5 Affordable Gift Ideas for Mother’s Day That Are Sure to Be a Hit

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Mother’s day is this Sunday, May 11. If you haven’t even though about a gift yet, don’t panic. You still have time. You will want to find something that your mother will appreciate, because most likely she spent hours raising you, supporting you, and even changing your diapers. If you have other important women in your life (like a grandmother, mother-in-law, or step mother) the following gifts can also work for them.
The most important thing is that you find a gift that will make an impression and let your mother (or mother-figure) know that you spent time considering what she might like. If you do wait ’till the last minute, we included some gifts that will work for that situation too, because we all get busy, and mothers usually understand that. So take a few minutes to peruse our list, and get shopping!

1. Choose something tasty

Everyone loves a good treat, and holidays are an excuse to indulge in them. If you know your mom likes chocolate, consider purchasing a nice box of chocolates or truffles. If you live far from your mother, consider ordering some gourmet chocolates for her. There are many online chocolate stores. Godiva is just one idea. You can also order cookies online at Mrs. Fields or another store, or perhaps you can order candy.
There are other delectable treats you can consider, like Edible Arrangements if your mom loves fruit. This is a healthier option that many people love to receive. If the companies listed above don’t deliver to the area where your mother lives, just completing a simple internet search will show you stores that deliver candies, cookies, or fruit near her.
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2. Choose something memorable

A personalized gift shows you really thought about the person receiving it, and since mothers often sacrifice a lot for their children, these gifts can be especially appreciated. Things Remembered is one store that offers many different customizable gifts, but again, there are many others you could choose from. A piece of jewelry with a nice engraving would mean a lot to most mothers. You could also choose a blanket, a picture frame, a watch, or any of the many other items that these stores offer. This type of gift is special because you have to think about what you want to say, and also because your mother will have the item forever, so she will always remember your thoughtfulness.
If you are hoping to give one of these gifts, you should probably order it ASAP. You may be able to pay more to have it finished by Mother’s Day, but the more time you give, the better.
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3. Choose something that makes a difference

Some mothers would most appreciate being given something they can keep, whether it’s a sweet treat, a personalized gift, or something else. However, many other mothers would enjoy a gift that comes from the heart and really helps someone else. One way to honor mom is to donate to a charity in her name. This can be an especially thoughtful gift if you choose a charity that you know matters to her. For many moms, this kind of gift can mean much more than a gift card or other gift that will be gone in a few weeks or months.
Besides literally making a donation, you could give a gift to your mother that makes a difference to her life itself. If you know she has back problems, consider giving her a certificate for a massage. If she gets tired of cleaning, you might order cleaning services for her. These types of gifts are thoughtful, and you can be the judge of just how much money you want to spend.
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4. Choose something if you’re down to the wire

If you wait until the last minute and you’re out of time to order something online, you can still find a good gift. Many flower stores will let you order the same day or the day before, but since Mother’s day is a busy holiday, and on a Sunday, you might not have a lot of luck. Still, some flower stores will still be open, and many grocery store flower shops are actually quite nice. Your mom might appreciate a box of chocolates and a dozen red roses from the supermarket just as much as if you ordered them.
You can also always stop by pretty much any department store to find something for your mom. Although having an idea of what you want will help you narrow down your search, that doesn’t mean you are out of luck if you leave your present buying till the last minute. Go straight to the department you know your mom likes and choose the perfect gift.
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5. Choose something that allows you to spend time together

Consider something that you can enjoy with your mom. It isn’t selfish to purchase something you can enjoy together as long as it is really geared toward your mom. So if your mother has been asking you to take a master gardener class with her because she loves gardening, but you have never had a green thumb, do it anyway. Do something special that will mean a lot to your mom because it puts her first. Take a photography class together, go shopping together, or do whatever else makes your mom happy. This will be a doubly successful gift because you need to think about your mom’s likes, but also because you can spend special time together.
This is also a chance to give a truly thoughtful gift without spending a lot of money. Write up a certificate for your mother for a day by the lake, or a stroll in the park with a picnic; just make the day special for your mom.
Whatever you choose to buy your mom, make it special, and make it about her. All the gifts on this list can be affordable if you choose the gift that is at your price point, but we do just want to note that you don’t have to get a gift to make mom happy. If you just don’t have the cash, do something free and fun (look at point five, and plan something free), or do something extra special for mom that will be free or cost you next to nothing, but will make a big impression. For example, clean her house or cook her dinner.