hiding stolen food aren’t the only ways your co-workers are getting their jollies at work. If one of your office mates seems to be quiet and very focused on his or her screen, there’s a chance it’s not work-appropriate material on that computer. A survey found roughly 63% of men and 36% of women admit to watching porn at work.  

4. They gossip about you

gossip among co-workers
Gossip is bound to happen. | iStock/Getty Images

Office gossip is a common, yet unpleasant, part of work life. Don’t reveal anything you don’t want to get back to your boss or team mates. Even if the co-worker you confide in seems trustworthy, save your confessions for your pastor or your therapist. There’s a chance your conversation could be overheard.
A CareerBuilder survey found 53% of support staff overheard conversations about confidential topics such as layoffs and compensation. Roughly one in 10 respondents said they heard information about an executive or co-worker that could be grounds for firing.

5. They’re setting you up to fail

Businesswoman Being Gossiped About By Colleagues In Office
Sometimes coworkers will sabotage those around them. | MachineHeadz/iStock/Getty Images

Sorry to tell you this, but your co-workers are plotting against you. If you’ve ever felt like some of your co-workers are trying to throw you under the bus, you’re probably right. Some people will do just about anything to win at work, even if it means unfairly passing blame. That same CareerBuilder survey also found 11% of support staff overheard conversations about co-workers setting someone up to fail.

6. They’re involved in an office romance

When you spend all the time with someone, things are bound to happen. | NBC

Some of your co-workers are closer than you think. In fact, some are so close that they’ve taken the next step and become romantically involved. Roughly 41% of workers have dated a co-worker (up from 37% in 2016), according to a CareerBuilder survey conducted by Harris Poll. And not all of these romances were office flings. About 30% of these relationships led to marriage. Approximately two in five workers (38%) who have had an office romance said they had to keep the relationship a secret at work.

7. They shop at work

man working on laptop on office desk
Online shopping is definitely happening during work hours. | iStock/Getty Images

Chances are your co-worker bought that cool new shirt when he was supposed to be hard at work. Half of American workers are shopping online during work hours, especially during the holidays, according to a CareerBuilder survey. Roughly 42% of employees are trying to conceal their shopping by making purchases on their smartphones. In addition, the CareerBuilder survey found 28% of employers have fired an employee for shopping during work time.

8. They think you’re annoying

Please don’t come to work sick. | iStock/Getty Images

Yes, you’re annoying. However, your co-workers probably won’t tell you to your face. One of the top annoying, and inconsiderate, habits you might have is coming to work sick. Approximately 79% of employees said they come to work even when they know they’re sick, according to a cold and flu survey conducted by Staples Business Advantage. The survey also found close to 73% of employees said they caught a cold at work. Being noisy was also found to be a workplace annoyance, according to a survey conducted by Harris Interactive for Approximately 61% said noisy co-workers were a distraction.
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