6 Online Dollar Stores Where You Can Get Great Deals


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Dollar stores can be a great place to save money on basic household items. If you like to shop at the dollar store, one thing you might not realize is you can purchase dollar-store merchandise online. If you’re experiencing a time crunch, you’ll be happy to learn you don’t have to head over to the physical store to buy items.

Here are six online dollar stores where you can get great deals.

 1. Jack’s

Jack’s sells just about everything in its physical stores and the online version is no different. Product categories include clothing, groceries, gifts, electronics, and pet supplies. The retailer sells inexpensive products but is carries a few brand-name items. On the store’s website, it says the store sells items from brands such as Black & Decker, Fuji, AT&T, and Revlon.

2. Dollar 1

Dollar 1 has several products available for $1. Shopping categories include home and kitchen, jewelry, baby, and toys. Free shipping is available for orders more than $25. The store also features a deals program called Club1, which alerts members to $1 daily deals, special coupon codes, and other deals.

 3.  Dollar Store

Dollar Store describes itself as the original online dollar store. This dollar store features products ranging in price from 75 cents to $2. However, know there’s a minimum price for online orders. The minimum order for Dollar Store is $50. This website is best if you’re looking to purchase items in bulk. Shopping categories include beauty, hardware, cleaning products, and pharmacy.

4. Dollar General

You’re likely familiar with Dollar General, but you might not know about its online presence. Shopping categories include beauty, apparel, personal care, and pets. Although not everything is $1, many of the items are. You can save money when you sign up for digital coupons. Dollar General also has an auto-deliver option that offers a 5% discount (and free shipping for orders more than $25) on items scheduled to ship on a regular basis. For orders not part of the auto-deliver plan, shipping is free on orders more than $40.

5. Dollar Tree

Dollar Tree is another popular dollar store that is commonly seen in many neighborhoods. Shopping categories include floral and home décor, cleaning and storage, holidays, and office supplies. You can get free shipping if you send your order directly to the store.

6. Hollar

Hollar has a section in its website where everything is just $1. Other items on the site cost more, but generally are not priced above $10. Shopping categories include toys, home, back-to-school, health, and party supplies. Shipping is free for orders more than $25.

Tips for shopping at dollar stores

  • Don’t buy the knives. They tend to be poor quality and break easily. This is a kitchen accident waiting to happen.
  • Pass on dollar-store food. The food might not be fresh and you’re taking a risk with unfamiliar brands. Unfortunately, there are plenty of things you should never buy at the dollar store.
  • Some of the best things to buy at the dollar store include party supplies and paper products.
  • Don’t forget to bring coupons. Some stores, such as Dollar Tree, accept manufacturer’s coupons.

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