7 Companies That May Owe You Money

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If you have a LinkedIn profile or bought a six-pack of Beck’s in the last few years, you may be owed some cash. Those are just two companies that are currently paying out money to people as part of class action settlements.

LinkedIn has agreed to pay $13 million to eligible users to settle a lawsuit alleging that it sent spam emails on behalf of members without their consent. Anheuser-Busch InBev is paying out cash after being accused of featuring misleading claims on bottles of Beck’s beer. Not a beer drinker or a business networker? You might still be eligible to get cash from one of dozens of other class action settlements.

Getting your check is usually just a matter of going online, certifying that you have a valid claim, and submitting your information. In some cases, you’ll need to provide receipts or other proof of purchase to get the money, but in other cases no additional information is required. That said, don’t lie to try to get your hands on some free money — that’s illegal.

No one (except maybe lawyers) is going to get rich off of these class action settlements. But if you’re eligible, it makes sense to get your small piece of the pie. You can find information about current class action settlements at website like Class Action Rebates and Consumer Action, or just check out this list of seven companies that may owe you money.

1. LinkedIn

Deadline to submit a claim: December 14, 2015

What you may get: Your share of a $13 million settlement (individual awards will depend on the number of claimants)

LinkedIn users who used the site’s “Add Connections” feature between September 17, 2011, and October 31, 2014, may be eligible to receive a share of a multi-million dollar settlement. If you’re part of the affected class, you should have already received an email message with information about how to file a claim. You can also visit the settlement website to see if you’re eligible and request your share of the money.

2. Sprint and Verizon

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Deadline to submit a claim: December 31, 2015

What you may get: Your share of $120 million in refunds

Verizon and Sprint customers who got hit with fraudulent and illegal text messaging charges on their cell phone bills can get some of that money back as part of a $120 million settlement. Verizon customers who believe they were wrongfully charged for premium text messaging services and haven’t yet received a refund can submit a claim here, while eligible Sprint customers can visit this website for more information and to submit a claim. If you’re a current customer, the refund will be issued as a bill credit, otherwise, you’ll get a check.

3. Tom’s of Maine

Deadline to submit a claim: May 7, 2016

What you may get: Up to $28

Fans of Tom’s of Maine will be disappointed to learn that the company’s natural toothpaste and other personal care products may not be so wholesome after all. The company (which is owned by Colgate-Palmolive) agreed to pay $4.5 million to settle a suit claiming that it uses highly processed ingredients in its products. Tom’s of Maine didn’t admit any wrongdoing, but it will reimburse people who say they were tricked into buying the higher-priced products because of misleading advertising. You can receive $4 per eligible product purchased, up to $28, for items purchased between March 25, 2009, and September 23, 2015.

4. StarKist Tuna

Deadline to submit a claim: November 20, 2015

What you may get: $25 or $50 in free tuna

Back in 2013, Patrick Hendricks filed a lawsuit claiming that StarKist tuna had under-filled its 5-ounce cans of tuna by a few tenths of an ounce. StarKist denies that it did anything wrong but did agree to distribute $8 million in cash and $4 million in free tuna to affected consumers. You’re eligible to file a claim if you purchased StarKist Chunk Light Tuna in Water, StarKist Chunk Light Tuna in Oil, StarKist Solid White Tuna in Water, or StarKist Solid White Tuna in Oil between February 19, 2009, and October 31, 2014. Visit TunaLawsuit.com for more info or to file a claim.

5. Anheuser-Busch InBev

beck's beer
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Deadline to submit a claim: November 20, 2015

What you may get: Up to $50

People who bought Beck’s beer because they thought it was brewed in Germany (it’s actually made in St. Louis) may be eligible for a refund. Anyone who has purchased the beer since 2011 can get 10 cents back per bottle or can, $1 for each 12-pack, and $1.75 for each 20-pack. Most people won’t be able to get more than $12, but if you happened to keep receipts, you’re eligible for a refund of up to $50.

6. Nike

Deadline to submit a claim: January 4, 2016

What you may get: $25 Nike gift card or $15 cash

People who purchased a Nike FuelBand between January 19, 2012, and June 17, 2015, may be entitled to a $25 Nike gift card. The awards stem from a lawsuit alleging that Nike and Apple made false claims about the device’s ability to track steps, calories, and other information. Nike denies any wrongdoing but agreed to give people who bought the item either a $25 Nike gift card or a $15 check. To request your money, visit NikeFuelBandSettlement.com. You’ll need your FuelBand serial number or a claim code to file a claim.

7. Templeton Rye Whiskey

Deadline to submit claim: November 18, 2015

What you may get: Up to $36

Back in 2014, a Chicago man filed a suit against the makers of Templeton Rye Whiskey alleging that the “small-batch” spirit was not made in Iowa as marketing suggested, but rather distilled in Indiana and blended in Iowa. The company has agreed to change its product labeling and reimburse customers as a result of the confusion. People who bought Templeton Rye between January 1, 2006, and July 21, 2015, can get $6 for each bottle if they have proof of purchase or $3 per bottle if they don’t have receipts, for up to $36 back. If you bought your whiskey in a bar or restaurant, you can request a refund of $1 per drink for up to five drinks. For more information or to submit a claim, visit TempletonRyeSettlement.com.

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