7 Snapshots from the Frankfurt Motor Show

As of Wednesday morning, the Frankfurt Motor Show had officially opened its doors. In it, numerous companies from numerous continents are showing off their latest works and giving the public a taste for what’s to come down the road.

From production-ready models to future concepts that may never see asphalt, Frankfurt has so far proven to be full of exciting new vehicles, tech, and other goodies. Here are just a small few of the vast array of vehicles now on display in Germany.


1. Chevrolet Camaro Convertible

Chevrolet’s (NYSE:GM) new Camaro, which has already hit showrooms in its coupe form, offers sleeker, tighter styling with its 2014 facelift. The Camaro convertible, pictured above, still offers all the accoutrements — with the exception of the new and optional Recaro seats — that one can get in the more conventional car, but as an added bonus, the roof comes off.


2. Jaguar C-X17 Crossover

The C-X17 represents a significant leap for Jaguar, as it could be the first crossover attempt for the automaker, with corporate redundancies aside (it’s Land Rover sibling). The crossover segment has proven to be hugely popular, and even luxury models are in on the small SUV game. Though Jaguar is still a niche company, the SUV has proven to be a successful gateway for companies like Porsche, driving straight into the hearts of affluent suburbanites. Jaguar has not, however, confirmed or denied that the C-X17 will see production.

2015 Mercedes-Benz GLA-Class

 3. Mercedes-Benz GLA

On the heels of the Jaguar is the Mercedes-Benz GLA Class, a baby crossover that offers a more utility-friendly format to the new CLA. As the fifth member of the Mercedes small SUV/crossover family, the GLA further blurs the lines between hatchback, station wagon, and SUV. But from spy shots and official media releases, the GLA looks like a firmly planted, capable car that brings Mercedes-Benz panache to a wider audience.

Toyota Yaris Hybrid R

4. Toyota Yaris Hybrid R

Auto shows are fantastic for showing off something totally crazy. That’s what Toyota (NYSE:TM) has done with its Yaris — it seems to have followed Nissan’s lead and shoe-horned the drivetrain from its TS030 Hybrid LMP1 race car into one of its smallest vehicles. The result is a compact hatchback that can manage 420 horsepower and “through-the-road all-wheel drive.” That’s courtesy of a 1.6-liter inline four-cylinder with direct injection and a Garett turbocharger with 300 horsepower, as well as a pair of electric motors that provide an extra 60 horses to each of the rear wheels. Totally crazy, indeed.


5. Ford Mondeo Vignale

Though the car itself is not new — the Mondeo is what we in the U.S. call a Fusion — the Vignale trim level certainly is. Ford (NYSE:F) is working to set the more basic models apart from the rest of the pack, even those sporting the highest Titanium trim level. Ford’s answer is the Vignale, which features a chrome grille and chrome door handles and mirror caps on the outside, with the removal of any Mondeo badging. Inside, quilted leather seats, door trim, and leather covering the instrument panel, center console, and steering wheel make the Mondeo a far more pleasant place to spend some time.

PI-VR GmbH vred 6.07

6. Volkswagen e-Golf

As the popularity of electric vehicles soars, Volkswagen (VLKAY.PK) is not about to be left out. Instead, it’s prepared an electric version of its popular Golf hatchback. Sans gasoline, the new internals consist of a 24.2-kWh battery powering an 85-kW motor producing 199 pound-feet of torque. It has a range of 118 miles or so, putting it at the higher end of the EV range spectrum for its class.

128968_2_1 (2)

7. Volvo Concept Coupe

Volvo has proven and reiterated with the Concept Coupe that safety can be beautiful. Sensuous lines, a planted and aggressive stance, and clean, crisp looks are supposedly indicative of what Volvo’s next XC90 SUV will look like — huge news for the Swedish firm, as the XC90 hasn’t received new design language in some 10 years or so.

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