5 Jobs Where You Can Wear Jeans Every Day

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Not too long ago, most professional jobs required a specific dress code. According to Chron, there are four different kinds of business attire: business formal, business professional, business casual, and small business casual. Usually business formal means you are really trying to look your best, while many companies have adhered to business casual for daily duties in the past.

However, now many companies are encouraging employees to come in their comfortable clothes, including jeans. While the corporate world is changing at many companies, and some employees are now allowed to wear more relaxed clothes, there are some jobs outside of the corporate world that allow you to wear your jeans every day — though Chron states you should still look neat. Here are some of those job types.

1. College professor or teacher

Depending on the institution, you may find that the majority of instructors do dress up, and would probably fall under the business formal category. Often the dress code is unspoken; instructors dress how other instructors do. If you want to work at a relaxed institution, all you have to do is walk on campus to determine how instructors dress. At many institutions, professors are free to wear jeans every day.

According to Job Inspirations, academics should try to look presentable, but also approachable. Some high schools will also allow teachers to dress down, and many preschools do. Even if you work as a teacher at a school with a stricter dress code, you will probably have dress down days and special events that allow you to wear jeans or other relaxed clothes.

2. Electrician, plumber, or indoor contractor

If you decide to work as an electrician, you will likely find a nice balance between holding a respectable job, but also coming to work and feeling relaxed in your clothing. Many electricians wear jeans because they need to be comfortable, and they need to be able to move around easily. They also need clothes that will keep them safe, and some dress clothes would potentially do the opposite.

Electricians need clothes that are high quality and safe, and their work clothes often include a pair of boots. Jeans or dungarees are often worn by electricians, and sometimes electricians also wear hats. The same is true for plumbers and contractors.

3. Outdoorsmen

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This job title actually covers several different jobs, most of which you can regularly wear jeans to. If you like being outside, and you like to come dressed to work, than you might want to consider a job as a landscaper, or other outdoor recreational position. Landscapers literally work in the dirt, so they can’t wear clothes they want to keep clean. They also need to be able to bend down, and sometimes move heavy equipment or yard items. Contractors may also wear jeans to work often, because they too must be able to move around and get dirty.

According to Active, landscape architects and urban planners, geologists, marine biologists, and adventure tour guides are other outdoor careers that pack on the fun. Luckily, these positions usually allow you to dress down!

4. Waiter

Like most jobs, your attire as a waiter will depend on the restaurant you work in. There are many restaurants where you could wear jeans each day and still make great tips. You shouldn’t wear jeans with holes, and you should wear jeans that fit properly. Because waiters make their money based on customer interactions, some do choose to dress nicely; however, you will want to dress to match your coworkers.

According to Payscale, waiters and waitresses make an average of $4.90 per hour. However, once tips are factored in, waiters can make a decent wage, and at some restaurants, waiters can make quite a lot of money.

5. Work from home jobs

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Obviously, unless you have an important video meeting, if you work from home you can dress however you want. This doesn’t mean that you have to have no interaction with other people, or that you will work on the computer each day. While some work-from-home jobs do require you to be on the phone or the computer for most of the day, not all do. If you own your own business, you can work from home sometimes and also go to meetings outside of your home. You can also consider working from home part-time if your boss will let you; that way you can wear jeans or your bathrobe all day, a few days per week.

There are many other jobs that allow employees to wear jeans or other relaxed clothing. Really, with the exception of jobs with specific uniforms, you can probably find a job doing what you love that allows you to wear jeans; it just may not be at the company you want to work for. Many big corporations are now allowing employees to dress for their day, which often means wearing jeans. Artists, photographers, writers, restaurant managers, and many other workers will often (or always) go to work in relaxed clothes. If you want to find a job that you can wear your jeans to, there are plenty out there.

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